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October 18, 2005

The way night's should be

Now that was good fun! was about to drive home from campus last night when i bumped into Milly outside the sports centre, so i offered her a lift home. Once we arrived she gave me a guided tour of the Prog Mansion and then her and her boyfriend Pablo proceeded to cook me a very tastey supper.

After I bid my farewells to them i headed onto the gig at 52b the Avenue and proceeded to have an awesome night hearing James Black play then chasing an American folk-punk banjo player around the house.

September 22, 2005

First gig of new year

Writing about web page

Oh yeah, term hasnt even started yet and already the gigs are underway

April 14, 2005

Great gig this Sunday (17th April) in Leamington

Yet another reason to be cheerful, this Sunday there is an all evening punk gig in Robin's Well, Leamington Spa. 10 bands for 4 pounds, you would be crazy to miss it. If in doubts here are the bands as described by James Black:

TOKYO ADVENTURES - fucking incredible catchy pop from cheeky scouse lads innit. On Boss Tuneage.

CHILLERTON - Those SoutHCoast Gunmollitis, Leatherphiliphilis lads return to rock having gone through two lineup changes since their last showing round these parts over a year ago.

PICTURES PAINT WORDS - Nuneaton's answer to every other band on the planet. New EP now available on BSM and damn it's good.

CIRCUS ACT - On tour with Chillerton – if Fugazi played pop-punk and came from the SoutHCoast then they'd sound like this. Awesome.


SNARF TAKES UP THE CHALLENGE - 'dventur' 'un' innit

!!!ACTIVATE THE SNAKE!!! – You've never fucking seen anything like this.

VOO - More scouse pop, on tour with Tokyo Adventures. Ace.

SALT UNION - (aka Ben Smith)


(the poster is not up to date, Salt Union were late confirming)


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