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October 31, 2005

there we go

so where was I? I recall feeling pretty good about whatever it was i last blogged but i didnt reread it, i dont know why.
So i bopped down to see my camp buds near Newcastle via birmingham and chester le street. it was awesome, very chillum and we all got together over Dave's birthday and stayed at his rents beach house. We ate cake, drank copious amounts of beer, watched the x-factor, played with ballons and several silly camp style games. We went walking on the beach which was nice, we kicked around a football and braced the wind (make sense? nope ney mind). I rocked off my shoes and paddled in the north sea which was surprisingly warm. I also picked up a bunch of skimming stones and tried my luck but it was a bit rough.
It was so cool to see the guys again, Anna and Dave i hadn't seen since camp, tis always cool to catch up with Kenz (over from ireland) and Andy and Katherine and Mick and Emma (though i think she is a lil uneasy around me, dunno why, i always suggest Mafia). I also met 3 new peeps who were there this year who were very nice. Joey, Sadie and screech looking Simon.
When we finished our walk we stopped in on a fish and chip shop, I got a battered haggis w/chips and peas, rocked.
The trip back to London with Kenzie was cool, we got a lift with Andy and Katerine to Nottingham, then we got a National Express coach to golders, was cool. After we got home we had icecream and watched a wicked pink floyd docu, massage was the order of the day, twere a good practice as i haven't done much of late.
Today we went to have lunch with my gran, it was tastey as, North African food. We then had a walk around Canary Wharf. We then moved on to the British Museum and checked out the mummies etc.
Debs popped around and she seems well, was good to have even a quick catch up.
Tonight we chilled ate pizza and watched red dragon and ate more ice cream. Ok movie, but need to bathe now.

October 28, 2005

dont mind me cos i aint nothing but a dream (richie havens)

i said to myself this morning when i woke up that today was going to be amazing and it really has been. as it was quite a busy day i'm not going to stop to pass comment yet, i'm just gonna run through the stuff i dun did, and i'll pass comment and give specific thanks when i have more time and it's not so late.
Got up, listened to my paul mckenna cd last night and this morning, visualised day and all, went into uni and read some of the poetry i had to read, and it was a really nice journey as it was sunny and smelt nice.
I went in for an audition and it seemed to go really well, i enjoyed it lots, but i've enjoyed almost all of the ones i've done here and thats never been a good sign, i reckon being tall wont work against me so much for this one.
My seminars were cool, as was the lecture in poetry. busy day though so i had to rock out a sandwich in my lecture and in my naturalism seminar.
I then went to see my seminar guy about which essay to do and he real helped me decide, i'ma save the western for a 300 word essay or exam as i know it better and i'ma do one on "the life of emile zola" this week.
I then had a driving lesson, and i reckon it went really well, great to be back in a petrol, but i reckon i'ma have to do my test post xmas, unless i get a cancelation.
then i chilled at the house for a bit which was full of jokes, then i had a very chilled bath with a candle, insense, bubbles, burned pizza and a blues show on radio 2, rocked hardcore.
i then rang guy bolten and found there was a whole posse of people over at his (around the corner above the sex shop) with whom i could tag along to evolve with, so i winged my way that way, and had a dance night as i figure i can't live in leaminton and not go to any of the clubs. saw loadsa people i knew there which was cool, but i dont reckon it's totally my scene, i can see the dance appeal, but i don't see why all those very attractive girls would want to parade themselves and why all those i guess intelligent guys would want to embarass themselves, i have a much better idea of the dance that suits me and the venue that i love, but it was no doubt fun even with the cheese, highlights being jackson 5 and queen etc.
then walked with francine and sitas house mosta the way to theirs, as my shirt was being held hostage and for a laugh, then sat for a while and was mediateing a slightly drunken convo between sita and tanc.
Twas a good day indeed.

October 26, 2005

midweek stuff and things

so I'm in bed, thinking when to get up. tis hard as to rise early to pray for wisdom, especially when you don't have a fixed time for it. I'ma head to have a shower though I'd prefer a bath. I've restricted myself to only having them on the weekend, unless aa day has been particularly stressful. As I sit here I'm listening to a jazz version on I heard it on the grapevine, on bbc radio 3's late junction listen again, might switch to drwho invaders from mars from bbc 7, by mark gatiss.
I'm well excited for the weekend, gonna see some camp peeps I havent seen for over a year, and it's going to be fun immature camp party time, ooh lets play Mafia!
Am in a quandry as to weather I should go to evolve this thursday, i figure I sghould try out each club in leamington once, but not sure that it won't terrify me.
My rents seem to be having a great time t'other side of the world, my ex is also having a good time in chicago, doing loads of theatre stuff. I tried to get in tough with old buddie Simon, but i guess he;s changed his phone. Jamie and I rung Toby last night and he seemed to be having a great time cept he has to do his uni work in Spanish which must suck. Can't wait to see him. Might try ringing olly soon in syria.
I got a little disheartened with my script but it's stuill fun to write and I'm sure I could make it at somepoint, even if it looks shite. I need to keep my creative side flowing whilst they lay essays on us, otherwise I won't be happy. Teaching and learning is very imoportant to me, but creative action is slightly more so.
Got dr who magazine for the first time in costcutters yesterday, cheers pete for spotting that.
Yesterday my seminar-screening gap was filled with hanging with old hall mates, Mary-Kate, Katy, Nikki, Jess, Dave etc, and some photocopying for a hollywood cinema essay. I've got to get some info on john clare for my presentation tho. Also had a chat to the ambitious Seb who plans to make a film on campus, which is a bit Quantum leap/Groundhog day, which to my mind means he's using some god material. Al- ZIGGY'S WORKING ON IT"
Went to see corpse bride last night with Annie and Lou and Ben. It was pretty sweet, but i'm in preference of Wallace and Grommit. I thought it looked almost cgi, not a look i;m fond of, and a bit too tim burtony if there is sucvh a thing, and i;m oging to see edward sissor hands tonight at the student cinema.
Everyone in the house is real cool, had a lil harmonica jam with jamie yesterday. Which reminds me i need to buy some leccy guitar stings. Tho the house still has a few problems to iron out, now i have a leak from above my window, but it's not too bad, gotta get it sorted out tho.
Did anyone apart from me enjoy that last pearl of wisdom? I can impart more if so.
S'enough ramblings for today, but have a great one, I will.
The western we watched yesterday was pretty cool; Red River starring John Wayne. Enjoyed it and thought of my dad brought up on westerns.
Well enough ramblings, it's shower time. Have a great one anyway, I will.

October 25, 2005

monday? na huh, FUNDAY!

well kinda averageday. handed in a quite crap essay, had an alright italian cinema lecture, then couldnt sleep in the screening at all as the lecturer sat next to me.
Got home just chilled, eased into the week, can't argue with that.
Had a lovely wee chat with my Gran in London and I've written an postcard to my other GP's. so that's all good.
s'nuff for now

October 24, 2005

weekend round up

this weekend, i chilled pretty hard, tried to focus on deep breathing as i had some real problems doing it this morning, would like to meditate daily, but getting up in the morning makes it hard.
I booked my ticket to chester for friday, i also hope to hook up a sweet ass dinner for monday at my grans, she's keen to treat me to a meal as A/V are away.
Yesterday was the premiere of NINE the kinda rubbish horror movie I acted in all last year, it had it's funny moment, and i came off well, my acting wasn't too bad but as my flatmates said i was playing myself more or less, but I looked hot on the massive student cinema screen. But they bailed out halfway through the movie to nab a lift. Was fair enough, I imagine it would have been quite boring for someone not in it, and as it kept going out of focus it musta been hard for film students to watch.
After that there was some cast chilling and I then decided it would be a good idea to go on a Tanc adventure, it was a bit uneventful, but it was cool to chat to WTV dude Ed Moore. He has a good overview of production and practical elements.
Today i returned some books to the leamington library and got one out for the Wordsworth essay I've been working on all day.
Well I say all day, I watched a fair bit of "the man who wasnt there" with audio commentry on.
Ben's done a good reworking of his room, much better for chilling.
I had a good chat with Lucy and a quick one with Lightiel. i've gotta ring Tobes soon check he's doing fine.
Ohh yes yesterday I bought an electric guitar for bargin price, but busted a string trying to tune, but so is the way of these things.
sure to have a wonderful week, but got a fair bit of work to do over the reading week, an essay and a presentation at minimum. Yay should be coolio.

thought of the day
"you know what I've learned, you see it in religion, you can intellectualise to your head explodes it's not gonna get you anywhere, especially when you're dead and I can think of millions of better ways to make your head explode

October 22, 2005

all the amazing things

forgive the egotism
I have a to do list that melts before my eyes making me feel a impotent and dsylexic
I have an essay to write
I've blown things out of proportion
I've hurt someone dear to me
and none of that sits well with the amazing things that are going on around me. I've been very productive, I have good ideas, I'm emotionally strong and I believe sensitive, and there's lots of people who show me love and I have a lot to give back.
I think that within the realm of wonderful things focus has just been diverted from what feels good, perhaps due to tiredness, unassessed emotions and sometimes not learning from mistakes.
I'm going to practice my inner smile and centre myself with regular meditiation. Writing this blog has been a good meditation and helps get things out of my head, it's also nice to reread it later.

so now that's out here's visualisation of the future;
Standing tall, positive people surround, the landscape is magical. knowing more than I do now and loving the knowledge without fear. Creativity flows forward enhanced by practicality. Creative, thoughtful and empathetic generosity abound, I'm knitting. Partying in the leafy forrest of my heart can occur anywhere and with anyone, even in the nowhere place that is a glance.

thanks to my dear friends and my family and people I see sometimes who are simply great for being them, ahh the good natured banter. Thanks to my rents who I admire greatly for knowing how to have a good time and support me so much at uni. thanks to charity shops and junk shops for furnishing me with useless crap (photo's to follow) at rock bottom prices.
Thanks to all my international friends and friends who've gone international. ooh and thanks to the world for looking after them, providing them with new adventures/experiences/friends.

October 20, 2005

halt do not move!

last night i made a cool light switch cover out of a dr who and the dalek's poster from the 50's, i'll put a pic online soon. ooh and just now i made an albert hitchcock light switch for the hall too. totally rocking.
Amabout to go out to good mate sophie's b-day in the local yellow bar robins well. it's fantasy fancy dress so i'm being lazy and going as legolas. photo's soon to be posted. Twas great when me and soph hung out in glasto and went on a ghost train and listened to pete read winnie the pooh while brian wilson chilled us out as the sun decided to rear his much missed head.
Got an essay one wordsworth due for monday, a close reading of a lil poem, but it;s not assessed and on 1500 words, piece of piss time. i reckon after we get out essays back i'm bound to be pissed off about talking so much in seminars as peeps generally just rip off my ideas which i sometimes forget by the time i get round to writing them, but cacerarcera or wot ever.
i like seminars in general and i have all good seminar tutors cept naturalism which is boring to the point of hilarity. Got the lecture tomorrow, i'm going to do a one on one off system for those. otherwise i might slit myself, i jest, but it is major dull, he reads what he has written on the lecture handouts very slowly over an hour, kindof to himself. so the weeks i dont go i'll steal someone's handout and all will be well.
cut out some posters from a book i had and put them up around the house. I put 8 1/2 on my cupboard in the kitchen, looks hot.
saw lots of cool people in my poetry and society lecture today, i know a fair few people, of note; louise, nikki, anneka, becky, nickesh to name the chosen few.
i'm in the process of writing a poem about a psychedelic experience. Some i like but i want it to be real good poetry wise.

fear and windows

today has been chillum, got my samosas, mmmmm, but they are out of pommies,some more in tomorrow so sorted.
had a lecture on the prestige biopic genre, then i cut out of the screening to go to the library to read the papers and do some photocopying then i went to a meeting to decide what the student cinema shows in the spring term, got and helped get some good stuff on there, such as fear and loathing, rear window, seven samauri, shopgirl, march of the penguins, the omen, howls moving castle, one flew over the cockoos nest, the producers, withnail and i and the goonies. all good stuff.
had another nice chat and chill with francine, sita and adam on the bus one the way back to leamington. bought some inline skates at "that's interesting" that fit me and were only £4.
Annie cooked a sheperds pie for dinner which was delicious.
had a cool jam with jamie on guitar and me on harmonica, gave fred a massage and put my car tape onto cd so i can record it to tape.
i've also had loads of phone chats, kenzie, james howard, briefly becca from camp and a lovely long catch up with debbie. Was contemplating having a shower tonight but cant be arsed so will save it for the morning. am currently eating bagged toffee popcorn i found in the appollo cinema after wallace and grommit.
think i will make a concerted effort to look more groovy and swish.
Another old poem:


Nature leans in for a hug
dewy sentiment is bitter like grass
to move on and remove my boots
to close my eyes and release my bombs
to see your face framed by trees
to swim my heart in the icy sea.
Run into the dark
doodle the stars
roll in leaves
count hairs
watch grass grow

October 19, 2005

journal such

went to see james firas rich george and nicks place today. was great to find out where it was and i then tagged along in some of theirs taxi and i caught up with james in robins well, for a chill and a chat. was wicked. watched icepack on my return, and had a chat with lou about our poetry and society essay. Had a mug of camomile and honey tea, was lovely.
Also i printed out a new version of my script t'other day so i can work on it some more. also printed out a crumb print for the toilet. "tommy toilet says wipe your ass"
yay for life!

here's a poem written in a screening today

Here's my ambition for all to see,
ease is death when pain is past and vast.
I want explosions, excitement and visual orgasms.
A sweet with tons of nutrition,
a work of art is my only ambition.
Not wanting to be a patriarch
I let my offspring roam free,
I can learn more from them
than they can from me.

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