September 01, 2006

The fall of Arcadia – Reading festival and other recent happenings

So been busy busy busy, and loving the crap out of it. Let’s start from where I left off. My first day at the NO2ID office was really good, the bulk of it was just envelope stuffing supporters packs, but I also learned how to send things by parcel force and fill in their forms. It was fun chatting about the scheme and other stuff with the guys there (obv Doc Who came up at least once). But just as with going to Planet I got paranoid about going past MI6. It’s an ugly oppressive building which I intend to photograph to show just how ugly it is, there is one corner that has what looks like a Bauhaus statue surrounded by a fence and a concrete wall with a camera over it. There’s always a security guard outside the gate (why they hire in security instead of using police etc I can’t quite fathom). I love the road name of the office; black prince st. jokes! When I walk there from Vauxhall station I love to play the game Spot the Spy. The object is to look at all the people coming out of the station and guess which are going to turn into the MI6 building, it’s perfect for me to play as they seem to keep pretty much normal office hours. So here’s a tip spy’s look boring, you wouldn’t invite them around for dinner, they usually wear short sleeve white or cream checked office shirts and carry rucksacks and mobile phones. But top of the range mobiles with stunguns I suppose we’re to presume. Anyway to lighten my paranoia there is the amusing sight of the London duck boat’s ramp from the Thames onto the road.

Mi6 DuckTour

On Wednesday morning I went via Tottenham court road (a little out of my way) to try in at the camping shop that Alan recommended but when I got there (around 9:25) I discovered that they didn’t open until 10:30, lame. So I popped into borders (which I believe has replaced books etc on charring cross road, saddness) and flicked through the dr who comic books they had for sale. I returned after work and before I went to meet Becky from work. I got a sleeping mat and a gas stove. I was a little worried about taking a butane gas canister in my rucksack onto the tube but thought; och well.

I met Becky from work (though I stood in the rain for a while waiting for her) and then I rung the bell and went up to get her, the theatre agent’s office is quite nice (about 3 times the size of the NO2ID office, fair enough), pity about the view but it doesn’t look like the worst place to be of a day. We went to an amazing mule frites place across the road from her that does a cool pre theatre deal. We ate splendid food, a couple of delicious starters (churizos and summint else) and drank tasty beer (mine was a mango beer) and had a great main (I went for chicken wanting to have a hardy meal afore Reading’s makeshift cookery, and Bex had the famed mule frites woo!). After the meal we sauntered over to the Roundhouse theatre to see the AMAZING “Fuerzabruta”. It was an astonishing physical theatre piece from Argentina methinks. If you go to their website and click on the trailers page the lowermost trailer gives you a very accurate idea of what the show was:
It was the perfect preparation of a weekend of music dance and partying in every respect except that it meant we got back to do our packing at about 10ish. But pack we did considering every eventuality and then we hit the sack.
High Frequency
On Thursday morning Becky took a minicab to Paddington at 6:30am for her coach ride to Reading. I figured woo, we’ll get a good pitch (and boy was I right, which I discovered as a swanned in well after midday) and I got up around 9 to check the house was in a fit condition to leave (locked up, cat’s cared for etc). Then I went to Southgate tube station by bus and by tube. The journey was wicked as the guys I was driving with were totally jokes. The weather looked promising and I even took a photo just in case it didn’t hold up so I could look at it and remember the blue skys (and perhaps to punish myself for an unknown crime punished with water by god). pre Reading skyWe listened to some proper tunes on the way there with roots music and some morcheeba to bring out even more sunshine. The guy who was doing the lift part of the liftshare was called Stef and he pitched up right next to us which was wicked as we had a nice little party village going on with plenty of banter knocking about.
The first night was jokes, we wandered down to the action aid tent and had a boogie and signed their petition it was lots of fun and tons quieter than it was on the other nights after the main arena had closed. While hanging around the main drag towards the arena entrance we caught a pillow fight that took place on the bridge at 12 exactly, it looked like a lot of fun. pillow fightWhen we got back to the tents we had a fire and it rained a bit I think, but it was light and didn’t last too long, it didn’t even put out the fire although for about 15 mins it did drive us under the cover of the more spacious tents. I’d brought along my wind up radio which gave a consistent background of music but which wasn’t needed when we got up around midday each day as we were near enough to the main stage to hear it perfectly.
Me & Bex indulged in some awesome cooking, with bacon sandwiches on the first 2 days for breakfast and some other delicish stuff. Camping was fun as we weren’t far at all from the long drop toilets (which I like for their fresh air) and we also were pretty close to a river/stream which doubled as a communal urinal. Woop! cooking + mess
So we had plenty of banter in the campsite and it was close enough that when tired or hungry or just wanting to see if we could find people we knew we could easily meander over to it.
But hey the festival is all about the drug of drugs; sweet sweet music and there was plenty of it. Highlights were in no particular order; Muse, Flogging Molly, Pearl Jam, The Arctic Monkeys, Less than Jake, Bedouin Soundclash & the Eagles of Death Metal. These acts were really special and you could really tell (and sometimes they said) that the performers were having the times of their lives or they were really connecting with the audience on some profound levels. The best thing is that they really comprised a great variety of music styles and all have great songs, and man, did I dance it up to each and every one of them, plus all the misc, dancing as we wandered around or at the action aid dance tent etc.
pearl jam1pearl jam2pearl jam3museless than jakeflogging molly

The other great acts I caught (none were bummers) or one’s that I only caught a wee bit of were: Yeah yeah yeahs (totally good fun mixed with good songs), Belle and Sebastian (chilled for a sunny afternoon and one of my CD faves), Panic! at the Disco (lead singer got bottled, I reckon t’were faked), Dashboard Confessional (great songs which I laid back and listened to horizontally), The Streets (I just caught “dry your eyes mate” & “fit but you know it” both good), The Futureheads (good band), Slayer (“war” ace old school metal), Peaches (really fun and grimsy), Goldie Lookin’ Chain (“your mother’s got a penis” nuff said) & Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (really happy shit).

I also got to catch some comedy with Bex and others, Stewart Lee was great doing some stuff I’d seen before (or heard on the radio recently) but still raised a good amount of laughs especially considering the fact he was competing with some very loud stages. I tried to catch him afterward to give him a NO2ID badge as he’s doing the fundraiser on the 1st of October at the Hackney Empire.Stewart Lee I sent the badge back to him and handed out a bunch of flyers. Later I got help from some of the guys (Alex, Pat and Adam methinks) handing some flyers out and they discovered how easy and fun it was. EVeryone was really aproachable and it was nice to be able to talk to randoms a phenomenon I’ve enjoyed at other festivals and raves (and occasionally on public transport). cnutI wish I took more flyers along with me, it’ll be a challenge for next year I guess, whatever happens festival wise. There was other good comedy from BBC3’s Ninia Benjamin and a cool Kiwi comic.
Toilets were annoying on beer bladders but the standard of toilet wasn’t what the stories had led me to believe. We often met each other by the red dragon Chinese noodle store, tho I never ate any, all I bought food wise was really some samosas and I think that’s more or less it, no dirty burgers for me.stageBex et al
It was great to hang out with and meet a few more of Bex’s friends; they’re a primo group with plenty of banter to be had all around. They really made the party atmos come alive. They especially helped this lame-o hippy get in the rock & roll mood (& encouraging a good amount of beer drinking to be sure). AdsThe time spent at the camp even when music was on was far from wasted (despite however wasted we might have been) and we all saw different stuff so vicarious enjoyment was the order of the weekend too, standard. I really enjoyed constructing our nightly fires, everyone pitched in to buy the wood which was sold at the entrance to the campsite and the fires were a lot of fun, except when stumbling people attempted to dive face first into them. On the last night it began to rain harder than it had before which I partly saw as a godsend as I had heard horror stories about the last night antics at Reading, where people would put gas canisters in fires etc and I assumed the rain was keeping those people away. But to keep the fire and the party going we went and borrowed the gazebo from the neighbouring camp whom all seemed asleep (they had been chanting CHUG, CHUNDER and Octo, Octo-bong at about 11am so burn out on the part of these gin swigging 15 year olds was hardly surprising). We then gathered a good number of people under the gazebo with everyone pretty knackered from the last night’s music and dance, it was a lovely lovely night, and we had the biggest fire to date (fire was selling cheap methinks).
Bex and I at Less than Jake
Me and Becky did a good little trip to Waitrose to top up our supplies on the first day, it was fun, hard on the arms by the end but we’re fricking troopers. We got a couple of boxes of wine which was such a good idea, on the last day we snuck in a couple of water bottles of wine (because there was a ban on taking alcohol into the main arena) which was perfect for chilling to good music in the sun, cheap sophistication. We also topped up our food and got some soya milk for teas. I insisted we go into the Help the Aged charity shop. I hadn’t brought a waterproof and I found an excellent one in there for £6 and it was Pierre Cardin, I think I had a suit jacket of the same make which was pretty hardy. I also got my self a pretty Perrón, which features extensively in the Catalan film The Tit and the Moon which we studied last year. On top of those I bought a citronella candle in a can which was great for keeping bugs away (remember the toilet river I mentioned) and for a bit of light and fire lighting, a proper practical bargain for a pound.
On, I believe it was, the second night we bumped into a couple of Warwick people in the action aid tent. We saw a thesp, Cag’s boy Craig and my ex-housemate Katy. It was great, later I caught up with fellow film studier and all round ledge Andrew Shaw, he told me he was having a pretty crap time but we failed to hang out properly, partly because my phone was dead, same happened with Katy but at least we got to hang out for a bit of dancing.
So it was a great weekend, we got so lucky, with weather, beautiful sunny days, good temperatures etc. t’were all good. We also got lucky in other ways, bumping into all these cool people, the fact that I got a liftshare and it was off a totally cool dude, the fact that the other guy we came with dropped out so Bex could come home with me rather than go by coach and have to get to mine from Paddington, and the fact that the music was scheduled really well to separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of music tastes.Pat and Stef Anyway, I hope that begins to give an impression of how good that weekend was. Nuff said.
When we got back we crashed for bank holiday Monday and then on Tuesday Bex went to work. On Wednesday I went into Vauxhall and did some volunteering at NO2ID. It was mostly filing this time, alphabetising our general correspondence, creating a new file for correspondences with no affiliated organisations and the press. It was a quiet day with not too much to do and I left early to wait for Bex in central London and do some window shopping. I then caught up with Bex and her housemates Cags and Jen and her boyfriend/my ex director on Rebel Jamie Hewitt and we went for what was to be for them pre show drinks (they were going to see our mate Ben Fowler’s play that me and Bex had already seen) but they hadn’t booked so by the time they arrived there it was sold out. I was mad hungry by this point so we wandered down to the Pizza Express café and had some munch. It was lovely, then we went to one of the gay bars there and had another beer, woot!
Yesterday I had my last driving lesson before my test on Monday (wish me luck, not that I need it ;-p) which went pretty well and I’m quite confident. During the day I did some general admin stuff, cooked, had a bath etc and I left out to the mass lone protest in the no protest zone around parliament sq. Big thanks to Karim for sorting me out a licence to protest, he and his mate Sylvia had some cool signs and I was rocking out the NO2ID mask and flyers (which stupidly I printed instead of thinking ahead and getting a bunch from the office). I got a text from a mate of mine Richard who had seen me on BBC London News check it out:

here’s the video, I’m the masked one behind Mark Thomas I appear briefly about a minute in.×9_bb.asx

After that finished we went straight over to Angel to see A Scanner Darkly which was a pretty good movie, but which didn’t dwell long enough on it’s really good paranoid noir or sci-fi elements, but which had some great performances shine through the rotoscoped animation which gave the film it’s beautiful style but with much less substance than Linklater’s previously rotoscoped film Waking Life. scanner darklyUnfortunately a lot of the enjoyment comes from intertextual references in the castings (such as the fuck up in the opening scene who is the extrapolation of a character from Linklater’s Waking Life) to conspiracy theories (the camouflaged lizard men) and to actor’s personal lives which all might add up to alienate the casual view (like my driving instructor who saw it and didn’t get into it). Keanu Reeves is as wooden as ever but his part as the lead is in many ways the least demanding role. We hit the pub once more and I got the first chance of the summer to catch up with the delightful Albert and meet his firlgriend. All in all good stuff.
Strange thing’s been happening, I’ve been getting a lot of anonymous calls on all lines, home and mobile, I wonder if it’s a network thing or what? I got one just after I invited a bunch of people on facebook to the middle east peace march, and it was number withheld and at 2 o’clock in the morning and was just a bunch of guys chanting “Israel” for about 2 minutes. Bizzare and childish a classic combination, luckily I left my phone downstairs that night do I didn’t hear it ring, but if this is the same person they are obviously chicken-shit scared or they wouldn’t wait to get answer phone or withhold their number. It reminds me of the disgusting tactic used by Israel military to intimidate people out of their homes in Lebanon (obviously on a much smaller & more trivial scale) whereby they sent a blanket of text messages to a vast area of Lebanon basically saying leave your homes or else, pretty stupid as often in these large families the cost of getting all of your children etc away from the bombing area. I do hope these calls aren’t related and I’m simply being paranoid in a very Phillip K. Dickian way. I’d also like to share my anger about the news from the UN that Israel dropped 90% of its cluster bombs in war’s final hours. When ceasefire was in sight they used these inhumane weapons, spitting in the wounds of many innocent Lebanese who will doubtless be killed by unexploded bombs. It makes me feel physically sick and hateful, mostly towards the American government who supply these weapons, and our government who won’t use it’s perceived position as the rational arm of the US’s brand of Western Imperialism to condemn what has happened as a war crime. But how can we expect more from a government that passes off murder as a health and safety issue?!? Apparently there wasn’t enough evidence for a prosecution. What?! HOW MANY BULLETS IN THE HEAD TO COUNT AS EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many witnesses were there!?! How come I’ve not seen a single piece of cctv footage of DeMenzes running or not running. How come I heard yesterday that one of THOSE firearms officers is now training the new British air marshals!!!!!!! Seriously!
Yesterday I sent my CV to one of the people I saw at the careers in television seminar at the roundhouse and she’s offered me some researching work experience on a show she’s developing for the discovery channel, I’m a little trepidatious about doing researching for TV again but this seems much more interesting and much less tabloid than 100 greatest sexy moments or Mike Tyson Laid Bare, so I might do some of that for a laugh and a reason to get out of bed (yes I can hear you all now, a bit late in the day to start thinking about that, wooo! you just punned yourself out of a point!)
So now to brunch (well after I’ve posted this and inserted a ton of photos etc) and then it’s Renoir time.

Ooh plans for the weekend, I was going to lose Becky to Harpenden as she was going up tonight for a mate’s party who I didn’t know and then hang there only coming back for Monday’s work and for a play (which I was going to tag along to and probably still will) tomorrow. I’ve gotta be back here tomorrow evening you see for my neighbours leaving do, I’m representing the house, I guess now along with Marina so I won’t be such a lemon. But Bex’s party seems off so I’m going to go up for the night. It’s my gran’s b-day tomorrow too but she says she hasn’t any plans but I’ll ring her tonight to check and I’ll make a card whilst watching Renoir, woop! Tomorrow there was also potential for some NO2ID flyering in highbury and Islington, but I reckon I’ll do that another week when we can also advertise their October first comedy fundraiser at the Hackney Empire. There is also a No Trident Replacement conference all day but I’ma have to skip that. To make up for it I’m going to donate a tenner to a big advert to coincide with the Labour party conference (ooh I’ll have my name in the paper) and you should all do the same:
For a minimum donation of £10, your name will be listed on the advert together with eminent individuals from all walks of life. To support this appeal and have your name listed on the advert, please ring Katy on 0207 700 2393 or support the ad campaign via our online shop. You may need to click through to the ‘Donate’ page or scroll down to find the statement donation, depending on your browser.
The deadline for signing on to this statement is Monday 4th September at 5 pm.

August 21, 2006

Bout to watch La Regle de jeu

Me and Becky summer 06
So Me and Bex have been having a great summer, obviously she's doing a lot more work than mygoodself but I'm doing tons of admin and getting into some things I've been meaning to for some time such as the NO2ID volunteering and concerted Shamanic meditiation. We've had 2 excellent fun weekends so far, first with raving last weekend (definately to be repeated) and this weekend with a trip up to her neck of the woods where we played boardgames and drunk wine with her buddies up there. Next weekend we're going to Reading festival which should be ace. I have to organise us some camping equipment and my journey to the site (probs hitting up a nice bit of train with the rest of the plebs ;–). There's some excellent acts on and I figure if i avoid the main stages I'll avoid the bulk of the drunken 20 somethings. Scary tho is a repeat of last year's festival experience weather wise. It's possibly going to be very rainy. poopy.
Alex Bex
We played a great game called Scotland Yard which requires all the players to chase one other player (the murderer) around london using a limited number of puplic transport tickets. I pointed out that we were the police so why should we have to pay for travel and then the obligitory Oyster card jokes were made. Woo. I even got to draw a pom bear on Bex' friend Pat's arm:pom bear tattoo I reckon it's pretty accurate.

Before Bex took me up to Harpenden I went to hang out at Foxy's which was banterful, we had Ask pizza and caught up, it was especially great to catch up with Ellyiot who I hadn't seen in ages as I'm at uni and he lives on the Isle of Mann (methinks) and it was great also to meet his girlfriend who is a primary school teacher so that was good to learn about. It was also cool to see Foxy's sister Juliet who had gone to the Cambridge folk festival and was taking up the fiddle and who had a new lovely dog called Lucy who was all black and fluffy. We attempted to play some Frisbee while they went on a walk in the park but it was quite short lived as it began raining pretty hardcore. Anyway it was really nice and Bex popped around the next day to join us for breakfast and to take me up the road to her home where I had a nice day chilling and reading (and getting scared by a few minutes of Bid tv and Quizcall and qvc type bollocks, god those are evil and stupid).

My "lil" cousin Tom came to visit a few days ago and we had a nice time going to the cinema etc, it was too short and i didn't get as much of a chance to hang out as i would have liked but I think he had an ace time and was totally street wise getting around london amazing ease and on a tight budget.
Me & Tom
IN this pic we randomly took on a bus you can see dartmouth features behind on a sign, weird as Tom comes from Devon.
Tom's friend Jack discovered the source of the smell so i leapt into Super cleaner mode:
Here's me with the discovered source of the putrid smell. Literally it smelt like someone had taken a dump in the chest of a recently exhumed Syd Barrett.
I put the maggot plate into a polystyrene box and sealed it up. it was totally disgusting and just thinking about it makes me want to vom.

Yeah this was fun, I hope you're not eating as you read this! I've safely stored the box at the back of the garden. I dont want to deal with it but i shall before my rents return home. The first day i put it out there something opened the box and i think the maggots got eaten by birds or turned into flys. Ohh exciting.

Yesterday after we came back to London and I dropped off Becky's Reading provisions at mine I came back out to London to meet Karim. We were going to go to a south American music festival but it was apparently crap so we went to brick lane instead. It was really nice, we had a beer in the City Beach which was totally beachCity beach + karim
We hung out here for a while catching up on all the goss and general chatting which was ace. Becky then appeared on the scene with lovely Warwick thesp Hester. It had begun to rain so we went over to the 1001 club and grabbed a bigol' chicken burger and some shelter. It was great and chatterful. We started chatting to a delightful Santa Cruzian guy called Aerial who was overstaying on his visa and concluded he was a political refugee, good call as far as i'm concerned. A reall cool guy who i hope to see again, and hey the more people I know in Santa Cruz the more reason to return. Hest said how much she liked meeting Karim and how coming to hang and meeting a mate o'mine secured me in her esteem which was real nice of her to say. She's down from the north; Crumbleton? anyway and she's doing NYT stuff so that's cool.

Talking of thespy things and theatre I finally booked tix to see James Sanderson's play at the Globe and a bunch of Planet heads will be coming, yay for £5 tickets, and we'll get to dance with him as we do every month but in a performance context!
Last night we ate a lovely omlette Bex made and watched bleak as you like Ian Holm film; The Sweet Hereafter, it was too much at one point and we had to save the last half hour but it was fucking bleak, incest, school bus crashing, hicks, heroin taking daughters and broken carwashes, oh and lawyers. It better end sweetly or else.
Now i better get on with planning ho to get to Reading and what we're gonna sleep in when we get there. Tomorrow I'm probs going to do some more structured meditation and on Wednesday I'm going to do my first day of volunteer work at NO2ID in Vauxhall (just beyond Planet Angel woo!)

So all goes well even if it's only pretending to be summer. I'm brimming with love and it's all good from all angles which you might think would be rare, but it aint so there, why should it be? :–)

August 15, 2006

yay rant stuff

George Bush is a dick–head & the Israeli president recently made it explicit that his attack on Hezbollah and the Lebanese people is really just posturing to Iran and Syria. What a disgusting and obvious admittance of collective punishment.

Israel is asking the US for cluster bombs (possibly the least surgical weapons in military use) and the US is likely to approve the request, but funnily enough the Israeli government will not allow a 3 day humanitarian truce. FUCK THESE ACTIONS!
Phew! That steam wants to be let off but it just aint going to happen soon, not in our totalitarian world regime. Health and Safety is no excuse for DeMenzes’ murder! Mexico’s elections are fixed. Our protests are ignored or censored! Many of those in power should be arrested for war crimes and for glorifying state terrorism. WHAT ABOUT IRAQ?!?! It’s a civil war there! WHAT ABOUT PALESTINE!?!?! Are we just used to this injustice??? Do not paint our fellow human beings, our Muslim friends as “fascists” George Bush is a fascist and a moron–puppet, Tony Blair is a great public speaker and a fascist, our police are being used as the tools of the fascists. The press is being used to feed the climate and fear. Where is the positive and engaged reporting?

p.s. i feel well sorry for the BBC who get flack from both sides, but they are really towing the party line at the moment. geez

"Heroes in a house shell, Turtle Power!

So updation,
In the evening of the day after I got back to London I went to a seminar on careers in the television industry. It was really reassuring that the path I’m on is the correct one especially in showing me there is a ton of flexibility within the industry for me to direct my creative energies. I spoke to (and had a drink with) the speakers after the event and plan on keeping in touch for potential work experience and advice. I also got shown around the Camden Roundhouse’s facilities, they have a bunch of TV and music studio stuff all set up which looked well exciting.
On Thursday I met up with Jamie and Andrew from my film course. It was lovely to hang in Camden with them, we had some lovely tea on the roof of a café there which is gonna become a new favourite of mine methinks.
On the Friday I had a driving lesson (the first one since I failed my first test a couple of months ago) it was really good to get back to it and my instructor George said I may only need a couple of more lessons before my test which will be on the 4th of September.

As there was a Demonstration against the attacks on Lebanon on the Saturday I spent Friday night (and I mean the whole of it) listening to the radio, play lists and The Now Show while I constructed some extreme placards. I went along to the march with Marina, we bumped into a local activist (Zoyra) at the train station and I loaded her up with some of my constructions as I went a bit over the top and we couldn’t carry it all between the 2 of us. It was a really good demonstration with tons of people, we caught the tail end of the speakers, threw children’s shoes at Downing Street and other irreverent acts. I was knackered when all was said and done, lots of people congratulated me and said they appreciated the effort I put in on my placards etc.
stop collective punishmentmarchersorothodox marchers

On the Sunday I went to meet up with my ex Lucy for the Innocence Smoothy sponsored festival Fruit Stock. It was really cool, we bumped into my neighbour Bob who is the event organiser for Greenpeace, we munched some farmer’s market samples and then got some berries berriesand salmon sandwiches etc. It was really sunny and hot, and it was good to see Lucy after such a long time although for we didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things which as confusing and sad.
As we went our separate was I hung around Kings X waiting for Becky to come London ways, and coincidentally as I walked to WH Smugs I bumped into Fred who was going to a bar mitzvah he really didn’t want to go to (t’were his friend’s little bros). So I walked with him for a wee while just to the station.
It was great when Bex arrived and we walked all the way to Angel and we sat outside one of those nice pubs with a live band inside and had Coronas and caught up a bit which was beyond lovely.
On the Monday I tried to go to the video editing course I’d booked myself on but they had seemingly moved the day so that I missed it, lame. But I went home and did some various admin and then headed over to Foxy’s to catch up with him, Rob, Matt, Jordan, Gomes and Karim. It was quite brief but so good to see them all so well, also a good use of the travel card.

I popped into Fopp and Virgin when I missed one of my seminars and found “The Corporation” 2 disc special addition (with over 8 hours of extra material and weblinks) on DVD at discount price. You seemingly can’t even get it on Amazon. Hot stuff all in all, loads of Chomsky and other nutters.

Marina headed off for Petersberg, she's been great cooking up a Russian storm which i've been dutifully devouring (all except for the caviar, waaay too salty for me). Just before she left she put on a little do for her Russian friend which was lovely too especially mm over here

Last Friday I had another driving lesson and it was really good, I’m going to have a couple more which should put me in good stead for the test which is at the start of September. Wish me luck. Later I went along to Downing St for another demo. Tony Blair was away (holidaying perhaps?) but we laid flowers and chanted etc. It was pretty well attended, we were cordoned to the other side of the road and this cordon was at least 100 metres long and it extended onto the road too. I went but I covered my face with a bandana and I wore my cowboy hat. I also took along the stick with a baby doll and barb wire/nuclear bomb hanging over her barb wire haloed head. Bex thought that in covering my face I was simply making myself look thuggish, I can kind of see where she’s coming from but in context I can think of lots of reasons to be covered up and in the context I also thought that it precluded any sense of thuggishness in comparison to the political thuggishness that we were protesting.
My main theory validating the wearing of a mask like that (apart from making it hard for the police to photo you, the statement you can make i.e. being part of a crowd & representing the cause of people who you aren’t and who can’t represent themselves like dead children, or to add an element of comedy or illustrate a link that may be unclear e.g. dressing like a cowboy of death etc) is that in an ideal society for which we should collectively strive I would have no fear of representing myself with my face, or to take that one step further streaking in the street, there would be no problem with that. But here I had to do something I that is not part of that ideal society or part of my nature (I’m not at my core an angry person). If I have to carry out civil disobedience against my will, to protest a tyrannical government that is supposed to represent me, which I engage with by voting I may have to do it masked against my will but not my better judgement. There were some great kids leading some chanting so I joined in behind them and there was also a very lively orthodox jewish contingent there too which was nice to see.
barbed babyI crossed the road after the main flower laying occurred (I was too busy chanting) so I left my baby stick with the flowers which reinvigorated the photographers and then I took my flowers and I intended on throwing them over the gates of Downing street to land near a firearms officer (was that stupid? I don’t care I hate those fuckers, he could have been the one who killed DeMenzes, how do I know?) but in my anger and in being a crap sportsman I totally missed and hit what I suspect was a civil servant’s window. Then I skulked off. On the way into the train station I saw a couple coming up with flowers in their hands and I suspect they were heading for the demo too, not just being all lovey–dovey.
On the train back I slam off a quick poem about the event:

I’m a terrorist on the tube
Having scarpered from the scene
Of my latest act of terror
Publicity seeking demo
Face recognition frightens me
So I don Stetson and glasses
My act was decisive and swift
Flower grenade at Downing St
I swing but totally miss

I came back to Evering Road we bathed and Bex cooked some lovely stuffed peppers and we had some ace salad. We headed off later than we had planned to meet Will & Holly and their mate Jim. When we got there we made sure we had enough cash and went to a pub for pre club drinks and then we went to Planet after a wee catch up.
Planet was as per usual AMAZING! It was so nice to have Bex there, to introduce her to all the cool people there and it was cool to let Mitchell and Holly in on the greatness that is Planet. They all loved it big style, I mean how couldn’t you? Having them there, and seeing all of my mates there, made up for some slightly less than perfect elements, they were: boiling chill out areas, no music at all outside, one chill out area being cordoned off until two, the door between the funky room and the garden being closed, the thai bbq was not up and running, a not amazing (from my POV) band was on (too much shouting) during the Happening, and the misfortune to be cornered by a couple of fucked people but only for about 5 mins. I can understand why all of these were the case and none of them detracted from the excellent elements. The door had to be closed and the music was off because the outside backs onto some residential areas seemingly, the band I guess is to please those who find little hippie happenings not hardcore enough; you always seem them sculk off moodily to the trance room, so I guess that was an element of balance. The great things were. In no particular order; dancing with Becky, seeing all my buddies, recharging on massage and recharging other people (although I totally failed to sort Becky out with one properly), lovely lights and wall hangings, the vibe as always, 3’o’clock milky ways that you suddenly find hard to eat, some lovely UV/glow in the dark bracelets that a girl called Fuzzy gave me. I had some excellent games of Jenga with JW et al and we played some giant Jenga with some randomers (Bex lost as always, I’ve really got to teach her some technique ;–).
A bunch of people came back to mine dude to the free house (Foxy, Matt, Jordan, Will, Holly, Jim and Bex of course), we chatted to some others on the way and I found out a cool piece of info for JW, a psy trance event in Nottingham called Psycle (I found out because the guy who runs it is apparently my spitting image & also is called Alastair, wow!). When we got back to mine (around 8ish I guess) we chilled out, played on the Dreamcast (Soul Calibur & House of the Dead with lightgun) and had a little food before everyone retired for a long sleep. Bex on the balconWhen I woke Will et al were leaving having been the first to bed and having the furthest to travel I guess. When we got up (probs around 5ish) everyone chilled out chatted, we ate pizza on the balcony, watched some cool online videos inc OK GO and some sweet scratch DJing, it was good too as Simon Bennet drove over and hung out for a good few hours, we got to catch up and see photo’s from a trip to Spain he made with Matt and Jorden and pics from the lake district trip they all made with Will and Emilia and Karim.
2 minutes after the guys leave I remember why I didn’t give JW the B–day card I had made him; which was my plan to get everyone to sign it, damn me! Och well, instead I wrote him a poem to put in it:

You are but you aren’t my brother and my cousin
We are strange ones from another planet
We parallel nicely but intersect splendidly
It is as well we arrive in two’s too
Forever you and I must walk together
To discuss, decipher and distil that which is true.

On Sunday Bex and I had a lazy day, we walked up to Stoke Newington to check out the charity shops, the best one was closed but we hit up some cool second hand bookshops and Bex got some books for her course which was cool. It was nice as ever to show Becky around where I live and she especially liked Stoke Newington even though we didn’t make it to the bests bits in my estimation which are Clissold park and the library. It rained for a little bit so we grabbed some shelter, Rosa from my course passed by so I grabbed her to say hi, I learned that she lived just off the high st there which was quite surprising, she lives in trendy–ville which I wouldn’t have thought of. On the way back we walked through the cemetery which was nice but a bit muddy on Bex new trainers. On the way back we stopped for roast dinner stuff from k–stores. We began cooking just before Tom and Jack arrived. The food and the company were lovely and Tom provided us with some scrumptious desert; strawberry roll and strawberry cheesecake. Mmmm mm.
Yesterday I bummed around at home doing the usual checking the news, reading, watching flash tutorials, little bit of guitar practice etc. In the evening I went out to meet the boys at Covent Garden, they updated me on all their happenings of the day and we went to get pizza and then we watched Eternal Sunshine in the Prince Charles.
So some thanks, life is pretty sweet, I’m surrounded literally and figuratively in my life by lovely people so thanks everyone for being who you are, where you are and how you are to me. Keep up the good work ;–) as if it doesn’t come natural. Thanks to all those putting good things/thoughts into the world and to those who try to correct the bad ones. Thanks for the time to engage with my experience properly. Thanks for the self knowledge which comes from somewhere perhaps from other people’s eyes. Thanks for food and shelter, thanks for music, thanks for windows (various) thanks for infinity. Thanks for creativity (have you noticed the abstract bent, ok back to the norm) thanks for public libraries. Thanks for K–stores and thanks for Hackney and London. Thanks for all the colour in my life and thanks for my strength and peace.

August 03, 2006

France no etc

Here's some of the stuff I got up to on holiday in France w/my family:
Eric Playing Crazy Golf
Here's my grandad Eric playing crazy golf through a small villiage and when I say small I mean Lilliputian in proportions.

And here he is again chopping woodEric chopping wood
Seriously he's like the terminator. He's got some cool Gnarly scars on him, one across the side of his body, one down the front of his chest to name but 2 and he kicked my ass at every game we played. Twice he was the winner of crazy golf, he's the table tennis champ and he won poker when it was just down to me and him at 1ish in the morning. Terminator!
tho i can't quite see the terminator wearing this hat:
ohh err

We got some fishing rods and tried to fish but although I suggested we do it from a boat and make a chillum day of it we decided to fish off the side of this tidal break, so naturally our hooks got caught, here's Arch attempting to help mon oncle retrieve his hook and spinner. Archie is a wannabe yoga teacher by the way.

Jw assesses our fishing success
jw assesses our sucess

jw slingshit
JW decides if we can't catch any swimming prey lets go for the flying targets (i jest i jest RSPB)

we did a bunch of cycling, to the beach and to go karting. We had great cycling weather on the days we went out which was bon bon.

me and me mammy
Here's me and me mammy at the Karting track. I beat 8 people out of about 17, randoms and jw, and was only .5 of a sec behind the winner who was Alan. Lame!

poker But in revenge here is a picture of me knocking alan out of the poker game!

We had an ace time chilling in the house playing games (oh i suck bad at boggle too) watching movies (such as sexy beast, apocalypse now etc) and south park and various comedy bits and bobs.

We also ate damn well, lots of baggettes, novelty french cereal "miel pops"
and nice meats and gallettes.

The net there was a bit slow but i gotta say it was good to get away from the constant pressure (imagined tho it might be) to keep checking e–mails etc.

I did a lot of reading and read most the whole of Maupin Armistad's Tales of the City about 70's (i think) San Francisco. Twere great. I also read a lot of my thick Gaiman book "American Gods" and "fables and reflections" one of his graphic novels.

We slept till about midday every day which is a standard thing for being out there, it just feels wrong to be up in the morn unless you have the energy to cycle to the boulongerie to get breakfast bread.

me and arch in the view de vix

here's me chilling with my bro on the View de Vix. We chilled out here taking photos and on one clear night we were out here stargazing with JW strumming a beautiful soundtrack, i hit archie up with a massage and there was the most amazing shooting star I ever did see, it cut the sky in two, it had an after glow and it looked like it had 3 trails or something, but bright like magnesium in a chemistry lab.

arch We got a ton of carembars and malabars, basically french gum and candy. the gum was cool and came with free rub on tattoos but was a bit crap for bubbles as it was bare sticky, espeicually with my 5 week shadow. Here's archie's trauma with it. funny tho.

butterfly There was lots of lovely nature around, this butterfly played with me and was well tame seemingly returning to me over and over on my calling it back, it even let me stroke it briefly. There was also a cricket which came into the house and posed very photogenically on the piano, Arch has some photos on his blog or flicker. There was an owl that hung out by the side of the road as we came back from a lovely meal at our friend's Auburge.
new dog Here's a doggie that turned up apparently from the next village along, we used to have a dog called Fabius visit us from the farm next to us but alas now the farm is deserted and Fabius is dead, although it didn't occur in that order.

mmm food heres the meal that might have had something to do with attracting the dog, he did enjoy the ribs.

tublanc And here is the said deserted farm.
alan with fish van man
Here's pappy making a mockery of our fishing jaunts buying fish from a guy who has a fish van who comes round our way. a good selection of stuff, we had some ace prawns and muscles, and our restaurenteer friend brought around and bbq'd some ace macrel too.

king knewet Arch and Jw built this wall to protect me from the water (well thats how i interpreted the gesture) but the tide cut a gash in the protective wall and all was lost. We had some great times on the beach tho, chilling reading, swimming, snorkeling, body boarding etc.


The penultimate day begun with a trip to what is known as the car park beach, which now has a lifeguard post out of interest. We went to catch some waves as it was a rather blustery day. After going in for a while (and only really catching the last big wave, so worth it, due to my ankle which I buggered playing crazy golf would you believe?) we came out and wandered down the beach. I did some beach combing and found some lovely shells. We also climbed some rocks where you can usually find fools gold.pool at hamacsWe cruised on over to Sable D’Or and our new favourite bar Les Hamacs, that’s right a hammocks themed bar. Very chilled and we played some pool and we saw that it was good. We also discovered that Jw had burned his arms when cycling, it was funny as:

jw burn

sunset wow
So the final day occurred after a bit of a sleepless night which was annoying, we got up early and everyone else went off to the beach and I chilled at home, cleaned up a bit and begun packing. We chilled at home, Eric beat me twice at table tennis and we had yet another slap up pick and mix lunch. The journey back wasn’t bad, JW and I crammed into the back of the Hertz rentacar with the lugguage jostling for position. The rest of the journey was uneventful except “new security measures” at Heathrow meant that passport control was long as. When I got home I settled in and moved into the room known as the sp’room.
I had such an ace time, really relaxed and looking back we actually did quite a lot of stuff.

Am tired now but it really was splendid and it was great to spend time with all the family, we were well fed and watered and loved. It was all much appreciated.

July 27, 2006

Some thanks! Report from the French Front

Family holiday!! Yay! So me & Arch missed the Ryanair flight, lame. It was all the Stanstead Express’s fault. We got on the next flight and got here eventually. We’ve been having a great time, chilling, watching movies, eating great (you know; crepes, muscles, delicious fresh mackerel, etc), there’s been plenty of table tennis, long lie ins, wood chopping etc.
So that all inspires me to give thanks, thanks for the freedom to come out here and live like a prince wherever I go, thanks to mon famile who look after me so well. Thanks for the opportunities that arise from just being in tune with and constant communication with my subconscious (such as those brought to me by friends and things provided in my community like media workshops). Thanks for all the good food and fun (often very interconnected), thankamucha for my friends & loved ones around the country and around the world. Thanks for the thoughts, cards and slew of presents I received for my 21st, sandals and shoes and various items of clothing have been so appreciated and cash I got was far too generous but also much appreciated by this undeserving one. Thanks must go to those who’ve protected my life and liberty through the ages despite our pseudo dictatorial leadership here in the west. We’re reminded all too viscerally of our luck when faced with the truth of what’s going on in the middle east, although I’m sure we’d all prefer not to be reminded by such atrocities precipitated by inhuman pressures on both sides. Having said thanks for a lot of past & present things I’d like to dip into the future and say thanks for a few things there. Thanks for the summer and chances, opportunities and fun I’m going to engage with. There’s an especially nice 4 weeks on the horizon, I also look forward to my second attempt at my driving test & having some extra lessons with my original instructor George who is great.
Thanks be to my upward mobility which will allow me to make an inestimable contribution to the world in my 2st year and beyond, thanks to all those who are still fighting for my liberty and freedom and especially those who make it possible for me to fight alongside them and create ways to channel my energies in the most positive of directions.
Thanks for graphic novels (here I’m thanking the writers and artists and also my local library from which I get the bulk of my reading), they can be so inspiring and fill me with wonder. Thanks for the stories I’ve been given and the one’s I’m yet to receive. Double plus thanks to Gaiman as I’m reading a Sandman comic and his novel American Gods, well complimentary.
Thanks for my whole University experience, the friends I’ve made the course I love, the area of the world that has grown on me and has seen me grow sum sum, and a big woo yay for all the opportunities I’ve discovered there (and those I’m yet to) and all the cultural fun and games that’s located there. Especial thanks must go to my final year which I intend on making the best one yet, and all preliminary signs point towards this being a distinct realistic possibility.
So Yay and that’s about it. Huzzah!

July 21, 2006

"No body move, No body get hurt" – CEASEFIRE – CEASEFIRE – CEASEFIRE NOW!!!!!!!

The little voice in your head isn't the voice of God, it just sounds like it thinks it is.

Another pic from the 11th, ganked from Jamie's Facebook.
B-day by the bridge

On Tuesday I popped up to Cambridge to hang out with Becky on her day off from working at camp. We had a delightful chillum evening and day, although the weather tried all it could to kill the chillum vibe (being the hottest day of the year). After we farted around looking for our b&b we walked into the town centre and found a lovely Tapas bar to eat, it was delicious as and great to have a beautiful dinner with my girlie, we chatted tons about camp, i felt like the old pro, it was nice nostalgia.
bex punting

We had a nice early breakfast and then we went back into town, we got some water etc and then got straight onto the river Cam for some banterful, sunny punting. I educated Bex all about the episode of Dr Who in which the doc and his companion Romana punted in Cambridge. It was just like that.

bex punting under a bridge

We were quite hot and tired (having gotten up early) so we found a shady spot and napped for a while. We then went to a gorgeous pub called the Granta where we had a couple of bevvies and some slap up lunch.

What It was great to see Bex, we're not very good at being apart, I can't wait for her to finish up camp so we can have tons more fun.
I've been hanging out at home doing admin and reading etc, Me and Arch watched Steamboy which I would review if i thought it would be more positive that it would likely be. In short it has all the spectacle of Akira but with hardly any of the depth or invovement. We also went over to our neighbors which was lovely and we bantered away into the night.
I'm looking forward to a week in La France with family starting Saturday, I love a bit of the beach and the french and their la cuisine.

I've done some campaigning, if you know me you will have recieved this link:

No Trident

Which we should all sign to say a collective no to the renewal of these useless, evil & expensive weapons. The petition will be handed in to the Prime Minister on Friday 4th August, just before the 61st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima so please sign it NOW!

I've also written to Diane Abbot expressing some of my present concerns.

on another note:

Here is damage from Hezbollah rockets near a hospital.
damage in Haifa

Refugees from Lebanon is in the thousands, their infrastructure bridges, electricity mosques have been levelled.
Lebonese Refugees in Sidon

Israel’s military action is called operation "Just Reward", whose? FUCKING WHOSE? No one is going to win this one guys. This is horrendous group punishment of innocent civilised people. And it seems to me it's all very thinly veiled provocation towards Iran and Syria, let's go fuck them unilaterally with our stupid nuked up buddies. I reckon that's why Brown & Blair want to keep Trident, otherwise the US won't play with us anymore cos we won't have as cool toys as Israel or even France.

Bush: "so I vetoed it" well that must make you cream your pants
over the god–like power your veto wields, I guess you gotta keep an eye on the retarded, superstitious, fundamentalist–hick vote. And he's anti same sex marriage. And he's not going to condemn the murder in Lebanon until it's politically convenient. Maybe if he'd been to war he'd see why it's important to condemn this swiftly.
The evacuation reminds me of the scene in shooting dogs, such impending violence, and we're not going to take any notice because there won't be any white guys around to make us care.
I feel most sorry for the Israeli soldiers; they're currently being threatened with a ground war, whoopie! They're going to have a great vacation just like the Coalition's oh so fun ground war in Iraq. But Israel’s soldiers are conscripted! The kidnapped soldiers were forced by their own government to be human excuses for war. Generally soldiers are fair game, it's the job they chose, but here they are forced into now becoming killers, I doubt they're getting any Just Reward or satisfaction from bombing civilians whatever propaganda they're being fed.
I don't expect Hezbolah needs to employ conscription, hatred becomes it's own indoctrination.

Tony Snow is an evil, peddler of spin and lies, he shames all educated articulate westerners into keeping schtum, as does the White House press secretary in Europe the other Tony "blood on his hands" Blair.

3 weeks 100 Palestinians killed. What the Fuck? Many children! Whose crime? Hamas? Well there's a way to boost their recruitment for them, "my friend was killed by Israel before he was 16, they must be the good guys" I think not.

Love to everyone, and infinite thanks for all the abundance abounding

hehe A– Bun – Dance! hehe damn hippies! what will they think of next

July 17, 2006

helloo! update! from Shangri–La

pics_for_blog 26
No excuse now not to keep a bit up to date with blogging. Lots of stuff's been happening and I've been throughly enjoying it and it's a fantastic work in progress. I'ma try and relate it through the medium of photos I've taken on my phone or one's i've found on facebook or what have you. I'l try and put most of it in chronological order. But bear with me I've got to go back to may and see how it all went down!

Me and Bex in the Balti So going out with Bex has been going from strength to strength, we've almost been going out for 8 months which is amazing and we've done so much cool stuff already and shared some amazing times and banter. At the moment she's teaching drama at camp in Norfolk, I'm hoping to be able to see her on her day off but we'll see how that pans out.
She's amazingly inspiring and loving and hard working and funny, hanging out with her just feels so comfortable and right, which I guess is as it should be.

We've done some fun/funny stuff since may (in which we had our crazy 6 month anniversary) tho we've both been very busy doing various self inflicted explosions of creativity and focused work. We had the pleasure of seeing tons of great theatre including a great Russian production of "Twelth Night" and by the same company a production of "The Changling" which I studied at A–level and which was also excellent.
The Changling

The Changling was quite disturbing and was lit like an expressionist nightmare. I'd only ever seen Twelth night at the Globe well traditional like but the characters in the Russian were quite deftly drawn and some of the comedy seemed more sophisticated and subtle in this version anyway. At first i didn't like the actor who plays the fooled man servant, in fact i thought he was crap all the way until his last line which was along the lines of "I will have my revenge" and the way he was quite like Brian from Spaced pulled the whole performance together for me.
I was messing around with the sweets provided Bex Here's a pic of me messing around at one of Becky's legendary Oxford st parties. There's always a good amount of sweeties around.
We also had lots of banter at the Final fling which was right after our first Rebel perfromance, grooving to Idlewild and oddly the Sugarbabes. The best was going on the Waltzer which is my fave carnie ride EVER, romantic as. There were lots of cool people there and it was nice to be out dressed to the nines under the starry sky intoxicated with the atmos and music.

not sure what i


Yes yes it was ver nice indeed.
Not to fear, I've not been keeping my fun confined to the flouncy world of the Thesps and lovey dovey romantic Faceache and Hairball cat napping. I've also had fun in solitude…& with my lovely co–Forefield placers! I love these guys. They are a proper touchstone of sanity and insanity in equal measure. During revision we all came together in the same boat of procrastination and frantic–focus (oxymoronic? you'd think wouldn't you).The anatomically correct vagina Fred made on JamieJamie having just ridded me of a sick head achean up market version of deal or no deal Yeah we've had some good times, like the ant invasion, the wall of toilet rolls, the group obsession with celeb big brother and the division that Noel Edmonds drove between us ;–)
We had a nice chillum on Lou's B–day with cake and Dawson's creek. Had lots of nice chills and frisbee games in Jefferson gardens or on the river there (chills in that case not frisbee), such as on Ben's B–day where we went down the river (leaving Annie squirming by on the dock aqua–phobic) and where in trying to Pirate us Ben lost his phone over the stern! tigger Imortalised in answerphone form forever! There was the time Jamie tried to scare Fred with a loud noise, then I scared jamie with a wolf mask, then he scared me by some sick psychological shit (but i'm the only one with it on video!)Fred and Ben Pedaloing
toby at glasto
So this is what we were up to around this time last year. Me and Tobes and the rest of the Glasto Posse (Pete and Lou) were picking up trash and exercising with massive walks and the biblical rain and nice tunes. Me and Tobes caught Roy Ayres on the Jazz world stage and we caught him again at the London Rise against racism festival just down the road in Finsbury park. I was there with Archie (my bro for the uninitiated) and randomly bumped into Tobes. t'were great fun, Killa Kella and Sway were also top notch. I caught up with the NO2ID people at their stand and took tons of trifold flyers (colour and glossy unlike mine) and handed them out, had lots of banter and sweet chats with random people. I lost Arch for a while as he chilled in the comedy tent but t'were all good stuff.pics_for_blog 21
pics_for_blog 22 Yeah so summer's looking good so far. Caught up with a bunch of lovely people, i had to trek up to Leamington to find my passpost but i was rewarded with a road trip and 2 nights with Bex before she headed off.
Before we properly finished in Leamington we also went with my family and some family friends to the O2 wireless fest in Leeds. The Flaming Lips were a beautiful highlight for me but the audience seemed to be a bit ancy for The Who to come on. Some of the Eels tunes blew me away too. Real good shit.
pics_for_blog 44 Wayne floated down out of the clouds onto the adoring and supportive hands of the crowd.
Exams went ok, I'm in the 2:1 bracket as I'd expected but some grades were lower than they shoulda been. I reckon it's only because I've been trying my best to take advantage of lots of the opportunities afforded to me by uni life, oh and some laziness, I've been told I need to work on converting my good ideas into good essay formats. Other summer banter includes Larping, hanging with lovely leamington people including film study–buddie Ed and our new Annie; Kat!pics_for_blog 9pics_for_blog 32 pics_for_blog 33Yeah the hat I'm wearing in these photos of me and kat and ed fetching tho it is, was a charity shop b–day present for lou (it looks better on her anyway). the hat in the Larping picture is mine tho :– p i reckon it's pretty hardcore and i dont care what you say, it fecking felt and waterproof!

Other excitement includes the end of the 2nd series of Doctor who, which was phenominal but I can't chat about the finale unless Bex sees this blog cos she hasn't yet caught the last 2 parter, but it is epic!cyberman
Dr Who 50

Also getting involved in some really important political campaigning groups is getting me fired up. The ones that are really hitting home right now are:


so if you're checking out this blog and any of those tickle your interest get some info (read power) and sign some petitions see if any events or whathave you seem interesting. S'important!
if you like check out this site:
and tell your elected MP what you want them to do and say for you (politely of course) and you're guaranteed a response.

My Birthday was pretty sweet, a very chilled day out and about in london, and this year, despite not having a proper b–day party i got 2, thats right count them 2 cakes, one was an amazing Dr Who tribute and the other was a reverse wedding cake!
pics_for_blog 23
pics_for_blog 20

It was sad not to have Bex around for my b–day but i dont place too much emphasis on them anyway. it was lovely to have a good number of my buddies to meander around the lovely city that is london with. We started out in front of the tate with some wine and snacks, we went in and caught some sexy art flex and then went to south kensington to watch "punk science" but i think they must have meant that the audience were punks, they played some blues and rock but no punk and it just wasnt very funny, tough room to play too and we were aggrieved by being late and therefore missing out on seats. we left that half way through and went to chill in the park there and then headed off to Tottenham court road to the salsa bar which was quite nice (although my old school dancing buddy Nadim wasn't around, for some reason not many other people like salsa dancing sober). After this we did a little more wandering and landed in a nice shisha bar. Cheers to everyone who came out, it was really nice to have ya'll there and i reckon anyone who didn't come can burn in hell., or I'll just catch u another time ;–) man was i late notice. been like that a fair bit, but hey. pics_for_blog 24 ALso on my B–day i got a hair cut!!! yes i faced my fear, and this view of trains is what i saw from the supercuts window in liverpool st.
jamie and fred 11/07pics_for_blog 15pics_for_blog 16 This is where I'm sleeping at the moment. tis nice now i've got my sleeping throw above it and my magic napping blanket on it.
There was a great gig on at the 1001 club in brick lane, some proper funky jazz, to which i did manage to persuade Nadim to come to. After he got off his high horse ;–)Nadim and st george Jw and his room mate come too. and it was really good shit with amazing jazz with vibraphone, sick drums and sax etc. then there was some very funky similar stuff but with off the wall scratching. Karim and Simon instigated the idea and it was pretty spectacular. Emilia was there too, and although she almost persuaded us to come to Fabric me and Foxy couldnt tear ourselves from a spiritual home of ours. We were pretty lame about letting them know what our plans were as it really was down to the wire.
So we went to a spectacular Planet Angel party, it was quiet and warm and full of the greatest vibe imaginable. I had lots of good chats, there was the perfect amount of massage, loads of dancing, I was jumping around like a freaking Kangeroo. I havent really any photo's of the rave but here's some from last month instead:
Will + sticky puff spiderWill, Gomes and me at Planet
We were lucky as Will and Emilia are going traveling for a few months we got to catch up properly chilling at Foxy + Robs by canary warph. Later that day (sleepy and confused as we were) me and foxy tried to make it to breath control a movie about beat boxing but we missed it by minutes and instead had a really refreshing walk and talk around london and ended with really nice burgers again outside the 1001 club.

So i'm working on securing some work experience and I've got Reading fest to look forward to. I really want to go and see Becky on her day off tomorrow but it's pretty short notice and i'm not sure how we're going to find a place to stay. I really want to to more artistic stuff this summer too, be that writing, or computer arts practice, learning flash animation would be a good exercise and i could always do some standard animation on the side for fun. I want to use this break also to get back into teaching myself guitar (which went on break as exams kicked in). I've also got some really fun filming to squeeze in as I did in Easter, but I'll feel much more comfortable once I've begun editing in earnest.

I'm determined to pass my driving test this summer so i'm sorting out some more lessons and hopefully my final year will be in 4 wheels (in which case i'd better get some part time uni work to fund the exorbitant costs of running a vechile).
I'm getting a lot of nice reading done although i think i ought to get on with some recommended reading for next years course, get a comfortable head start with which to hit the ground running.

other random occurances:
there was a small cls reunion when i returned from uni, it was great to catch up with some of the guys and to see that toby was still well despite being deprived of ultimate tinto de verano.
A/V's party was a fantastic affair, great food, music, people. I did some bbq which was fun. There were some excellent people i hadn't seen in a long while and it reminded me how big an extended community/family can be. All our neighbours (except the ones directly right of us) are really nice people and great to chat and chill with. There were some great blasts from the pasts including Carla, whose illustration exhibition i went to see in angel with arch. It was cool to check out all the design colleges as i'm thinking about heading to one of them after my degree.
I had great fun hanging with a good actor buddie and worst chemist ever: Will Mitchel before he left warwick to become dun dun dahhh.. a real person. We films a bunch of scenes for my tv show with him, and had a great laugh. We also went some some lovely crazy missions such as chivalrously delivering Becky her passport to Harpenden, banter all the way, especially in reinflating his tyres and trying to buy vaccum bags against the clock in sainsburys.

The arts festival how could i almost forget that. Lots of fun especially with bex running the arts centre studio (next year she'll be running it all, Yikes!) we got to see a bunch of cool stuff, such as some theatre from MIT (a bit lame when it got down to it, but with some good bits), Nikesh's Faustus, which they better put on again cos it was wicked. The student film festival of which the highlights were 25 (a brilliantly made 24 pisstake) and Saved of course. The freshblood caberet was the usual debacle just transposed into the grad club, and I did an uncanny impression of will mitchel due to his banning. The gilbert and sullivan opperetta pirates of penzance was also wicked and it was cool to see it with bex too.pics_for_blog 28
Since i got back i also went to see a day remains in liecester sq, it was a good gig and it was ace to go and sit in traf sq with andrew shaw (another film studier) supping some warming gut rot, which tricked me into buying a hotdog from a street vendor.
Oh and the peace festival was a lovely one dayer with an amazing musician who rapped, sang, played the harmonica, spoons and tapped a really long song. i may upload an excerpt onto youtube or something. It was also v chillum and as becky couldnt attend i got her a candle holder. I chilled with a bunch of people afore coming in to campus for the final rebel performance. There was even an organic make your own pizza that zoe stoker and i partook of. it was delish and inspiring to home pizza creation.
Coupla other bits and bobs:
I did some filming for the theatre company clod ensemble of their work “Red Ladies” it was pretty funky but I need to get the footage back from them, I hope they got to use some in their live performance convention presentation. Also around that time I went to planet angel and filmed a maypole dance rave style, so I’ve got these nice things to edit. And I’ll need to get to the end of the world outputted at the start of next year on WTV and I’ve got to push the drama dpt and get more cool stuff online there, perhaps some of the stuff we made in the 1st year.
I went to a careers consultation but didn’t really follow up on it too much. It gave me some excellent leaping off points tho.
I’m well excited about going to france, it will be ace to spend time with my rents and my uncle and my grandpappy who recently had a nasty cancer scare.
pics_for_blog 43 It was odd but it gave me the impetus to finally go and check out his monestry which is pretty near Warwick, although I had met his main man monk Banti.
So that's enough for now I'll try and get on here more often keep it all ticking over, i've missed out loads of crazy events and fun cos there was just so much of it, but thank you to all my friends & loved ones and may every piece of happiness appear in the infinite fractal depth that is its' essance.Simon alone? on Vauxhall tube platform

May 06, 2006

My script is covered in blood

an essay is on the weekend's horizon (as is a rehearsal and some partying) and thus the useful procrastination technique known as blogging comes into full and beautiful effect.
It's been busy as around here, with lots of new info and experiences. I've been hanging out with a bunch of cool people as per usual, I've been getting creative. I've been learning and comuning with nature and spirituallity as much as is possible.
so since April 13th! Have been doing bits and bobs of rehearsals for Rebel, lots of interesting improv and character work, cant wait for the physical side to become solidified. I finished my Hollywood essay and I was pretty happy with it.
I've been hanging with Becky as much as I can, she enlivens me and we exciedly jump on each other tons. We've done some cool stuff like going to plays and dancing, such as top banana, drama meetings, the fresh blood caberet and going out for lovely food etc. Her birthday was excellent and the party at hers was a great balance of cool people and crazy chat.
My Spanish essay came off pretty well too. was happy with it and am actually looking forward to most of my revision, which is an odd feeling. All of my revision seminars and lectures have been pretty helpful too.
I went along to a Larping which was crazy battling fun, great role playing exercise and it was a good day for it. I was annoyed to miss my NO2ID meeting but it was worth it for Jugger (a version of rugby with a skull and swords and ball and chain etc).
I swung myself an audition for the RSC complete works thing in conjunction with the capital centre, I kindof balls the audition but it was fun to give it a go. I lost focus cos I went to the wrong place on campus and ran from humanities to the top of the union so as not to be too late. Och well.
Today I wrote an online application for the TV for young people event in edinburgh which would be monumentally cool to get onto. If not I'ma head to reading festival, well you've got to properly celebrate the failure as well as the success in life.
Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with James Sanderson who I believe will be coming up at some point this weekend.
I might go and do the reading i need to on campus tomorrow. Multi tasking that with a rehearsal (so might miss doc who, although our ntl offers it on demand with rewind and pause etc for a week i found out recently) and then in the evening off for a bit of a party perhaps. Although as usual I'll be on the better side of drunk (to quote jamie "alcohol is a bad scene") as I've got to hit up a naturalism sunday Yayness.
I cooked a really nice bolonese yesterday and I can't wait to cook it for Bex. On the odd evening I've hit up some luxury hot choc, total treat and calmer. Been getting into some excellent radio (the usual mix of out there music shows, self help shows, documentaries, classical stuff etc).
To finish on a sweet note, in the last poetry and society seminar I got back an essay just below a first and i was dead proud, a hard topic ripped apart and I decided I'd reward myself with some cool daleks if i got above a 64 so I'm eagerly awaiting thos suckers (get it; suckers!).
yay for everyone and everything, tis all beautiful wonderful amazing sweet!

April 13, 2006

my apathy has been severly tested. It's going to be ranting time for a long time to come methinks.

today was cool, very hapily found out one of my essays isn't due in as soon as i believed, super yay!
played some old school video games with Ben and Fred, and watched Oliver Stones excellent Isreal/Palestine documentary. Which reminds me I should seek out the Noam Chomsky one J.W. showed me, I'd love to watch it again. I wrote some postcards today for my grandrents which were lotsa fun. I'm glad I didn't bring up my dreamcast as I'd have been Soul Caliburing it instead of getting stuck into essays and revision.
I had a sweet bath which caught the end of an excellent Late Junction and rolled onto Janice Long which is currently rocking out my radio.

I've been getting angry today reading about politcs and our lying, cheating, sneaky government and I guess from watching a political documentary. I get the sense that with all of the atrocious bills which chip away at our freedoms the government is just testing how ingrained our apathy really is. I also get the sense that the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill and the introduction of a National Identity Register are just the tip of this totalitarian iceberg. I think this country is quite happy to be apathetic and allow politicians to live of the gravey train to be administrators but why do they feel the need to garner stupid power. But there's a limit, why is Labour taking the piss: War, education education soundbite, trying to take my fingerprints and although I'm no innocent I'm not a Christian like our grinning leader so my morals might be a bit more libertarian, but I reserve the right to get pissed off about the whole thing

When will people be satisfied with less death? This in my mind boils down to 2 main issues, we should stop proliferating arms, decommission our weapons (and here I'm talking the Big Guns), we should stop being massive hypocrites and being one of the biggest arms suppliers of this world and we should publically condemn every act of hate (especially insitiutionalised hate as over that a society should have some control) without engageing with any hating. For example we should all condemn the death penelty if it is meated out to the only terrorist charged in connection with the World Trade Centre attacks; Zacarias Moussaoui or Saddam Hussain.
In the World Trade Centre case, if, as is made clear in the official narrative of the events, most of the blame lies with the FAA how come none of them have been charged with extreme negligence or at least there could have been some high level public sackings.

I wonder if I suggest that the man being judged in relation to the World Trade Centre attacks shouldn't get the death penelty I might be "glorifying terrorism"?

Tomorrow should be good I want to go in quite early to get some editing done. Also have planned to do some more of the reading for my horror essay. Also am going to sort out someone who's making a short for the wsaf with equipment etc. Rehearsals in the evening should be interesting fun. I'm so excited that it's going to be a really innovative piece for the space and the audience. The cage is going to be something else.

Just had a great idea for SMNS in the bath. I should shoot all the office stuff in the learning grid where they have proper cool offices. Jokes no? Also had a cool if standardly confused phonecall with Becky in the bath (I'm lost without eye contact) but it was lovely to hear her. I gotta get my hollywood essay out of the way before Beck's birthday on tuesday so I can hang out totally. Tis had considering I'm not great at doing things withouta bit of deadline pressure. But I'm all over it.

Writing about:
This seems positive especially as Iran's president seems to be a little provocative in public. But we should halt all our own nuclear processes and invest heavily in renewable resouces rather than pumping out nuclear waste and taking such huge risks (providing a target for terrorists, potential of chernobyl style disaster) only recently have there been 2 reported cases of nuclear waste leaking and being in potentially catastrophic situations. You would think that CND meant nothing to these leftist politicians back in the days of get up and go radical politics.

Facebook is literally addictive. Ben Masson asked me recently to name all of the electronic drugs I could think of. Films and computer games and music (sometimes electronic) but I'm positive digital networks are pretty addicive, I've seen people deadly commited to forums. I hope we all take on this technology and realise the yoda thing, great power, responsibility etc. A lot of good can be done with these new networks for spreading love, understanding and positive action.

sleepy now with a twinge of late night hunger. It might be time for a midnight snack duckyboos
till tomoz or something

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