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September 29, 2005

ooh sexy t shirt

Writing about web page

I made myself kipper with rice and peas today and it were very tastey! The flick Sullivan's travels was just as good today, and i made some notes i was pretty proud of. An erie fuzzyness has happened in my mind of late, a almost listless lethargy against action, but i feel it's my intuition telling me not to burn out like i felt i had at the start of last year. I'll try to be better at sleeping regularly and try to get into a routine of reasonable timings. I have to get myself a bus pass for the term but it is a £75ish one off layout.
Had a nice chat with my ex today on skype however bad an idea that is. oh and found great eco porn site, see link, scarily enough reccomended to me by my dad, och well, i think he was impressed by the radical entrepreneurialism.
I'm still being slack on letter and e-mail writing and always leave important phone calls until it's too late to make them, but we'll see.

September 28, 2005

gabba gabba day

so today was cool, cept now on a weekly basis i have a four hour gap in my tuesday timetable. today i filled it with a lovely breakfast with fellow film studiers, then i watched TV Nation from the library that has louis theroux. i felt pretty tired in the warm screening room, but the film "Sullivan's Travels" was pretty excellent despite it being ridiculous.
We then did our mentoring and the people were cool tho some of the year below look a bit personalityless. kerching tho i got to hawk some books, but a good deal for those involved and we got free wine and mango juice and all the nutty crispy nibbles we could handle.
i enjoyed the ride back to leamington as i got to induldge in the guilty pleasure of quasi macho banter with the "lads" on the course. but many joke were had, to lou and Annie's shame no doubt.
we then watched the second part of a promising Bob dylan documentary later in the evening. it had some cool bits and started better than the last part but really didnt hang together at all. och well i learned a lot more about Dylan's musical life and what more can you ask for.
we then hit fred's fave; seinfeld for some back to back action and then Tank was over with a mate which was hilarious as they had plenty of outragous morocco stories which had me rolling on the floor crying with laughter which certainly aren't suitable for reproduction here.
and now a bed time approaches, and twill be soothing. peace and love to all concerned and not.

September 27, 2005

Land of the Dead

George A. Romero's legacy is one unlikely to be appreciated fully in his lifetime but I expect being given the opportunity to make this film is as close as damnit. it sticks to the format so well and expands on what has gone before it given it's obviously sizable budget, but despite that it doesnt feel like your standard Hollywood fare. The main reason it feels so different is the overt social commentary that I love. And with such a high, often hilarious body count and some great make up you can forgive the stodgy acting even from Dennis Hopper who should do better.
Asia Argento at first seems like a bit of pointless eye candy but her performance hits home the real fear you would feel and highlights how hardcore the main zombie killers are as she is thrown into the mix.
This film is proper jokes, and it looks fancy to boot.

September 22, 2005

yeah F mY I

Follow-up to Ooh i could hardly keep looking at my lovely telly box (dinky it isnt either E4!) from Alastair's blog

yeah I know it only prints positive reviews, thats just plain good business sense, but I wrote it with those who go to crap movies to laugh at them in mind, also I think it was pretty positive. i think they cut that i said some of the violence was gratuitious, but hey whatever floats anyones boat, i'm easy.

September 20, 2005

today's A day

Everyone's projects are so exciting, it's great to be able to share in people's enthusiasm for what they're doing and be able to contribute something, anything to that. I hope I知 able to get involved in a musical project at some point, to which end I知 training my musical side by teaching myself guitar but I think that's important even if it comes to something as matching sound and image. Fun too!
I have begun a little epic project, lots of cool ideas hung around a very loose frame. Working on creating a good production folder is the second stage after finishing the script.
Everyone moving in has been relatively painless, considering we thought originally we were entering a New Orleans style death trap. The dust is settling and it's bound to be perfect in a house with such a loving vibe.
I need to tie up the loose ends of some projects, driving being one, I知 take a few more lessons hopefully I値l be able to practice in a mates car and then it's all about booking a test. Fingers crossed on that. I got some cool 3d photographs that need scanning and manipulating. I値l post some on here perhaps.
I have no idea what's going on uni wise, I have to go in there sometime soonish so I can get my timetable exact and I imagine I need to hand in some forms. Gotta get some books and I might do prephotocopying if they give us a list soon, saves all the hecticness towards the end of the year.

September 19, 2005

lil story and a catch up of good things

i put on my nonexistent clothes and go to a no where place, nothing productive or creative happen here and blatant fear is masqueraded as fun. in the nowhere place Hitler rules with his shiny things, flashing lights, "good" Craig David CD's and packs of lies.
"it's very diverse" says a minion, Hitler replies "that痴 a good thing?"
Every one is in a rush to reach an apocalypse and self extermination, but the man wearing his nonexistent clothes cant watch or believe in this total extermination. Alone in a purgatory he created to escape an imaginary future that is misrepresented at every turn by everybody.
the future he sees is open and loving relationships with those around him, a future of learning and sharing, where each idea is built upon the best one preceding it.

I知 grateful for the time to let my creativity come out in so many varied ways, eyes that spot resources and people that support me and i can help support with as little as looking them in the eye and honesty.

I plan to work more on my quintessentially British teen horror, I have a lot of what is required for making it, so now i have to plan well to bring it all together, getting on with driving will no doubt help on the practical side of things.

I知 hoping to maintain my mental freedom, and I知 willing to accept all the responsibility that comes with that, i have so many examples who i can follow, people from history and fame and especially people from my life, whom i've learned much of the detail and texture of life from.

The spirit in the house is very good, i feel so supported here but it has been a very sudden change of pace from last year and the summer (obviously).

Credit is due to everyone and i hope that my presence in your lives however small or monumental has been enriching, let me know if it hasn稚 or how I can make it more so. i wanna sign off with something like keeping it real but that痴 obviously not the case, and it would sound ridiculous.
yay! happy happy joy joy

September 12, 2005

a bit of blinding weekend(i never got that surely it's deafening)

was animating from 10 till 3 thursday night, none of it was on the tape when i watched it back, before you ask yes i hit record, several hundred times, the only footage i got was me screaming.
Friday was planet angel rave, and i was excited all day, well it were true excitement mixed with some indigestion, apparently watermelon with a meal makes your stomach akaline or summint that inhibits digestion. twas as usual an amazing night, but hot as hell, i ended up just using my hawaiian shirt as a sweat rag, then there was much chillage and a surprise appearance of one of my closest mates Foxy who's been traveling for months, and i thought he was coming back on tuesday and i was going to miss him, so that rocked and everyone i hung with was safe, special mention to juliet foxy's sis who's pirate party we were at.
My lodger Karim is back from holidays to ireland and i think sardinia (boating with his rents) and it was cool to see him today, we had chi tea and watched a bit of "crazy czech" Alice.

tis v hot. tis now 4 and i've forgotten why i'm awake. and in the words of duckula: "sleep well, whatever you are, aaaahhahakahahaaaa, ahhahhaa!

September 09, 2005

today's blessings and the like

today i was grateful forbeing able to help my rents out, as they are learning again how to enjoy life more every day and they are truely deserving people and have done a lot for me. yesterday i made my brother a sick birthday present, there's lots of birthdays this weekend, i dont believe in them myself, i think thats only because i've had so many good ones, i know a warped logic.
i've also just remembered appreciate my friends and family in devon who showed me a cow tipping good time, my lil cousin tom especially as we went on a picnic and read crazy poetry about crazy imps and LITTLE GOBLIN EYES, was jokes.
also i've been getting back into my guitar practice, i played a great johnny cash song today i hung my head, i were loving it.

no 6 on manifesto (or is it 7?): use blog to practice writing skills so perhaps more correct punctuation and a more varied lexis shall become apparent but dont count on it. no more senences like "i were loving it" tho i quite like them.

man in black here i come

September 08, 2005

Ooh i could hardly keep looking at my lovely telly box (dinky it isnt either E4!)

Movie image
2 out of 5 stars
Despite being made my Ghostbusters Ivan Reitman this is a very forgettable film. I like the fact that this is a short shit review of a shit film, to begin reviewing on my blog. i did a review of the film kung fu hustle for the student cinema (so i could get free entry to a terms worth of films with a guest) and it was butchered by the editor who apparently thought it were too perjorative. wankers.

i hope this is automatically dated

summer, ooh what am i grateful for?
festivals, working with greenpeace at glasonbury and winning tickets from bbc radio 3 for womad. all of the people i went with (Pete, Lou, Toby, Karim) and all of the people I met there (Maria, Carlotta, the very hostly Steve, A good mate from Planet Angel rave and a whole bunch more), the music i saw; The Proclaimers, Brian Wilson, Richie Havens, Roy Ayers, Roots Manuva, a random political rapper, Les Yeux Noir, and so many more. Edinburgh festival was great major thanks to my bor who studies up there and kept me well. Twas great to catch some cool comedy and a great mate James Sanderson in The Cider House Rules, which seemed like a mini marathon of a show.

I've been able to hang out with lots of my mates, twas great to see lil scratch pirate Toby before he left for the year to Spain (serville) hope to go out there some time to practice my spanish and chill, caught up with most of the ol cls crew over the hols, which was great as i value them all muchly. was able to catch up with all of my mates stateside to more or lesser extent, Skype is great for that, Kenzie was busy a lot of the time hapily with camp fun, and she's soon to visit ireland which is rocking, I had a great hour long chat with Lucy t'other night which was good, great to know she's loving all her theatrical opportunities. Tis a pity i wont be able to catch up with ol buddie simon when he returns from his travels as i'm off to uni the day after he returns.

It's great to see my parents for a short period of time as they too are off until xmas, i'll miss them but know they're having the greatest travels, and are properly living adventures after having worked so hard and looked after me and my bro for so long.

I have another thing to add to the manifesto already, i should include a running list of my dreams and what action i'm taking to achieve them.
one of my dreams is to be paid for massage, i've practiced on surely hundreds of people, and taken a 2 day community collage course, the next step is to go into the alternative health therapists that reside close to our leamington spa residence as to where i can do a course, the hard part will be learning anatomy.

Another dream is to have an orange VW Camper Van, so that i can be free to have adventures, and travel with mates, also having a driving licence will open up opportunities in my dream career field; the film industry. I passed my theory and i feel pretty confident behind a wheel, i'm switching my lessons up to coventry so i can do a test around october rather than december in london. as the cost of petrol has shot up after hurricane Katrina, and the general fuel/environment situation is fecked, i've decided to get a job (some would say lotardedly late in life), so on the 17th i try my hand at bingo calling and working generally in an gambling based amusement arcade, i get to wear a cool ass, waist coat and tie, yay.

i'd like to send out some big props for last year at uni, all of my closest mates, everyone in knightcote halls and everyone on my course, who always seem to be the happiest of students at warwick and i can see why. we watch movies and read books, paradise. oh cheers to my parents (hereafter to be refered to as rents) for supporting me. Some of the greatest moments were; the amazinf film premiere day including our shootout film, Icepack and a private viewing of aerials also it was made greater as lucy was visiting from chicago under the pretext of showing her lil sister the campus. Twiser in the early days of the hall was a bit of a laugh.
Moshing to electric six, seeing great comedy especially steward lee and john oliver, seeing dj format at the union, and on the culture side of things the highlight must be the showing of the 3D film it came from outerspace with live psychedelic musical accompanyment from pere ubu. all the great birthday gigs were ace, memorable were Shezre's where i saw lots of people at their most sociable including my headbanging self, ben's b-day was laugh a second, and guy falkes night was our first london hang out, needless to say explosive fun.

the return of Doctor Who gave me great pleasure, having been a fan since around the age of 7 and never having seen a current broadcast, except the slightly dissapointing 1996 tv movie, most dissapointing as it didnt get made into a cool ass tv show.

this if fun blogging, peace and light to the lotta you who read this, who ever you may be.

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