June 07, 2005

My eye hurts

For most of last term I was paranoid that I was going to lose sight in one of my eyes. Yes I am stupid.

But you see last term after the first school days I hurt my eye. The whole night is really blurry (I wonder why!?!?) but what I do know is that I hurt my eye and that it was ultimately my fault.

OK, so my advice to anyone out there, incase anyone out there is as dumb as me, if you choose to go out and drink that's fine, but make sure you know your limits (unlike me), and make sure that when the night ends you just go to bed. Whatever you do, don't go to the roundabout by old rootes and then decide to go for a 4 am run in Cryfield field. OK, so far nothing really wrong with that.


Whatever you do, don't climb over a fence that leads into trees with thorns, and if you do decide to do this close your eyes until the scratching has gone away.

For now, my eye hurts. If I get dehydrated my eye starts to hurt, so if I drink any alcohol, my eye starts to hurt, every night I'm supposed to put this special thing in my eye to stop it getting dry, but I forget.
I often wake up and I can't open my eye for the pain.

On the plus side I didn't have to pay when I went to the optician, I didn't have to have any emergency surgery to fix a serious problem.(On the other hand I wouldn't have had this problem if I hadn't hurt my eye). I was just told after a rather uncomfortable examination (eye examination that is) that I had probably just scratched my eye and every time my eye gets dry it opens up the wound and that as long as I put the thing in my eye, it would go away.

Well its been about 5 months now and my eye is finally getting better, although it still hurts.

Just beware of the thorny trees…

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  1. Gail

    I would like to say you are not crazy to think you could have damaged your eye or put it out. My great great grandfather was tilling his garden when his jackass ran close to a Locust {thorny} tree and it put his eye out. I caused an infection {in the early 1900’s} that eventually spread to the other eye then he lost sight in it. After the infection continued to spread he ended up diying from it.

    11 May 2007, 21:49

  2. Zandra

    I was searching about eye injury and stumbled on urs.

    I just hurt my eye yesterday. It doesn’t look bad. it’s just feels like i might have scratched it.. I hurt it yesterday while I was playing with my new laptop’s power cord… im stupid like that. and then all i remember is i flung the cord up, it hit my right eye, and i fell on my knees in pain.

    i still went to work…and checked my eye every hour. I thought it was gonna bleed like crazy.. thankfully, it looks like the injury is contained.

    I guess im just crazy for playing with my power cord. stupid me.

    then i called my doctor today. and he’s not in for another week. now thats a bummer. now my eye has to wait another week to get checked out. since im also going out of town for a week.

    i guess all i need now for my eye is eye drops to make it feel ok…

    27 Jun 2007, 19:55

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