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July 27, 2006

Some thanks! Report from the French Front

Family holiday!! Yay! So me & Arch missed the Ryanair flight, lame. It was all the Stanstead Express’s fault. We got on the next flight and got here eventually. We’ve been having a great time, chilling, watching movies, eating great (you know; crepes, muscles, delicious fresh mackerel, etc), there’s been plenty of table tennis, long lie ins, wood chopping etc.
So that all inspires me to give thanks, thanks for the freedom to come out here and live like a prince wherever I go, thanks to mon famile who look after me so well. Thanks for the opportunities that arise from just being in tune with and constant communication with my subconscious (such as those brought to me by friends and things provided in my community like media workshops). Thanks for all the good food and fun (often very interconnected), thankamucha for my friends & loved ones around the country and around the world. Thanks for the thoughts, cards and slew of presents I received for my 21st, sandals and shoes and various items of clothing have been so appreciated and cash I got was far too generous but also much appreciated by this undeserving one. Thanks must go to those who’ve protected my life and liberty through the ages despite our pseudo dictatorial leadership here in the west. We’re reminded all too viscerally of our luck when faced with the truth of what’s going on in the middle east, although I’m sure we’d all prefer not to be reminded by such atrocities precipitated by inhuman pressures on both sides. Having said thanks for a lot of past & present things I’d like to dip into the future and say thanks for a few things there. Thanks for the summer and chances, opportunities and fun I’m going to engage with. There’s an especially nice 4 weeks on the horizon, I also look forward to my second attempt at my driving test & having some extra lessons with my original instructor George who is great.
Thanks be to my upward mobility which will allow me to make an inestimable contribution to the world in my 2st year and beyond, thanks to all those who are still fighting for my liberty and freedom and especially those who make it possible for me to fight alongside them and create ways to channel my energies in the most positive of directions.
Thanks for graphic novels (here I’m thanking the writers and artists and also my local library from which I get the bulk of my reading), they can be so inspiring and fill me with wonder. Thanks for the stories I’ve been given and the one’s I’m yet to receive. Double plus thanks to Gaiman as I’m reading a Sandman comic and his novel American Gods, well complimentary.
Thanks for my whole University experience, the friends I’ve made the course I love, the area of the world that has grown on me and has seen me grow sum sum, and a big woo yay for all the opportunities I’ve discovered there (and those I’m yet to) and all the cultural fun and games that’s located there. Especial thanks must go to my final year which I intend on making the best one yet, and all preliminary signs point towards this being a distinct realistic possibility.
So Yay and that’s about it. Huzzah!

July 21, 2006

"No body move, No body get hurt" – CEASEFIRE – CEASEFIRE – CEASEFIRE NOW!!!!!!!

The little voice in your head isn't the voice of God, it just sounds like it thinks it is.

Another pic from the 11th, ganked from Jamie's Facebook.
B-day by the bridge

On Tuesday I popped up to Cambridge to hang out with Becky on her day off from working at camp. We had a delightful chillum evening and day, although the weather tried all it could to kill the chillum vibe (being the hottest day of the year). After we farted around looking for our b&b we walked into the town centre and found a lovely Tapas bar to eat, it was delicious as and great to have a beautiful dinner with my girlie, we chatted tons about camp, i felt like the old pro, it was nice nostalgia.
bex punting

We had a nice early breakfast and then we went back into town, we got some water etc and then got straight onto the river Cam for some banterful, sunny punting. I educated Bex all about the episode of Dr Who in which the doc and his companion Romana punted in Cambridge. It was just like that.

bex punting under a bridge

We were quite hot and tired (having gotten up early) so we found a shady spot and napped for a while. We then went to a gorgeous pub called the Granta where we had a couple of bevvies and some slap up lunch.

What It was great to see Bex, we're not very good at being apart, I can't wait for her to finish up camp so we can have tons more fun.
I've been hanging out at home doing admin and reading etc, Me and Arch watched Steamboy which I would review if i thought it would be more positive that it would likely be. In short it has all the spectacle of Akira but with hardly any of the depth or invovement. We also went over to our neighbors which was lovely and we bantered away into the night.
I'm looking forward to a week in La France with family starting Saturday, I love a bit of the beach and the french and their la cuisine.

I've done some campaigning, if you know me you will have recieved this link:

No Trident

Which we should all sign to say a collective no to the renewal of these useless, evil & expensive weapons. The petition will be handed in to the Prime Minister on Friday 4th August, just before the 61st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima so please sign it NOW!

I've also written to Diane Abbot expressing some of my present concerns.

on another note:

Here is damage from Hezbollah rockets near a hospital.
damage in Haifa

Refugees from Lebanon is in the thousands, their infrastructure bridges, electricity mosques have been levelled.
Lebonese Refugees in Sidon

Israel’s military action is called operation "Just Reward", whose? FUCKING WHOSE? No one is going to win this one guys. This is horrendous group punishment of innocent civilised people. And it seems to me it's all very thinly veiled provocation towards Iran and Syria, let's go fuck them unilaterally with our stupid nuked up buddies. I reckon that's why Brown & Blair want to keep Trident, otherwise the US won't play with us anymore cos we won't have as cool toys as Israel or even France.

Bush: "so I vetoed it" well that must make you cream your pants
over the god–like power your veto wields, I guess you gotta keep an eye on the retarded, superstitious, fundamentalist–hick vote. And he's anti same sex marriage. And he's not going to condemn the murder in Lebanon until it's politically convenient. Maybe if he'd been to war he'd see why it's important to condemn this swiftly.
The evacuation reminds me of the scene in shooting dogs, such impending violence, and we're not going to take any notice because there won't be any white guys around to make us care.
I feel most sorry for the Israeli soldiers; they're currently being threatened with a ground war, whoopie! They're going to have a great vacation just like the Coalition's oh so fun ground war in Iraq. But Israel’s soldiers are conscripted! The kidnapped soldiers were forced by their own government to be human excuses for war. Generally soldiers are fair game, it's the job they chose, but here they are forced into now becoming killers, I doubt they're getting any Just Reward or satisfaction from bombing civilians whatever propaganda they're being fed.
I don't expect Hezbolah needs to employ conscription, hatred becomes it's own indoctrination.

Tony Snow is an evil, peddler of spin and lies, he shames all educated articulate westerners into keeping schtum, as does the White House press secretary in Europe the other Tony "blood on his hands" Blair.

3 weeks 100 Palestinians killed. What the Fuck? Many children! Whose crime? Hamas? Well there's a way to boost their recruitment for them, "my friend was killed by Israel before he was 16, they must be the good guys" I think not.

Love to everyone, and infinite thanks for all the abundance abounding

hehe A– Bun – Dance! hehe damn hippies! what will they think of next

July 17, 2006

helloo! update! from Shangri–La

pics_for_blog 26
No excuse now not to keep a bit up to date with blogging. Lots of stuff's been happening and I've been throughly enjoying it and it's a fantastic work in progress. I'ma try and relate it through the medium of photos I've taken on my phone or one's i've found on facebook or what have you. I'l try and put most of it in chronological order. But bear with me I've got to go back to may and see how it all went down!

Me and Bex in the Balti So going out with Bex has been going from strength to strength, we've almost been going out for 8 months which is amazing and we've done so much cool stuff already and shared some amazing times and banter. At the moment she's teaching drama at camp in Norfolk, I'm hoping to be able to see her on her day off but we'll see how that pans out.
She's amazingly inspiring and loving and hard working and funny, hanging out with her just feels so comfortable and right, which I guess is as it should be.

We've done some fun/funny stuff since may (in which we had our crazy 6 month anniversary) tho we've both been very busy doing various self inflicted explosions of creativity and focused work. We had the pleasure of seeing tons of great theatre including a great Russian production of "Twelth Night" and by the same company a production of "The Changling" which I studied at A–level and which was also excellent.
The Changling

The Changling was quite disturbing and was lit like an expressionist nightmare. I'd only ever seen Twelth night at the Globe well traditional like but the characters in the Russian were quite deftly drawn and some of the comedy seemed more sophisticated and subtle in this version anyway. At first i didn't like the actor who plays the fooled man servant, in fact i thought he was crap all the way until his last line which was along the lines of "I will have my revenge" and the way he was quite like Brian from Spaced pulled the whole performance together for me.
I was messing around with the sweets provided Bex Here's a pic of me messing around at one of Becky's legendary Oxford st parties. There's always a good amount of sweeties around.
We also had lots of banter at the Final fling which was right after our first Rebel perfromance, grooving to Idlewild and oddly the Sugarbabes. The best was going on the Waltzer which is my fave carnie ride EVER, romantic as. There were lots of cool people there and it was nice to be out dressed to the nines under the starry sky intoxicated with the atmos and music.

not sure what i


Yes yes it was ver nice indeed.
Not to fear, I've not been keeping my fun confined to the flouncy world of the Thesps and lovey dovey romantic Faceache and Hairball cat napping. I've also had fun in solitude…& with my lovely co–Forefield placers! I love these guys. They are a proper touchstone of sanity and insanity in equal measure. During revision we all came together in the same boat of procrastination and frantic–focus (oxymoronic? you'd think wouldn't you).The anatomically correct vagina Fred made on JamieJamie having just ridded me of a sick head achean up market version of deal or no deal Yeah we've had some good times, like the ant invasion, the wall of toilet rolls, the group obsession with celeb big brother and the division that Noel Edmonds drove between us ;–)
We had a nice chillum on Lou's B–day with cake and Dawson's creek. Had lots of nice chills and frisbee games in Jefferson gardens or on the river there (chills in that case not frisbee), such as on Ben's B–day where we went down the river (leaving Annie squirming by on the dock aqua–phobic) and where in trying to Pirate us Ben lost his phone over the stern! tigger Imortalised in answerphone form forever! There was the time Jamie tried to scare Fred with a loud noise, then I scared jamie with a wolf mask, then he scared me by some sick psychological shit (but i'm the only one with it on video!)Fred and Ben Pedaloing
toby at glasto
So this is what we were up to around this time last year. Me and Tobes and the rest of the Glasto Posse (Pete and Lou) were picking up trash and exercising with massive walks and the biblical rain and nice tunes. Me and Tobes caught Roy Ayres on the Jazz world stage and we caught him again at the London Rise against racism festival just down the road in Finsbury park. I was there with Archie (my bro for the uninitiated) and randomly bumped into Tobes. t'were great fun, Killa Kella and Sway were also top notch. I caught up with the NO2ID people at their stand and took tons of trifold flyers (colour and glossy unlike mine) and handed them out, had lots of banter and sweet chats with random people. I lost Arch for a while as he chilled in the comedy tent but t'were all good stuff.pics_for_blog 21
pics_for_blog 22 Yeah so summer's looking good so far. Caught up with a bunch of lovely people, i had to trek up to Leamington to find my passpost but i was rewarded with a road trip and 2 nights with Bex before she headed off.
Before we properly finished in Leamington we also went with my family and some family friends to the O2 wireless fest in Leeds. The Flaming Lips were a beautiful highlight for me but the audience seemed to be a bit ancy for The Who to come on. Some of the Eels tunes blew me away too. Real good shit.
pics_for_blog 44 Wayne floated down out of the clouds onto the adoring and supportive hands of the crowd.
Exams went ok, I'm in the 2:1 bracket as I'd expected but some grades were lower than they shoulda been. I reckon it's only because I've been trying my best to take advantage of lots of the opportunities afforded to me by uni life, oh and some laziness, I've been told I need to work on converting my good ideas into good essay formats. Other summer banter includes Larping, hanging with lovely leamington people including film study–buddie Ed and our new Annie; Kat!pics_for_blog 9pics_for_blog 32 pics_for_blog 33Yeah the hat I'm wearing in these photos of me and kat and ed fetching tho it is, was a charity shop b–day present for lou (it looks better on her anyway). the hat in the Larping picture is mine tho :– p i reckon it's pretty hardcore and i dont care what you say, it fecking felt and waterproof!

Other excitement includes the end of the 2nd series of Doctor who, which was phenominal but I can't chat about the finale unless Bex sees this blog cos she hasn't yet caught the last 2 parter, but it is epic!cyberman
Dr Who 50

Also getting involved in some really important political campaigning groups is getting me fired up. The ones that are really hitting home right now are:


so if you're checking out this blog and any of those tickle your interest get some info (read power) and sign some petitions see if any events or whathave you seem interesting. S'important!
if you like check out this site:
and tell your elected MP what you want them to do and say for you (politely of course) and you're guaranteed a response.

My Birthday was pretty sweet, a very chilled day out and about in london, and this year, despite not having a proper b–day party i got 2, thats right count them 2 cakes, one was an amazing Dr Who tribute and the other was a reverse wedding cake!
pics_for_blog 23
pics_for_blog 20

It was sad not to have Bex around for my b–day but i dont place too much emphasis on them anyway. it was lovely to have a good number of my buddies to meander around the lovely city that is london with. We started out in front of the tate with some wine and snacks, we went in and caught some sexy art flex and then went to south kensington to watch "punk science" but i think they must have meant that the audience were punks, they played some blues and rock but no punk and it just wasnt very funny, tough room to play too and we were aggrieved by being late and therefore missing out on seats. we left that half way through and went to chill in the park there and then headed off to Tottenham court road to the salsa bar which was quite nice (although my old school dancing buddy Nadim wasn't around, for some reason not many other people like salsa dancing sober). After this we did a little more wandering and landed in a nice shisha bar. Cheers to everyone who came out, it was really nice to have ya'll there and i reckon anyone who didn't come can burn in hell., or I'll just catch u another time ;–) man was i late notice. been like that a fair bit, but hey. pics_for_blog 24 ALso on my B–day i got a hair cut!!! yes i faced my fear, and this view of trains is what i saw from the supercuts window in liverpool st.
jamie and fred 11/07pics_for_blog 15pics_for_blog 16 This is where I'm sleeping at the moment. tis nice now i've got my sleeping throw above it and my magic napping blanket on it.
There was a great gig on at the 1001 club in brick lane, some proper funky jazz, to which i did manage to persuade Nadim to come to. After he got off his high horse ;–)Nadim and st george Jw and his room mate come too. and it was really good shit with amazing jazz with vibraphone, sick drums and sax etc. then there was some very funky similar stuff but with off the wall scratching. Karim and Simon instigated the idea and it was pretty spectacular. Emilia was there too, and although she almost persuaded us to come to Fabric me and Foxy couldnt tear ourselves from a spiritual home of ours. We were pretty lame about letting them know what our plans were as it really was down to the wire.
So we went to a spectacular Planet Angel party, it was quiet and warm and full of the greatest vibe imaginable. I had lots of good chats, there was the perfect amount of massage, loads of dancing, I was jumping around like a freaking Kangeroo. I havent really any photo's of the rave but here's some from last month instead:
Will + sticky puff spiderWill, Gomes and me at Planet
We were lucky as Will and Emilia are going traveling for a few months we got to catch up properly chilling at Foxy + Robs by canary warph. Later that day (sleepy and confused as we were) me and foxy tried to make it to breath control a movie about beat boxing but we missed it by minutes and instead had a really refreshing walk and talk around london and ended with really nice burgers again outside the 1001 club.

So i'm working on securing some work experience and I've got Reading fest to look forward to. I really want to go and see Becky on her day off tomorrow but it's pretty short notice and i'm not sure how we're going to find a place to stay. I really want to to more artistic stuff this summer too, be that writing, or computer arts practice, learning flash animation would be a good exercise and i could always do some standard animation on the side for fun. I want to use this break also to get back into teaching myself guitar (which went on break as exams kicked in). I've also got some really fun filming to squeeze in as I did in Easter, but I'll feel much more comfortable once I've begun editing in earnest.

I'm determined to pass my driving test this summer so i'm sorting out some more lessons and hopefully my final year will be in 4 wheels (in which case i'd better get some part time uni work to fund the exorbitant costs of running a vechile).
I'm getting a lot of nice reading done although i think i ought to get on with some recommended reading for next years course, get a comfortable head start with which to hit the ground running.

other random occurances:
there was a small cls reunion when i returned from uni, it was great to catch up with some of the guys and to see that toby was still well despite being deprived of ultimate tinto de verano.
A/V's party was a fantastic affair, great food, music, people. I did some bbq which was fun. There were some excellent people i hadn't seen in a long while and it reminded me how big an extended community/family can be. All our neighbours (except the ones directly right of us) are really nice people and great to chat and chill with. There were some great blasts from the pasts including Carla, whose illustration exhibition i went to see in angel with arch. It was cool to check out all the design colleges as i'm thinking about heading to one of them after my degree.
I had great fun hanging with a good actor buddie and worst chemist ever: Will Mitchel before he left warwick to become dun dun dahhh.. a real person. We films a bunch of scenes for my tv show with him, and had a great laugh. We also went some some lovely crazy missions such as chivalrously delivering Becky her passport to Harpenden, banter all the way, especially in reinflating his tyres and trying to buy vaccum bags against the clock in sainsburys.

The arts festival how could i almost forget that. Lots of fun especially with bex running the arts centre studio (next year she'll be running it all, Yikes!) we got to see a bunch of cool stuff, such as some theatre from MIT (a bit lame when it got down to it, but with some good bits), Nikesh's Faustus, which they better put on again cos it was wicked. The student film festival of which the highlights were 25 (a brilliantly made 24 pisstake) and Saved of course. The freshblood caberet was the usual debacle just transposed into the grad club, and I did an uncanny impression of will mitchel due to his banning. The gilbert and sullivan opperetta pirates of penzance was also wicked and it was cool to see it with bex too.pics_for_blog 28
Since i got back i also went to see a day remains in liecester sq, it was a good gig and it was ace to go and sit in traf sq with andrew shaw (another film studier) supping some warming gut rot, which tricked me into buying a hotdog from a street vendor.
Oh and the peace festival was a lovely one dayer with an amazing musician who rapped, sang, played the harmonica, spoons and tapped a really long song. i may upload an excerpt onto youtube or something. It was also v chillum and as becky couldnt attend i got her a candle holder. I chilled with a bunch of people afore coming in to campus for the final rebel performance. There was even an organic make your own pizza that zoe stoker and i partook of. it was delish and inspiring to home pizza creation.
Coupla other bits and bobs:
I did some filming for the theatre company clod ensemble of their work ďRed LadiesĒ it was pretty funky but I need to get the footage back from them, I hope they got to use some in their live performance convention presentation. Also around that time I went to planet angel and filmed a maypole dance rave style, so I’ve got these nice things to edit. And I’ll need to get to the end of the world outputted at the start of next year on WTV and I’ve got to push the drama dpt and get more cool stuff online there, perhaps some of the stuff we made in the 1st year.
I went to a careers consultation but didn’t really follow up on it too much. It gave me some excellent leaping off points tho.
I’m well excited about going to france, it will be ace to spend time with my rents and my uncle and my grandpappy who recently had a nasty cancer scare.
pics_for_blog 43 It was odd but it gave me the impetus to finally go and check out his monestry which is pretty near Warwick, although I had met his main man monk Banti.
So that's enough for now I'll try and get on here more often keep it all ticking over, i've missed out loads of crazy events and fun cos there was just so much of it, but thank you to all my friends & loved ones and may every piece of happiness appear in the infinite fractal depth that is its' essance.Simon alone? on Vauxhall tube platform

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