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October 13, 2009

Introduction to MBE

Hello! This is my first experience in writing blogs. It is always hard to start, but I hope that I will like it soon. I have so many ideas in my mind, but the problem is how to organize my ideas in order you can understand it).

          First of all I want to tell you about my perception of the teaching and learning in WMG. Everything is so new to me, absence of standard lectures and seminars, new ways of learning such as blogging and participation in forums, emphasis on team-working, and all of these in English!! It is really challenge for me and it requires time to adapt and change. But in order to be a professionals and truly leaders we should face the difficulties and try to overcome, to seek new opportunities from these challenges and make it work for ourselves. One thing that I understand clearly no one here is interested in our learning more than us, no one will force us or judge, it is our decision how much we want to receive from our learning here, it’s up to us how we want to learn, what we want learn. Our academic tutors and staff provide us with facilities and opportunities for successful learning (learning environment) and our responsibility is to use it and explore the knowledge. There is a huge amount of knowledge out there, but our task to find useful and relevant knowledge for us, the knowledge we can use, develop and apply in our future jobs.

         The second thing I want to mention is the team-working, which becomes the essential part of our learning process. Group-work is not an easy task, because of different views and ideas, which may conflict with each other. Moreover as all of us want to be a leader, there may be some competition among us. Therefore, communicational and interpersonal skills become very important things we should develop throughout our learning process, the ability to understand each other, to find the balanced decision in problem-solving, to accept strengths and weaknesses of each other. By giving objective opinion about our weak points we can learn and help each other how to make things better and, of course, how to turn our strengths into competitive advantage of the group. We are going to work on our mini-projects. So, the first thing we should think about is to start to know more about each other, to make plan and think about the organization of the work. As a group we have aims and we should understand that all of us will work on these aims, and well be assessed as team, not as a group of individuals.

           Finally, as far as video we watched yesterday is concerned, what I understand is that knowledge is close and you just have to open your eyes and explore new opportunities and to be ready for changes. The example of America, having such scholar as E. Deming, who was the teacher for Japanese managers not for Americans and person, who contribute to business excellence of Japan’s organizations, show that desire to development and continuous improvement in organizations is the key to success. We can apply this knowledge in our own lives. People who are flexible and open for changes and ideas, seeking the ways of personal improvement tend to be more successful. This is true for the companies too.

           Another aspect of organizational success is its people. It’s the people who drives organizations forwards, it’s the people who create quality of products and services and therefore it should be people involved in continuous improvement. However, in order to use people’s potential the whole system have to work properly. Because organizations are the complex systems, all of its subsystems and parts should work normally and cooperate with each other in order to maintain overall condition of the system and achieve system’s goals.

P.S. Sorry for grammatical and structural mistakes.

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