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August 06, 2005

It's ok when you're 6

There are some things that are ok to do when you're younger and when you're older they are just simply unacceptable and this is one of those things.

So every Wednesday there is a market in the town where I live and this is one of the rare times when the town centre is full of people. So this week I went with my mum, my younger sister and her friend to the market in the search for things for my older sister's birthday.

I had been walking around for some time when a woman came up to me and said softly, "Your skirt is tucked in at the back"

Now this is something that is definately acceptable to do and even cute when you're 6 but when you're 19 and have been walking around like that for a very long time it is definately not.
However I was not particularly embarassed, more amused, as it is something I have not done in a very very long time.
I wasn't even annoyed when my younger sister told me that she'd noticed it and just thought that it was part of my skirt.

Not a good start to a day

Follow-up to My eye hurts from Alis in Wonderland

OK, so I have to put this stuff in my eye or more rightly on my eye every night otherwise it really hurts.

I have problems putting this stuff in my eye as I don't like putting things close to my eye that will potentially poke it.

So I was putting this in the other night and not concentrating when to my pleasure I realised that I had done it very quickly with no problems. It was only then that it dawned on me that I had put it in the wrong eye!

So I then had to repeat the process, which took slightly longer this time, on the other eye.
Now after having done this I realised that my vision was completely blurry, so I could no longer continue with the reading that I had previously been doing. So begrudgingly I went to bed and decided to set the alarm on my mobile.

However, as my vision was blurry instead of setting my alarm for the reasonable time of 9.30 I set it for 6.30.

Needless to say I was rather irritated when I realised it was 6.30 and I was awake before anyone in the house, especially as I couldn't get back to sleep

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