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January 07, 2006


Follow-up to What rotten luck! :| from SOAPBox v2.0

Fixed the computer again. That was all a bit much.

I don't appear to have lost any data; the mirror re-creation and duplication went smoothly (even if it did take 3 hours); and it's all generally ok again. I hope.

January 05, 2006

What rotten luck! :|

Oh, the joy. No less than 2 days since I fixed my computer, it appears to be broken again. Tonight we suffered not one, but two mini power cuts that seemingly knocked out most of the bottom of Tachbrook Road and the surrounding area that have had an adverse effect on my seemingly fragile Linux box.

As such, I'm now investigating the process required to rebuild my RAID array (configured for mirroring) so that I don't lose the data stored on these particular hard disks. Luckily the system drive seems to be intact (saving myself the headache of setting up Fedora again), but I can't afford to lose the data stored in the RAID array: this is all my work in the world, ever.

Looks like I will have to dig out the manual for the RAID controller and review the process thoroughly. This is not what I need right now.

Still not panicking…

Follow-up to Panic? Moi? from SOAPBox v2.0

It's now 1.40am on Thursday 5 Jan (but I guess you gathered that from the timestamp at the bottom of the post). I'm 3722 words down, but the word limit was never going to be the problem.

One of the ratios I've chosen is only really meaningful if compared with direct competitors, and there are not the relevant figures available for the three competitors listed to allow me to do this.

Ho-hum, let's hope I can get some credit for investigating it at least.

See you on the other side!

January 03, 2006

Panic? Moi?

Finance and Accounting. 4000 words. 5 Jan. Current progress: 0 words

'nuff said.


So, after 3 days of pain and misery, my Linux box is finally up and running again! As always, the hardest part was the Samba (Windows <--> Linux file and printer sharing) set up – I always have problems with that.

Having struggled to get Movable Type set up previously, I'm not bothering again – it was too much hard work! Thus, my blog is now located here, at Warwick Blogs.

As it says at the previous location of my blog, if you happen to have any of my blog entries, please email them to me via the form on the "Contact Me" page (link above). I'm particularly keen on getting my hands on the entries about my third year project again, as this was acting as both my project website and my notebook for my final report (due in April).

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