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October 18, 2005

The way night's should be

Now that was good fun! was about to drive home from campus last night when i bumped into Milly outside the sports centre, so i offered her a lift home. Once we arrived she gave me a guided tour of the Prog Mansion and then her and her boyfriend Pablo proceeded to cook me a very tastey supper.

After I bid my farewells to them i headed onto the gig at 52b the Avenue and proceeded to have an awesome night hearing James Black play then chasing an American folk-punk banjo player around the house.

August 15, 2005

been a while

well i not been here in a while so thought i would just put up a message to remind you all to stay happy :D:D

May 24, 2005

Be happy

well exams are upon us, so just a note to remind you all to keep smiling and be happy, it will all be over soon.

I'm not purple, i am just a loaf of bread

May 12, 2005

Yey anti–jamster

Well unfortunately everyone knows Jamster, the ringtone company who stole the 'crazy frog' tone from an old website, then charge you £3 to download it. well finally someone has got revenge on them :D:D:D:D:D so sit back and enjoy the ultimate ring tone

May 04, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Well I love the radio series, love the book, like the tv show, and my opinion of the film is:


Really amazing version of the story, and produced perfectly, keeping true to the original ideals, whilst changing things enough so that if you loved the old series you can still love them without the film getting in the way. The special effects were spectacular, they didnt even get in the way of the neuances of the script, which was Douglas Adams (may he rest in peace) at his best.

There was even a surprise apearence by the orignal Marvin from the TV series.

I reccomend going to see this film immediately, I give it 10/10

May 03, 2005

Its been a while, but more happiness: Finishing Coursework!!!

Well yes we all hate coursework, however we all have to admit that not much beats the feeling of handing in a completed piece of work and getting it off of your back. Especially a 15k word group project that you only started 5 days before. well thats me done till the exams, time for a short holiday.

April 13, 2005

Vote for Insanity, you know it makes sense

Well with elections coming up we realise just how corrupt most political parties are, so to cheer everyone up and bring hope to this nation of ours i propose that we all vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party .

Whos manifesto can be found on their website, which includes such jems as:

Any student who says the word “Like” when not grammatically called for, as in, “Hey, I’m .. Like, going down the… like, pub”, or, “I was, like, don’t do that” will be made to go and stay with George Bush for a week in order to discourage them from other stupid ‘Americanisms’.

4 wheel drive vehicles will only be allowed to drive off road, therefore stopping mothers picking up their children from school in them when they only live 100 yards down the road. They will also be wrapped in bubble wrap to make them safer.

All computers will carry a hazard warning sign saying “Please do NOT forget to open your window before you throw this computer out of it”.

As you can see, this is clearly the best choice for a better Britain, so vote loony now!


Well it seems to me that 99.9999999% of blogs, live journals, blurties, and other online public diaries, are used to tell the world how depressed people are, to rant, be angry, shout, flame, abuse or convey other general unhappyness. So therefore my blog will be an entirely happy and fruitful place where you can come to gain happy vibes and cheer you up for the day.

I love you all

April 12, 2005

Waa, its coming for us!!!!

HELP I HAVE CREATED A BLOG!!! runs round in manic, ever decreasing, circles until he falls over



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