February 05, 2012

EAL Self Study Task

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By Eric Carle

Merits for using with pupils with EAL

Repetitive sentence structure for each page

  • Reinforcing the structure of sentences
  • e.g. 'On Friday he ate through five oranges, but he was still hungry'

Repeated phrases

  • Reinforces the language used
  • e.g. "I'm still hungry"

Lots of high frequency topic words

  • Children can become familiar with the vocabulary
  • e.g. days of the week and numbers

Links with science & the life cycle of a caterpillar

  • Good for children to introduce the language in a fictional context
  • Making children familiar with new vocabulary
  • e.g. cocoon, caterpillar, butterfly

Small amounts of text on each page

  • Children can focus on understanding the vocabulary and sentences

Supportive images to back up vocabulary

  • Numbers used in story supported by the number of images
  • children can see the link between the word for the number and the meaning behind the word
  • e.g. images to support the different foods being eaten

Year Group and Learning Objective

Year Group = 1, PNS Strand 7

LO = Identify the main events and characters in stories, and find specific information in simple texts.

Teaching Sequence

Quadrant A [Context embedded, cognitively undemanding]

  • Fruit naming activity
  • Led by the teacher, children go through the book again as a class, this time with the fruit names covered up
  • Children are to name the different fruits as they are shown

Quadrant B [Context embedded, cognitively demanding]

  • Number matching activity
  • Children are given pictures of the different fruits eaten by the caterpillar and they have to collect the correct number of fruits that were eaten in the books
  • They can work in pairs for this activity
  • Each pair would be given a book so that they can use this as reference for the
  • EXTENSION: Children will also be given a 'day' card which they will have to the fruits that were eaten on that day of the week

Quadrant D [Context reduced, cognitively demanding]

  • Menu creating activity
  • Working in table groups, children will assemble a possible menu for any other caterpillars
  • they will have to think about the different foods that caterpillars eat, and how they could have these as a meal

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  1. It was nice to see that you has used the same book as me and it was interesting to see a different take on it. I liked how you picked up on the language that is used in the book and how this would benefit EAL learners, including some examples. It was good to see that you linked it with Science and life cycles, great minds think alike! I particularly liked your activity for quadrant B, as you gave thought into an extension activity. The menu idea for quadrant D was good too.

    I think that you have given a lot of consideration into how EAL learners could benefit in Literacy through the use of this book, your ideas are thorough and clear, to the point that anyone could read this and know how to do the activities.

    12 Feb 2012, 17:46

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