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September 19, 2006

If you're not pissed off you're not paying attention. Turning my back on the sun

Loose Change 911 cover up documentary

The pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen – the X Files- spin off basically encapsulates this film. As did the recent series opener for the BBC show Spooks. Hey to me it makes sense. You can try and enrage whatever religious sect you like (by being religious they have shown some dedication to a belief so supplanting their spiritual belief with a political one to your own end may seem simple enough). But I just don’t buy the whole, extremist muslims are the root of all evil and international terrorism (which gets proportionately too much coverage when compared with the real crisises that face us such as global warming and global poverty and an erosion of our civil liberties and public services). When you look at who has most to gain (and who has profitted most) from these acts, and cross reference that with those who have the power and equipment to carry out these acts with military precision, you realise that we (who create global public opinion – which according to Chomsky is the worlds other superpower) are under a psychological attack and PR campaign to beat us into submission, this attack comes from our corporate overlords and as has always been the case we must fight it and them.
The only thing worth fighting for is peace and we must realise who the hypocrites are who take that holy word (peace) in vain as they slaughter and allow slaughter.

Just got back from Leamington where I finally moved out of my last year’s room and into a fresh bigger one. I hoovered and moved all my shit and made a big mess of boxes in the hall. I had a lovely night in with Lou and we caught some top tv and made use of the on demand feature on our telly. Hey it beats fern and phil however good they are.
brucie bonus
I’m toying with the idea of doing a video diary, but i want to play with the format, perhaps make it a puppet show. I’ll think on’t.

I was over at Becky’s for a few days which was lovely. It’s hard to spend time apart, especially after living together for a month. We had a great time and ate well even doing a roast and dessert. We hung out with the Harpenden posse and I got to meet Jade which was delightful. We drank in St Albans and in the regular joint the inn on the green. I even went on a Waltzer with Adam and Alison. It is my favourite ride and we managed to avoid any violent chavs although my phone almost fell out of my pocket on the spins.Bex & SamSexy up the skirt shotme prone, taking the up the skirt shot
Bex and I watched the final 5/6 episodes of Bleak House, it was well involving, a great show well made and well acted.
We also had banter on the local park’s skate park and we did a time trial in which i hurt my knee (see pic above) but still got the to time.

I’ve been reading Robinson Crusoe but i’m only like 50 pages in, I’ve gotta get it read before the start of term.
foxy in tent
I had a lovely time at Foxy’s the other day, i was a bit sleepy and crotchety but i think that often adds to my charm, like the 1st doctor, not like the 6th colin baker tho my dress sense i probably more akin with his. We were constructing a tent type thang for Foxy who wanted a little more privacy as he sleeps in the living room of the delightful Canary Wharf apartment. It turned out splendidly with a little help from Karim who solved our anchorage issue with some hemp string and some Bamboo (I capitalised that so you could fully appreciate the sound of that word. Bamboo, i love it). It was cool to hang out unfortunately i had to run mid way through pizza for…

...for a meeting with a producer I met at the TV carreers seminar to discuss possible researching for her show, but I think I’ll only do a little of it because I’d like to get a headstart on this term’s work and on my own projects (lots of editing, film making, writing etc to do) and the subject although all dryness is removed from the show the research could be a bit dusty, and it’s not a new challange so much, having done researching for tv before.

I’m going to try and get on a coach to the demo on saturday in Manchester. It should be a big one and hopefully we’ll start being listened to now King Tony’s position is weakened by his massive failure as a human being and might I say as an impartial observer as a Christian.

so i passed my driving test which was a relief. I only got 3 minors so i’m proud of myself. I don’t reckon it’s very viable getting a veichle straight away but we’ll see, if it turns out I can get a cheap run around at auction or something and perhaps cheapish insurance it might be worth trying to accrue some no claims bonus. But what I really want is a VW so I’ma have to focus on it for that to come to me clearly and easily as they seem pretty steep right now and all of the other issues (like the amount i should focus on my last year at uni rather than running around the country camping and running errands;-P)

I’m worried for my pappy as he’s up late at night avoiding sleep looking at right-wing websites such as (thats terrorism knowledge database to you and me) fueling paranoia without any of the perks paranoia usually brings like cannabis induced mirth. I can’t talk really. I’m the same, although I avoid forray’s into gambling websites (tho I am far too often checking e-bay to see if they’ve reduced the price of the cyberman voice changer helmet so I guess each to their own vices huh?).
He’s also been doing his lone gunman bit on old mi6 murders and on bits of the uk countryside that shouldn’t be there but are clearly visible on google earth. He’s convinced there’s drilling and a whole military underground city. It’s getting all a bit Dr Strangelove but hey I like it. I’m more convinced by the J G Ballard consumerist, st George’s flag brandishing, distraction dystopia.
I’m just about to read an extract from his new book “Kingdom Come” and i caught an interview with Melvin Bragg last night which seemed interesting.

I’m also worried about my mammy as she seems to only want to engage me in baby language. this can make conversation difficult and perplexing. I can understand it to some extent as she still calls her dad dadarh and he is a big one for talking like a 5 year old to “dear little doggies”- that’s a direct quote from a lord of the realm. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, they can’t understand a fucking thing eitherway i suppose. I think it might be some strange aristocratic hangover, i mean i can’t imagine anyone talking to prince charles like he’s a sane, adult, human-being but then again I reckon our genes might be a bit more diverse. I think this obsession with family might account for her intense jealousy of time I spend away from home. Or perhaps it’s an unspoken desire to have someone to talk to who isn’t asleep during the day due to hours of night time conspiracy theory research (in part my fault granted, i kick started it with spooks and Loose Change – see above) but there’s only so much of the puppy dog look I can handle.
I think we’ll both try and act as tho it’s solely due to her motherly desire to cook and clean for me, and when I’m not here there’s simply nothing to do, nothing to iron. Either that or as Becky pointed out we’re all changing, learning all the time and when you spend time apart that continues but you’re not around to observe it. So it can be a little jarring.
p.s. I don’t iron. I specifically buy clothes (usually from charity shops) that require no extra work. Ironing is the opiate of the eastenders watcher. God I’m getting pretensious. What to you mean “Getting?” in that incredulous tone!?!
I’ll totally miss them when they’re gone… NO I don’t mean when they kick the bucket I mean when they go travelling for half a year odd. They’re much better 20 something’s than I’ll ever be. I’ve already skipped to the old man ranting stage.

Today i went into Leamington town with Lou and looked for some course books (plays which i subsequently ordered from the Amazon marketplace) i found none but Lou got Robinson Crusoe so not a failure. I picked up a book by Pete Seeger which has photo’s and sheet music concerning the people who worked to build America. I can’t wait to get into it.

sorry for the disjointed nature of this entry. I don’t give a fuck. Ooh look at me Rebel without a cause you may say.

I;ve been reading a good book for our aesthetics module (well the first chapter with a nap in the middle of it during my train down) called But is it Art? It’s very interesting and accessible (and a small book too, woot!). That’s all on that for now.

there’s not enough hours in the day for facebook and there’s not enough people on Skype. Perhaps I’ll start a facebook group encouraging people to join Skype. I mean i could call them but I’m more friendly with my computer than i am with my phone. Odd that.

My gorgeous Becky is ill. I hate it. If I lived near her I’d be over there with chicken soup and strokes. It’s partly my fault, I encouraged her drinking when on antibiotics, well i say i encouraged it infact i think i was trying to keep up with her.Bex B/W
She told me today that when she’s in this state she’d appreciate it if i wasnt witty. I wasn’t being witty I was putting my foot in my mouth time and time again so if she thought it was me being witty then surely it’s her fault for being stupid. wait I’ve gotta stop. But when faced with bad shit you’ve gotta laugh. Like a Ron Howard movie. If you took off the heart plucking strings, doubled the speed of the film and put on the Benny Hill music, that would be hilarious shit. But hey I didn’t direct it and there’s probably a reason for that. The project would have come in horribly overbudget after we secured the rights to the music when we could have used any old violin and 2 bit composer. Benny Hill music is GENIUS!!
I’ve diverted from topic but I’m allowed safe in the knowledge that I love that girl with every fibre of my being (so that’s my hair?...STOP IT!)

I haven’t gotten my brother anything for his birthday yet. I feel stupid getting him something from his Amazon wishlist (a staple in recent present buying, everyone’s made happy) as now he works from them he could get the items at a silly discount. Perhaps I’ll get him horribly distasteful 9/11 memoribilia as that’s his birthdate. Someone must have made a commemorative plate by now, there were plenty for Diana. why do they choose plates for these tasteless money grabbing pieces of shit? Why not a diana memorial watering can? or diana memorial pair of old boots.

just to repeat some links:

and here’s an animated music video for Less than Jake’s song The Science of Selling Yourself Short.
Check it out

here’s some random photo’s some from events which i believe I’ve mentioned. e.g. the excellent Planet Angel and the excellent Titus Andronicus (which was brillo in seeing James and I scored the Dr Who Quadrupile which if i havent explained it and you care, ask me to explain in the comments below and I shall).
There is also a pic there of kids on a zebra crossing I’d like to open that up to a caption competition.

Planet PixieNO2ID Badges for baggingGaiaThe GlobeHUNGER HUNGER HUNGER HUNGER HUNGER HUNGER HUNGER HUNGER at kidirises god ICaption anyone?

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