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October 13, 2004

Revelation:a revelation!

I have just joined revelation and i will tell you it is better than any substance you wish to mention!!!Not that I am that kind of person(!)
Seriously, it is the best cure for stress ever, and if you are like me-a finalist going around with their head cut off because of work and stuff you need at least a couple of hours having a laugh to keep you sane!!

I would like to say a BIG BIG THANKYOU to the exec and to everyone for being so kind and welcoming.
It has took me till 3rd year to come to Rev. I have always come to watch at Piazza concerts etc, but not being religious, I felt like i wouldn't fit in. This is not the case however,people accept you just for you are- in a spirit of tolerance. At the end of the day, I think that instead of focussing on differences in faith, it is best to be tolerant and respect the beleifs of others and most importantly concentrate on the common beleifs which unite everyone.

Well, enough oh my philosophising!!! Rev is all about letting it all hang out, which is fantastic….If you are feeling sad and lonely-it brings the sun out in the rain… I have gone all poetic. It has the atmosphere of one huge family, and I will never forget the sense of power and unity I first felt when everyone sang together in week 2….breathtaking!! And all this from normal people who really are extraordinary in their energy and enthousiasm. Thats whats so great about Rev- its so inclusive-no auditions, everyone can join in!

I have to admit to being someone who sings in the shower, in the kitchen and practically anywhere (except the library-I am not that mad!!) And now I am singing 'I'm not perfect…..cos I ain't good enough, he still loves me'-great song!!! It brightens my day…..

Again thanks to all the exec who work very hard , and seem really well organised with all these events and stuff coming!

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