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June 26, 2007

fond farewells, many happy returns and any excuse for a knees up!

Here’s a quick catch up on recent happenings and fun and frolics from the end of my undergraduate days.

Here’s a round up of Thespy stuff I’ve been hitting of late:
The Lonesome West
I was involved in the creation of this fantastic set that hat 3 naturalistic walls and floor and was just dirtied up to precision. It really could have been some grumpy old man’s house in Gallway. And on top of all that it had a pond slap bang in the middle of the stage. The people from the National Student Drama Festival commended the creation of an entire world and that was really done by the actors and the director but I like to think I was there to back them up, and cheers to everyone who’s said kind words & compliments about the whole shybang! I had a great time back stage with Jack Cole and the rest making the props and tweeking it to perfection. Well done everyone involved, it rocked!

Little Thorns
I did some filming and now this show is on I’m operating the live video installations with the shows producer Roz. It’s mental and it keeps crashing mid-show but is quite fun and I’m sure it looks great from the audience perspective.

The Memory of Water
I was on Becky’s submission for the studio slot for this excellent and funny play which would have given the female actors at warwick a chance to strut their stuff and show their metle in the studio but we were pipped to the post by a couple of other plays. I think we had a great submission with everyone involved showing ideas were already firing in a very real way but who can say, we missed it and thus we must cut all ties with the thesp world forever! I’ll be a Quizling no longer!

No Exit review
This is the only piece of theatre I’ve seen so far at WSAF (well it was the first day). It’s a play by Jean-Paul Satre and boy does it show. It’s kind of a cliché premise now but it really hit the mark on several occasions. I was really drawn to the show by the advertising which had the actors staring out at you with creepy blacked out eyes. Oddly they managed to replicate this on the stage, maybe odd top lighting or something, who can say. I was a little worried as I had previously been under whelmed by performances by one of the actors but she really pulled her socks up and kept up the intensity and completely failed to ham it up. I was quite tired and the lack of a vibrant set or masses of movement in the direction found me slipping off now and again, but on the whole it was ace and really conveyed hell nicely. Or hellishly to be fair. Well done all!

Films start screening tomorrow so here’s the film news from mini screen west midlands, i.e. me:
Tomorrow there’s a screening of Aerials and St. Valentines at the arts centre as part of WSAF. There’s a couple of other films I wanna see so I’ll probably arrive a bit early to catch’em. I designed and printed some posters (although they’re factually inaccurate). It was the best WSAF balls up yet! I asked for 6 A3 posters and 12 A4 but they gave me 18 A3 ones for the same price! Yay! Lucky I went to the copyshop late when the guy behind the counter was knackered!! I put a bunch up and they are even in the arts centre behind glass and everything! Oh and they’re good movies too. And I’m very glad to have helped out on both in various little roles!

I got drafted in last minute to act in Pete Lefort’s Warwick Shootout entry on Saturday. It was a blast, I played an evil angel type character opposite a lovely guy called Stu. We were lucky enough to be awarded 2 gongs for direction and in camera editing! We were chuffed and had a great time at the ceremony as there were drinks and nibbles and the other movies were brilliant top. Especially my course mate Johnny’s “Into the Koan” I think that’s what it was called, it was spectacular! The judges were really quite big names, ex-alumni who are in the industry. I was especially impressed by a judge called Paul who write what was my one time bible “the pocket guide to filming on a micro budget”. Great day and cheers Pete for thinking of me.

Random stuff:
Tonight I played a little poker at james howard’s. It was a fiver buy in and in an attempt to stay with the big boys I was out rather quickly. But fun as ever,
Bex redhead
Becky’s been rocking away at WSAF fighting the weather which is trying to blow the festival down but all of the events seem to be carrying themselves nicely on their own steam and she seems to be having fun on the walkie-talkies and hanging with the techies ;o) I’d do the same I guess. Roger roger. Over.

Last night I popped into the Folk Society Calleigh. Proper folk music and a great way to shake a leg. I hypothesize that it was a dance designed before it was alright to have same sex relations.

Here’s some stuff I hope to see at WSAF:
Belly Dance (for obvious reasons)
Other films tomorrow
Cymbeline (which I will try and do a little video editing for but time is running out)
Comedy Sketch show (Which I’ve been asked to film, no rest for the wicked huh?)
The Happening (that name just fills me with joy, if it’s sunny it’s bound to be banter)

I attempted a Stop the arms trade campaign but I did it alone and only really gave it a bash after a goggleless trip to the pool so my demonic red eye scared a fair few people of I believe. It is an attempt to be revived as we need to stop the corrupt BAE systems and break their links to the cow-towing government!

Here’s some sweet stuff that’s been going down that fits nicely under the misc category:
Plenty of BBQ’s
The Final Fling, which had it all, hellacious rides (inc a hardcore waltzer) wicked fireworks, loads of buddies and mud. Oh and banter galore. Watch out for Fred’s wicked article in the Boar on going out that has an ace review of the night.

I’m eagerly anticipating my results and wine that come with them on Thursday. Bex gets hers tomorrow but it should be proper lovely and anyone who hasn’t got what they want can drown their sorrows ;o)

The Leamington Peace festival was again the highlight of the Leamington calendar. They had a wishing tree that has previously been at Synergy raves. I got my first set of poi and it was generally very chilled. I even caught an 11’o’clock gig by course mates the young and the damned. They rocked the park and put a spring in my step for the rest of the day. I even got to do standard hippy stuff like sign petitions and eat vegetarian food!

Jake, Spatz, Guy et al threw a lovely party a few weeks back at theirs and it was a lovely night with lots of dancing as Wooly was spinning awesome track after awesome track!

Lou Bailey had a very dignified B-day and we finally got to see her new flat which is a proper penthouse beaute. We ate from her chocolate fountain (not like that! Urgh!¬) abd played on Ben’s x-Box (make something dirty from that you sicko!) lots of fun and G&T’s!
here’s a pic of Lou’s brillo parking!

I’m very sad to have missed the free Palestine demo in London a few weeks back but I really enjoyed a big ol’JollyRoger party I was at at the time. I also made a lovely visit to JW and Amy (bex’s harps mate) in Nottingham. Nice chilling and another BBQ. Top draw.
pirate bounty

bubbly bex

Oh and look who i bumped into in Nottingham: It’s only partick sullivan! Oh CLS boys get everywhere!
patrick in notts

Doc.Who has been hotting up! I’ve not yet seen all of sound of drums but it looks ace! And the master’s return has been amazing! He’s so callous and John Simm’s portrayal is fantastic! Having read in the radio times and elsewhere that the episode Utopia, with slavering cannibals and Derek Jacobi and the return of captain Jack was clunky I was very pleasantly surprised and shocked by utopia which kept ratcheting up the tension from the first instant! I;’m contemplating going on the gay pride march in London on satuday as they’re gonna have it on a big screen in traf sq. and John Barrowman’s gonna be there too! Maybe I’ll just curl up at home for it. Sounds more plausible.

The one sad thing about this week is that Simon was unable to come up, and I’m sure he’dve had a good time but I may have a been a bit run off my feet to give him the appropriate attention. Anyway I think I shall be seeing him soon for national Awiesu day on the 1st and there’s always next year for visits.

He’s a wee run down of my somewhat over packed Summer festivals and fun plans:
Exit – over in Serbia in a extreme fort on a hill. This will be with all the best guys from uni (more or less ;o) and looks like it’s shaping up to be a great festival over four days. I’ll be arriving a few days early so there should be a chance to take in some culture too before whirl-winding back to the UK for more music festivals.
I’ve got a place stewarding Glade which will be a new experience. Karim will be stewarding too which will be fun. It will be a completely different kind of festival to any I’ve been to before as it’s a dance festival but I’m hoping that stewarding will be very much like being a Planet Angel angel. All smiling and making sure everyone’s having fun.
Reading is still sadly only in the hopefully stages. Bex and I have applied to work a beer tent for campaign against the arms trade, which would make the event affordable and would likely be top banter. And it’s giving something back, aww.

I think I’ll be going to France during the first week of August with A/V which promises to be lovely.
Having Becky living with me in London should be a lot of fun if last year’s anything to go by.
I shall be doing work of some description, at home or creative or for big bucks. I hope to do a few redrafts on my plays to get them to a performable standard for next year.
Camping in Portugal and having general banter with Bex’s Harpenden mates should be another highlight. I’m looking forward to finally hitting the beach with Bex and I hope the water’s warm enough to swim in.
I’m thinking of getting a neck piercing this summer. A bar through the back of the neck, it’s the only piercing that when I first saw it I thought that’s totally awesome and still do (cept of course all of Becky’s). Bex said she would get me one as a birthday present, it’d be jokes!
I hope I’m also able to squeeze in a wee visit to Devon. I miss those lovely folk and Devon is a really pretty place in the height of summer.
I’ve got a massive pack and tidy up ahead, before I leave on Friday. My lovely papa is coming up and we’re going to try and squeeze all my junk into the car. I think I ought to grab a bunch of stuff to take into the Oxfam! Save a little space! It’ll be a challenge but we’ll give it a go!

Here’s a rough plan for the things I want to do and achieve in my next academic year:
-Try out putting on written plays, get a wide breath of media experiences.
-Refine where I want to go from there. Including colluding with ex warwick people like James Sanderson and Mark Tan whose film I was in in the first year and who now is making movies.
-Salsa dancing/rock climbing.
- more to come!

K that’s just a wee round up and I’ll add photos as necessary and try and tag all the people mentioned in this note of Facebook. Isn’t self surveillance great ;o)

This week has been pretty tough and is going to get tougher as the business of goodbyes becomes more than the elephant in the room. It’s lucky everyone is ignoring the weather and keeping things rolling as dust settles only to be disturbed and redistributed again. Much love to every single person I’ve met here and safe journeying to everyone, I’m so grateful for sharing this stage of life with so many wonderfilling people.

September 27, 2006

Fragile Things????

just downloaded and watched “Steal this Film” about bittorrent etc. It’s very good and is hopefully going to be the first film to usher in a sea change.

Just had a thought about American imperialist democracy. If the USA wasn’t terrorfied about the dollor being devalued by oil being devalued by being traded with Euros they should encourage extremists to engage with global non violent protest (basically make a real commitment to world peace) and promise to listen to their grievences and have a real debate that isn’t about using force.

I spent a few lovely days at Becky’s we watched “Children of Men” which was excellent. The publicity for the film is good in that it doesn’t give much away but bad in that it places too much emphasis on the infertility of the population, which I think is just the background and impetus for a far more human story, the most human action movie, which therefore makes it more emotional, engaging and hard to watch.
Clive Owen redeems himself from his crap performance in Sin City and is back on “Croupier” form although he does usually play pretty similar characters here they’ve used that fact to great effect.
Micheal Caine’s performance is really his masterclass in screen acting and he steals every scene he’s in.
Julianne moore is fine but you fell she’s in the film to sell it to the American audience a little bit. which is fine and Cuarón makes great use of her.
A great surprise is who I remember as being a bit crap in Serenity but here shines through as a supporting actor really giving a drive to the film with his energy and screen presence.
The special effects constitute some of the best I’ve seen used in modern films perhaps coming second to the effects used in “Mars Attacks”, it’s a real joy to see such a creative and integrated use of effects.
I can’t reccomend this highly enough Cuarón infuses this beautiful British Dystopia with Latin American engery and violence. I’m convinced it’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen, but I’d like to see it again to make sure (so I may well do that today with the rents).
When I went to see it in Luton I made a joke about Al-Qiedia as there was a lot of rubble around, building works were a bomb site etc, which Bex thought was insensitive to the Muslim population of Luton but I beg to differ. Only Al-Quiedia members would have been offended as it would have been a poor attempt at chaos as everyone seemed to be getting on with their shiz.
children of menMicheal Caine
(just back from seeing it with my parents, they seemed to like it but leveled some problems with it. Please don’t read these if you haven’t seen the film as i’ve tried to keep my review spoiler free and free from opinion that would sway an overall assessment of the film: it was unoriginal and not deep. I get the feeling that these criticisms come from the same place that criticisms of the film on the grounds of having too many religious overtones, these appear to me to be clutching at straws to give an emotional and mental barrier to the barrage of images the film presents. The film appears to me to be very tight, balanced, thought provoking and original, and i’ve seen Full metal jacket, soylent green etc. this is a better war film and a better futuristic dystopia, even if simply because of the inclusion of Banksy, which I only properly noticed on a second viewing)

Did i mention the Labour party conference march was great, Bex came along to protest Trident and I tried to do my bit for NO2ID. We caught on the back of some drums, got to see police horses and only one police mand was a wanker, when i looked away from the mobile cctv camera he said something to me so i asked him to repeat himself and he said; “It’s ironic, you got caught on camera down there too”, no mate, frankly not ironic, you dont even seem to have an Alanis Morrisette type grasp of irony, it’s just smegging annoying and pointless and intimidating, thank you very much. The coach was fun, snuggling with Becky over the 3/4 hours each way and texting gorgeous george on his radio show. he totally read it out and mentioned Trident which to that point he hadn’t.

When I arrived in Harps I popped along to the inn on the green which was fun as usual good to see Bex’s friends such as John and Ames and Ads etc, all top banter.
The next night we engaged in a small crawl which provided magical banter.

I’m off to Devon for a couple of days which’ll be relaxing and lovely.
Yesserday I went to Forbidden planet for a signing by Neil Gaiman and I got his new compilation of short stories, I was delighted tho he musta been at it for hours, the queue was fine tho as I was having jokes with Simon and Juliet. Also I finally got to catch up with Toby and hang and chat which was ace. We disbanded after the signing and I came home for a scrumpcious fish pie, then Karim came around and we watched 15 Stories High, episodes 1+2 from the second series and the david bowie extras which was quite funny.
Och well better pack, 4 pairs of pants and the jeans i’m wearing should do the trick.
wishes: an end to violence on every scale. more people to respect animals, children, plants, women and men. A cyber controller helmet. The best year at Uni yet (that’s a hard one, they’ve all been pretty darn tops). A proper scottish breakfast. More love (greedy i know, but i also know the well is infinite) giving and getting, same thing really.

September 27, 2005

Land of the Dead

George A. Romero's legacy is one unlikely to be appreciated fully in his lifetime but I expect being given the opportunity to make this film is as close as damnit. it sticks to the format so well and expands on what has gone before it given it's obviously sizable budget, but despite that it doesnt feel like your standard Hollywood fare. The main reason it feels so different is the overt social commentary that I love. And with such a high, often hilarious body count and some great make up you can forgive the stodgy acting even from Dennis Hopper who should do better.
Asia Argento at first seems like a bit of pointless eye candy but her performance hits home the real fear you would feel and highlights how hardcore the main zombie killers are as she is thrown into the mix.
This film is proper jokes, and it looks fancy to boot.

September 08, 2005

Ooh i could hardly keep looking at my lovely telly box (dinky it isnt either E4!)

Movie image
2 out of 5 stars
Despite being made my Ghostbusters Ivan Reitman this is a very forgettable film. I like the fact that this is a short shit review of a shit film, to begin reviewing on my blog. i did a review of the film kung fu hustle for the student cinema (so i could get free entry to a terms worth of films with a guest) and it was butchered by the editor who apparently thought it were too perjorative. wankers.

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