September 19, 2005

lil story and a catch up of good things

i put on my nonexistent clothes and go to a no where place, nothing productive or creative happen here and blatant fear is masqueraded as fun. in the nowhere place Hitler rules with his shiny things, flashing lights, "good" Craig David CD's and packs of lies.
"it's very diverse" says a minion, Hitler replies "thatís a good thing?"
Every one is in a rush to reach an apocalypse and self extermination, but the man wearing his nonexistent clothes cant watch or believe in this total extermination. Alone in a purgatory he created to escape an imaginary future that is misrepresented at every turn by everybody.
the future he sees is open and loving relationships with those around him, a future of learning and sharing, where each idea is built upon the best one preceding it.

Iím grateful for the time to let my creativity come out in so many varied ways, eyes that spot resources and people that support me and i can help support with as little as looking them in the eye and honesty.

I plan to work more on my quintessentially British teen horror, I have a lot of what is required for making it, so now i have to plan well to bring it all together, getting on with driving will no doubt help on the practical side of things.

Iím hoping to maintain my mental freedom, and Iím willing to accept all the responsibility that comes with that, i have so many examples who i can follow, people from history and fame and especially people from my life, whom i've learned much of the detail and texture of life from.

The spirit in the house is very good, i feel so supported here but it has been a very sudden change of pace from last year and the summer (obviously).

Credit is due to everyone and i hope that my presence in your lives however small or monumental has been enriching, let me know if it hasnít or how I can make it more so. i wanna sign off with something like keeping it real but thatís obviously not the case, and it would sound ridiculous.
yay! happy happy joy joy

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  1. dude, crazy story, just got your comment and here's a funny thing – I haven't even received 'aerials' on DVD yet, let along have a transmittable file of the poster on my computer. All a bit shit really, however, would I be able to get a file of the poster from you when I next see you at uni? That would be awesome as all this 'not having' bull shit is pretty annoying. But i love you and cant wait to see you again. much love always, Spatz

    19 Sep 2005, 12:02

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