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June 07, 2005


This term I started to play squash, well actually my friend and I call it 'Joke Squash' as neither of us actually know how to play it. So why did we start to play squash. Well it actually originated from the fact that I had two squash racquets that I had in actual fact given to my older sister when she said she was going to learn how to play squash (which she hasn't). So after having these squash racquets in my room for 2 terms I decided to actually use them.

So my friend and I get the basic concept, one of you hits the ball against the wall and the other one has to hit it when it comes back. This is how we play it, our technique has in actual fact improved we are actually managing to hit the ball back and forth.

During the exam period squash has actually been a good form of stress relief, you know, damn that exam, whack.

Unfortunately I seem to hit the ball harder than my friend, maybe i'm just a bit more stressed when we go and play, who knows.

Well for some reason out of the two of us, I'm the only one who's managed to hit the other person when playing. Of course not directly, but when the ball has rebounded off the wall it has hit her.
Ok only about 3 times, but still I've never been hit.

But squash is great.
More ramblings are sure to follow if I can think of anything..

My eye hurts

For most of last term I was paranoid that I was going to lose sight in one of my eyes. Yes I am stupid.

But you see last term after the first school days I hurt my eye. The whole night is really blurry (I wonder why!?!?) but what I do know is that I hurt my eye and that it was ultimately my fault.

OK, so my advice to anyone out there, incase anyone out there is as dumb as me, if you choose to go out and drink that's fine, but make sure you know your limits (unlike me), and make sure that when the night ends you just go to bed. Whatever you do, don't go to the roundabout by old rootes and then decide to go for a 4 am run in Cryfield field. OK, so far nothing really wrong with that.


Whatever you do, don't climb over a fence that leads into trees with thorns, and if you do decide to do this close your eyes until the scratching has gone away.

For now, my eye hurts. If I get dehydrated my eye starts to hurt, so if I drink any alcohol, my eye starts to hurt, every night I'm supposed to put this special thing in my eye to stop it getting dry, but I forget.
I often wake up and I can't open my eye for the pain.

On the plus side I didn't have to pay when I went to the optician, I didn't have to have any emergency surgery to fix a serious problem.(On the other hand I wouldn't have had this problem if I hadn't hurt my eye). I was just told after a rather uncomfortable examination (eye examination that is) that I had probably just scratched my eye and every time my eye gets dry it opens up the wound and that as long as I put the thing in my eye, it would go away.

Well its been about 5 months now and my eye is finally getting better, although it still hurts.

Just beware of the thorny trees…

Wasting time, I have nothing else to do…

Its strange, now I'm worried about what I'm going to do with my time. What am I going to do, I have NOTHING to do!! Not once in my life have I had that luxury, normally at home even when I was little I'd have something to do, you know clean the kitchen, clean your room that kind of thing. But now I can honestly say I have nothing. This is the first time since I've come to uni that I've actually had nothing to do, one part of me doesn't believe me and is frantically searching my brain for some long forgotten assignment that needs to be done before the end of term.

I guess I could start reading up on courses for next year, but, NO!!

I'm not that worried about what to do with my time.
I am now at leisure to do as I please. YAY!!

Still I'm worried that no one will be going out and that i won't have anyone to go out with. Yes this is what I intend to do with my time. Go out and be merry. But what about during the day. I want to sit out in the sun, I want to play stuff I haven't done for years. Yes, incredibly sad I know, but I want to play catch with a tennis ball. I loved doing this, especially when someone threw it really hard and it stung your hands or if you managed to hit someone (of course not on purpose).
I want to be able to sit outside and just stare at the blue sky, feel the sun on my skin and not worry. Not worrying a luxury that few of us really can afford.

At the moment I'd love to put my music up really loud and dance around my room, but I'd probably get fined and I need to save my money up for the many excursions I am planning..

Exams again

I am finding this incredibly amusing, perhaps it is my current state of hysteria caused by having finished my exams, or maybe it is just excessive tiredness, or maybe it has something to do with that rather innocent looking drink I just bought at Costcutters, who knows.

Well now that I've finished my exams all I seem to be writing about are my exams.

I am actually very suprised at how calm I was around the exam time. I didn't really care, meaning that my revision didn't matter, meaning that oops, I really didn't do nowhere near the amount of revision I should have done.
The annoying thing is that as usual I regret this. I am now really worried about my results. This realisation hit me half way through my Japanese exam, why oh why was I so dumb.

Yet one part of me still says I'm young, I'm free, no worries, why should I care. Just enjoy life while you still can, and as long as I don't hurt anyone and as long as I'm happy it doens't matter. Life has a way of sorting itself out.

Well my mad ramblings are now starting and my random gibberish will undoubtedly become annoying.

Unfortunately no one is up for going out tonight. Well no one I know anyway, so I decided to celebrate the only way I know how.
I went to Battered and bought junk food, something that I have not had for such a long time. I'm suprised actually as the main reason I stopped buying things from Battered was after the night when I had a terrible stomach ache after having eaten somethign from there. I would normally have just thought oh its just my stomach being funny, but the fact taht my friend suffered from the same thing and the fact that we both had the same food.

I am currrently going through my music and I don't feel guilty for sitting here writing rubbish.

My grammar is probably atrocious at the moment, but I'm not that bothered. I'm so tired and strangely euphoric and worried about what I'm going to do wiht my time now….

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