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August 21, 2008

Corduroy Cowboy

vw workvw roof offdsc00542.jpg#

Here's the Van at an early stage. In the first photo you will notice the rust over the wheel arch. We've now had that welded so we should be able to install some seatbelts too. The roof is back on now hopefully totally sealed to the elements. The windows have also been resealed and the rust welded.

beetlejuicebeetlejuice at the amersham arms

I bopped to the Amersham Arms of a screening of that wonderful film Beetlejuice with James H, James A and Andrew S. We had a few pints and hotdogs and were totally sated and entertained!

optimumfoxes nobsohobritish sexHerepj

These are some of the sights and sounds of Soho that I encountered whilst working at Optimum Releasing. I did a lot of running and got to know the film world that exists in that area. The first picture above is of the excellent Indiana Jones pin-ball machine. Great fun. The next picture is of an ale pull called fox's nob. Haha. Stephen Fry got a nasty stain out of a silk shirt of mine in the celebrity dry cleaners. The PJ's there in the window are what I got Becky for her Birthday. The sun is saying to the cloud "Get out of my way!".

Tony Blair is a religious hypocrite

This is there security that was arranged for a speech Tony Blair made in Westminster Cathedral about religon and politcs. It was a hugely noisey in an attempt to drown out the crashing hypocracy inside. I brought along my Grandpa's old drum which was great and I met my little Asian sister Ash for shoutyness and a pint or two.

mmmarina dinner

Here's a tastey meal Marina made. Russian food is delicious.


How did this happen? Such a late snow day. Pretty tho.


Mmmmm, Japanese Canteen teriyaki Salmon. Hells yeah! I bopped over there one lunch time with James who was working very nearby at myspace. Let me reitterate; mmmmmmm!


garden1garden2garden 3

I scaled the tree at the bottom of the garden to pull down the parasitical ivy. I was worried that it was going to pull the tree down in a high wind. Nice view. It was a bit hairy as the wind picked up and it rained a tad. Some of the ivy was as thick as your arm and it required a saw, shears and a lot of elbow greese. I disturbed this Squirrel's nest and this tiny fella fell basically from the top of this tree to the bottom. It crawled over my arm and then Ziggy wanted to sink his teeth into him.

squrillbare tree

bloggster 1

So one day this had sprung up right next to the office I was working at. It's a thing of beauty if you ask me... A good bit of free art for all of the Oxford St shoppers and tourists who are otherwise simply bombarded by advertising and crap. I love it tho. This is so my city.

bloggster 2

This is my beautiful road in Hackney. Walking down this was always makes me feel fulla homely joy.

bloggster 4bloggster 5

Becky's birthday party was as ever a jokes, completely mental affair. Lots of lovely crazy people came around. Including some mental neighbours who threw bottles at one another and are the cheif suspects in the doorstep poo case. It had electro echoes of Bex's 21st and some excellent and snazzy, pimping get-ups. I was super glad that Foxy Annora Karim and Spud made the effort to bust up to give the party a second wind after the first haf of Synergy in London. The next morning Spud made some excellent spag bol and we all kicked back. Below we have John wearing all of Ruth's jewellery and hats and Ruth, wearing bunny ears.

bloggster 7bloggster 6

Below is the view from Optimum Releasing's new offices off Carnaby St. Also a DVD cover that made me think of my housemates, or as I like to call them my 'three wives'.

bloggster 14bloggster 13

bloggster 8

I got to sit in on a lot of meetings between the Optimum marketing team and the Elevation sales team. I even got to sit in on the third quarter presentation where all of the upcoming releases were discussed and forecasts and projections were mulled over. It was held in a beautiful hotel near Picadilly Circus.

bloggster 10

What is this all about?

bloggster 12bloggster 15

A helpful little underground sign. And Optimum's theatrical releasing department when most people have gone home.

Here's Fred with two huge posters he bought online. They're massive and massively cool. Debbie Harry and Jackie Chan Le Magnifique! They're going to cost a bomb to frame my friend. But worth it indeed! Better than wallpaper!

bloggster 16bloggster 18

bloggster 19bloggster 21bloggster 20

A real life Samuri helmet. Each photo progressivly more scary than the last.

bloggster 22

It's little baby Rosien. What a lovely wiley baby! A total cutestick.

bloggster 23

Gaia relaxing in the driveway. Sunny day... Why not?

bloggster 25bloggster 24bloggster 26

So here are the sets I helped design along with Emma Fernandez. They came out really well and were excellently and expressively used. I liked to think of the play as a triptych so that was reflected and we created a forrest with one tree, smoke, lighting and projection. The tree worked really well I think and wend up into the rafters and I think it conveyed it's hollowness like the tree in Pan's Labyrinth, anyway it fit 3 witch-like woodsmen in it which was a boon!

the duende director

Here's the director herself: Petia. She did a very fine job and produced a sizziling piece I'm sure Lorca would have been impressed by.

bloggster 28

Here's 75 Newcombe Road. From behind.

bloggster 30

We went for a nice picnic in Regent's park. Here we have Lucy, Spud, Annora, Simon, Toby and Karim. It was pretty banterful. I forget where we went afterward but it was really good to see everyone, especially Lucy who isn't in the country very often.

bloggster 31bloggster 32bloggster 33

BBQ and Kinderchess time! How fine!

bloggster 34bloggster 35bloggster 36

Notice the "Vegetarian" Becky Allen. Gnaw girl!

bloggster 37

bloggster 38bloggster 39

I was enlisted to help my pops move a garden chair from my Grandpa's. On our way home we stopped and had a lovely Vietnamese in Shoreditch. I saw James Howard and Phil in a bar so I hopped out and said hi before chowing down.

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