July 31, 2005

Being nice to people

I always try to be nice to people, however pathetic that may seem. I do not like being horrible. I say thankyou getting off the bus, I say please and thankyou and smile at random strangers for no apparent reason and I compliment people if I see something that I would like to compliment them on, I never lie when I compliment people.

Being honest I like it when you say something nice to someone and they look as if they really appreciate it, even if it is to someone you don't know. Like the drunken girls you get in the union toilets looking at themselves in the mirror and asking me "Do you think I'm ugly/fat/... ?" Not once have I met a girl asking me this that wasn't pretty or nice looking in some way and I think that it is always nice if you point out something good about them, even if it is something materialisitic like their clothes. By just saying something nice to someone it can make their day. I know because when people have said nice things to me it has made me feel wonderful and just made that day sing.

I am probably just being silly in saying all this, but I personally think it is very important to express these things even if it is weird, like when I go through my friend appreciation speech where I randomly say, ' I appreciate and value you as a friend', well perhaps not in those words but something to that effect. Unfortunately it often leaves the other person feeling very awkward, but at the time it was something that I felt had to be said.

But I'd rather tell someone because I have realised that things can happen quickly in life and you can leave behind, or be left behind without ever having shared how you felt even if it is something as silly telling someone that their new haircut suits them.

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  1. I agree totally with your sentiments and likewise do the same. This often makes people nervous when they first meet me. The usual thing is to think there's some kind of hidden agenda, but there isn't. It's just a pity that nice intentions get misinterpreted like that.

    Thanks for a lovely post, good to know there's more people that think like me.

    31 Jul 2005, 22:48

  2. I've changed

    Thank you
    i really needed to be nice to people because sometimes i was not nice at all to people. I've been bullied a lot at school and was a horrible persion untill one day i meet someone who i really care about as a friend he helped me see that i was not stupied. He had the kindness to tell me he liked what i was doing and beleved in me. He made me laphf and for ones i had someone who i felt cared so. I have to say if your nice to someboye just once you can change them like he did me.
    thank you.
    thank you david for all you do for me

    17 Jun 2006, 19:41

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