September 26, 2006

little bits and bobs of campaigning


This is an animation I’ve made to publicise the NO2ID comedy gig at the end of this week. I’ve also done flyering around Hackney Libraries. I’m heading in on Wednesday to do my final week’s volunteering at the NO2ID office. I’ll try and sort out some campaigning materials for freshers groups (maybe the political parties and people&planet stopwar etc, there isn’t yet the will for a whole society dedicated to it i believe) and I’m going to try to get the union to reaffirm it’s status on it and get the whole issue debated in the boar etc.

I went along to the protest at the Labour party conference, mostly to highlight the NO2ID issue (i reckon i was the only NO2ID placard there) and the argument to not replace Trident. Bex carried a placard for that and on that day a CND ad which I signed appeared in the Guardian. Check out the Big Trident Debate

Also today on the first day of the Labour party conference NO2ID put out this ad full page on the back of the guardian. Oooh controversial.
Guardian Ad

I’ll get back to you on my day to day happenings as soon as (it isn’t the middle of the night).
Love Al

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  1. Good stuff that you’re doing. It’s appreciated.

    I think it’s a shame that no2id put that ad in the Guardian, I don’t think it’s doing them any favours. It’s a weak argument (given that every other European country has an ID card at the moment), and comparing Blair to Hitler makes it even weaker and will turn people against them. I think it’s horribly misjudged and will do much more harm than good.

    26 Sep 2006, 03:30

  2. nonsense Dan, a comparison to Hitler is a fair one considering his warmongering nature; look at the chaos and slaughter his support for (and therefore legitimisation of) Bush wars has brought to the Middle East. Also the reason his ID scheme is like Hitler’s is that it is vastly more invasive than other European schemes, the cards themselves aren’t the problem (although they are annoying, pointless, expensive and are very likely to increase racial descrimination) the real issue is the national identity register; the centalised database the government will keep on all of us packed with tons of bits of information which will be available to every corrupt civil servant, sold to business etc.
    Hitler’s system was powered by early IBM computers (I think a hole punch computer system, talk about technology going out of date) and was used to persecute minorities. It’s the thin edge of the wedge and if it takes shock tactics to alert people to this fundemental change to the relationship between citizen and state, then I’m glad it’s had that effect.
    The people in Westminster are not our masters! This system could so easily be a tool if we ever got a really facist government and to be honest I wouldnt trust this “labour” party with my details after they repeatedly ignored the will of the people to cowtow to America and their nuclear energy lobbys and casino owners in Texas. These people aren’t acting in our service and it is right we should mock and derride them.
    I think also that this won’t have done much harm to their cause as you might have noticed there is quite an anti Tony Blair sentiment in this country I wonder why that is? I think we should congratulate them on having the balls to tap that.

    26 Sep 2006, 12:28

  3. There might be a few people in the computing society who would be sympathetic to No2ID. Perhaps the LUG needs a relaunch, as well. Hmm.

    26 Sep 2006, 14:11

  4. Alastair,

    Honestly I am really against the ID cards and the rest of Blair’s civil liberties destroy-a-thon, just check the archives of my blog, but comparing him to Hitler is just not a fair comparison. Saying so really does just negate the serious part of your message. I also understand that it’s not the cards that are the problem, but where exactly in that advert does it say that? It doesn’t, it just says ID cards = Hitler which is stupid.

    26 Sep 2006, 18:23

  5. this needs to shock people into taking notice, i’m not saying you don’t understand the issues and what is at stake but most people don’t. This program is open to abuse by facists. Our imperialism (even as a poodle of the states’ government) is equatable to Hitler’s actions and in this case in the way he browbeat his own people into submission and totalitarianism.
    so if anything it’s making the point ID cards = Totalitarianism

    26 Sep 2006, 21:43

  6. Well OK we don’t really need to go on and on about this, but my guess is that more people will be turned off by that advert than on.

    26 Sep 2006, 21:52

  7. i think as it was a one off big splash type thing it was more to tie the system with Tony Blair’s hate premiereship and as it was on the first day of the Labour party conference it would have hopefully put pressure on the party to up the time to go feeling.
    Despite what you think others might think did the advert turn you off?

    27 Sep 2006, 09:19

  8. No it didn’t have any effect on me personally, but that’s because I already know about the issues involved and what no2id’s position is (and support it fully).

    27 Sep 2006, 15:01

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