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September 28, 2005

gabba gabba day

so today was cool, cept now on a weekly basis i have a four hour gap in my tuesday timetable. today i filled it with a lovely breakfast with fellow film studiers, then i watched TV Nation from the library that has louis theroux. i felt pretty tired in the warm screening room, but the film "Sullivan's Travels" was pretty excellent despite it being ridiculous.
We then did our mentoring and the people were cool tho some of the year below look a bit personalityless. kerching tho i got to hawk some books, but a good deal for those involved and we got free wine and mango juice and all the nutty crispy nibbles we could handle.
i enjoyed the ride back to leamington as i got to induldge in the guilty pleasure of quasi macho banter with the "lads" on the course. but many joke were had, to lou and Annie's shame no doubt.
we then watched the second part of a promising Bob dylan documentary later in the evening. it had some cool bits and started better than the last part but really didnt hang together at all. och well i learned a lot more about Dylan's musical life and what more can you ask for.
we then hit fred's fave; seinfeld for some back to back action and then Tank was over with a mate which was hilarious as they had plenty of outragous morocco stories which had me rolling on the floor crying with laughter which certainly aren't suitable for reproduction here.
and now a bed time approaches, and twill be soothing. peace and love to all concerned and not.

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