October 11, 2006

Time management

So we’re suposed to manage our time so that we can get the degree, learn something and also enjoy free time as well. All fair and square but what if you plan your week and other people mess it up? What if you do your tasks, but because others don’t you can’t get on with your next task?

This is again about Team 2. Why is it that we agree on reading certain things in the afternoon so we can discuss them the next day and then noone reads anything? The discussion time is supposed to be dedicated to discussion and not reading what you were supposed to read the day before. I just feel that we’re not getting anywhere (not even England as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern would say) – I do know that it is “only” a mini project but why is it taking so long to complete it then? We should have been finished with this and probably ISO so we can start researching for next week.

I truly hope we’ll be able to find the ropes so we can actually spend 5 hours each on each assignment instead of 10-15 hours each. Any thoughts on this???

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  1. Hero

    Ah yes, the problem with time planning is that a lot of people assume that once the planning is done, the task is done!

    What youse aw need is a lesson in how if you do things in the bit of time that you are currently using to worry about whether you do things or not, you will have much more enjoyable free time!

    11 Oct 2006, 11:34

  2. i think there are many misunderstands from u Andrea,u r harry u need 2 finish every thing in seconds, the main thing u cant understand your team how they think, the first think to be good leader is to understand the people around u how they think and react

    12 Oct 2006, 11:08

  3. Hey, Soliman

    You are right – I cannot comprehend your easy going nature and the “it’s only a mini project” attitude. I like to get things over and done with with as little hassle as possible and to learn as much as possible. An I see people not reading things they said they will or people not showing up for team meetings as a waste of time for those who came prepared.

    True, I would probably be a horrible leader in an easy going (manjana) country where everything can be put off until later and noone is in a hurry to get anywhere. I’m not sure UK is like that, though – they do like to be punctual and they do like to get things done by the deadline and get it done well. And I’m not sure we’ll get through 9 modules and 9 post module assignments and god knows how many mini projects with the manjana philosophy.

    12 Oct 2006, 12:03

  4. Dear Andreja

    thank u for replay, i think the picture not clear for u till know ,u dont dicide till now r u manger or leader ,to be manger its easy mater just take ur certificate and go to ur country and u will mange any department in any orgainzation but the quastion is: can u mange or lead ,i think its big chalnge for u to deal with the people dont have ur attitude or ur attitude cant be situble for them how u will deal with them .
    in a mini project like this u make this big issue and u were very nervese ,let me ask u : what will do when u face a real tasks and problems in ur job life do u complain that u cant solve this problem cos the people dont contrabiute with u or try to solve these problem by discution .
    i think the knowldgement not just 9 modles or 9 postmodles ,thats what u must aware of .if u pass these 9 modles with high marks doesn’t mean u will be the optimum manger for the uk organization becouse the theory is different from the real life.

    13 Oct 2006, 15:00

  5. Hey Soliman,

    Again, I agree with you – one of the most difficult and challenging things is to work productively with people, who have a very different mindset than what you have or what you’re used to. I think the biggest problem in our team is that we have 4 leaders but at the same time we don’t have a leader at all. Noone wants to be a leader or at least noone has taken the role of the leader. But noone wants to be a follower. This anarchy makes things difficult – it is good that there is one person who says “ok, enough discussion, we have to get moving” or “let’s discuss this at another time”. Otherwise we just drift away from the subject at hand or spend too long on one particular thing and not enough on others.

    As for the nervous bit – I do like to get things done by deadlines and spend as little time on them while still maintaining a certain level of quality and benefit. And if I come to a meeting pepared, but I’m the only one, then I might as well go home and study on my own. Obviously I work at a different speed than you do and it’s hard for me to slow down – just as it is hard for you to speed up. I did however expect more enthusiasm among people in EEE – more hunger for knowledge, more “let’s explore this”. And I expected us to be professionals – and that means each of us doing or own bit to make the team successful. This is a discussion on how we can solve our issues, but so far only the two of us are contributing to it. Maybe others don’t care, maybe they don’t like to discuss in public, ...

    I did pass 15 exams at the postgraduate level already and I realise how much I’ve learned from it. I have no illusions that I will be ready to go out into the real world after EEE and not make any mistakes. Why do you think I have such a high opinion of myself? I make mistakes all the time and I’ll make many more in the future – hopefully I will learn from them and become a manager of a company which will prosper, in part also because I will be there.

    It is difficult to stand up for yourself and your beliefs, much easier to be quiet and nod along with the majority. And I realise it is often my loud voicing of my beliefs which gets me in trouble. But do you really want a puppy in your team who follows your every word? Has it come to the point where anyone, who has a different point of view should be quiet and surpress his thoughts? I can do that, believe it or not, but do you guys really want me to? Think you’ll learn something from me in that way? Or is the point to get the mini projects over and done with and put the PPE folder on the top of the shelf and forget about it?

    Wish Rui and Andreas would join in on the discussion…

    13 Oct 2006, 18:59

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