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August 21, 2006

Bout to watch La Regle de jeu

Me and Becky summer 06
So Me and Bex have been having a great summer, obviously she's doing a lot more work than mygoodself but I'm doing tons of admin and getting into some things I've been meaning to for some time such as the NO2ID volunteering and concerted Shamanic meditiation. We've had 2 excellent fun weekends so far, first with raving last weekend (definately to be repeated) and this weekend with a trip up to her neck of the woods where we played boardgames and drunk wine with her buddies up there. Next weekend we're going to Reading festival which should be ace. I have to organise us some camping equipment and my journey to the site (probs hitting up a nice bit of train with the rest of the plebs ;–). There's some excellent acts on and I figure if i avoid the main stages I'll avoid the bulk of the drunken 20 somethings. Scary tho is a repeat of last year's festival experience weather wise. It's possibly going to be very rainy. poopy.
Alex Bex
We played a great game called Scotland Yard which requires all the players to chase one other player (the murderer) around london using a limited number of puplic transport tickets. I pointed out that we were the police so why should we have to pay for travel and then the obligitory Oyster card jokes were made. Woo. I even got to draw a pom bear on Bex' friend Pat's arm:pom bear tattoo I reckon it's pretty accurate.

Before Bex took me up to Harpenden I went to hang out at Foxy's which was banterful, we had Ask pizza and caught up, it was especially great to catch up with Ellyiot who I hadn't seen in ages as I'm at uni and he lives on the Isle of Mann (methinks) and it was great also to meet his girlfriend who is a primary school teacher so that was good to learn about. It was also cool to see Foxy's sister Juliet who had gone to the Cambridge folk festival and was taking up the fiddle and who had a new lovely dog called Lucy who was all black and fluffy. We attempted to play some Frisbee while they went on a walk in the park but it was quite short lived as it began raining pretty hardcore. Anyway it was really nice and Bex popped around the next day to join us for breakfast and to take me up the road to her home where I had a nice day chilling and reading (and getting scared by a few minutes of Bid tv and Quizcall and qvc type bollocks, god those are evil and stupid).

My "lil" cousin Tom came to visit a few days ago and we had a nice time going to the cinema etc, it was too short and i didn't get as much of a chance to hang out as i would have liked but I think he had an ace time and was totally street wise getting around london amazing ease and on a tight budget.
Me & Tom
IN this pic we randomly took on a bus you can see dartmouth features behind on a sign, weird as Tom comes from Devon.
Tom's friend Jack discovered the source of the smell so i leapt into Super cleaner mode:
Here's me with the discovered source of the putrid smell. Literally it smelt like someone had taken a dump in the chest of a recently exhumed Syd Barrett.
I put the maggot plate into a polystyrene box and sealed it up. it was totally disgusting and just thinking about it makes me want to vom.

Yeah this was fun, I hope you're not eating as you read this! I've safely stored the box at the back of the garden. I dont want to deal with it but i shall before my rents return home. The first day i put it out there something opened the box and i think the maggots got eaten by birds or turned into flys. Ohh exciting.

Yesterday after we came back to London and I dropped off Becky's Reading provisions at mine I came back out to London to meet Karim. We were going to go to a south American music festival but it was apparently crap so we went to brick lane instead. It was really nice, we had a beer in the City Beach which was totally beachCity beach + karim
We hung out here for a while catching up on all the goss and general chatting which was ace. Becky then appeared on the scene with lovely Warwick thesp Hester. It had begun to rain so we went over to the 1001 club and grabbed a bigol' chicken burger and some shelter. It was great and chatterful. We started chatting to a delightful Santa Cruzian guy called Aerial who was overstaying on his visa and concluded he was a political refugee, good call as far as i'm concerned. A reall cool guy who i hope to see again, and hey the more people I know in Santa Cruz the more reason to return. Hest said how much she liked meeting Karim and how coming to hang and meeting a mate o'mine secured me in her esteem which was real nice of her to say. She's down from the north; Crumbleton? anyway and she's doing NYT stuff so that's cool.

Talking of thespy things and theatre I finally booked tix to see James Sanderson's play at the Globe and a bunch of Planet heads will be coming, yay for £5 tickets, and we'll get to dance with him as we do every month but in a performance context!
Last night we ate a lovely omlette Bex made and watched bleak as you like Ian Holm film; The Sweet Hereafter, it was too much at one point and we had to save the last half hour but it was fucking bleak, incest, school bus crashing, hicks, heroin taking daughters and broken carwashes, oh and lawyers. It better end sweetly or else.
Now i better get on with planning ho to get to Reading and what we're gonna sleep in when we get there. Tomorrow I'm probs going to do some more structured meditation and on Wednesday I'm going to do my first day of volunteer work at NO2ID in Vauxhall (just beyond Planet Angel woo!)

So all goes well even if it's only pretending to be summer. I'm brimming with love and it's all good from all angles which you might think would be rare, but it aint so there, why should it be? :–)

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