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September 08, 2005

Ooh i could hardly keep looking at my lovely telly box (dinky it isnt either E4!)

Movie image
2 out of 5 stars
Despite being made my Ghostbusters Ivan Reitman this is a very forgettable film. I like the fact that this is a short shit review of a shit film, to begin reviewing on my blog. i did a review of the film kung fu hustle for the student cinema (so i could get free entry to a terms worth of films with a guest) and it was butchered by the editor who apparently thought it were too perjorative. wankers.

i hope this is automatically dated

summer, ooh what am i grateful for?
festivals, working with greenpeace at glasonbury and winning tickets from bbc radio 3 for womad. all of the people i went with (Pete, Lou, Toby, Karim) and all of the people I met there (Maria, Carlotta, the very hostly Steve, A good mate from Planet Angel rave and a whole bunch more), the music i saw; The Proclaimers, Brian Wilson, Richie Havens, Roy Ayers, Roots Manuva, a random political rapper, Les Yeux Noir, and so many more. Edinburgh festival was great major thanks to my bor who studies up there and kept me well. Twas great to catch some cool comedy and a great mate James Sanderson in The Cider House Rules, which seemed like a mini marathon of a show.

I've been able to hang out with lots of my mates, twas great to see lil scratch pirate Toby before he left for the year to Spain (serville) hope to go out there some time to practice my spanish and chill, caught up with most of the ol cls crew over the hols, which was great as i value them all muchly. was able to catch up with all of my mates stateside to more or lesser extent, Skype is great for that, Kenzie was busy a lot of the time hapily with camp fun, and she's soon to visit ireland which is rocking, I had a great hour long chat with Lucy t'other night which was good, great to know she's loving all her theatrical opportunities. Tis a pity i wont be able to catch up with ol buddie simon when he returns from his travels as i'm off to uni the day after he returns.

It's great to see my parents for a short period of time as they too are off until xmas, i'll miss them but know they're having the greatest travels, and are properly living adventures after having worked so hard and looked after me and my bro for so long.

I have another thing to add to the manifesto already, i should include a running list of my dreams and what action i'm taking to achieve them.
one of my dreams is to be paid for massage, i've practiced on surely hundreds of people, and taken a 2 day community collage course, the next step is to go into the alternative health therapists that reside close to our leamington spa residence as to where i can do a course, the hard part will be learning anatomy.

Another dream is to have an orange VW Camper Van, so that i can be free to have adventures, and travel with mates, also having a driving licence will open up opportunities in my dream career field; the film industry. I passed my theory and i feel pretty confident behind a wheel, i'm switching my lessons up to coventry so i can do a test around october rather than december in london. as the cost of petrol has shot up after hurricane Katrina, and the general fuel/environment situation is fecked, i've decided to get a job (some would say lotardedly late in life), so on the 17th i try my hand at bingo calling and working generally in an gambling based amusement arcade, i get to wear a cool ass, waist coat and tie, yay.

i'd like to send out some big props for last year at uni, all of my closest mates, everyone in knightcote halls and everyone on my course, who always seem to be the happiest of students at warwick and i can see why. we watch movies and read books, paradise. oh cheers to my parents (hereafter to be refered to as rents) for supporting me. Some of the greatest moments were; the amazinf film premiere day including our shootout film, Icepack and a private viewing of aerials also it was made greater as lucy was visiting from chicago under the pretext of showing her lil sister the campus. Twiser in the early days of the hall was a bit of a laugh.
Moshing to electric six, seeing great comedy especially steward lee and john oliver, seeing dj format at the union, and on the culture side of things the highlight must be the showing of the 3D film it came from outerspace with live psychedelic musical accompanyment from pere ubu. all the great birthday gigs were ace, memorable were Shezre's where i saw lots of people at their most sociable including my headbanging self, ben's b-day was laugh a second, and guy falkes night was our first london hang out, needless to say explosive fun.

the return of Doctor Who gave me great pleasure, having been a fan since around the age of 7 and never having seen a current broadcast, except the slightly dissapointing 1996 tv movie, most dissapointing as it didnt get made into a cool ass tv show.

this if fun blogging, peace and light to the lotta you who read this, who ever you may be.

manifesto, or summint like that

ok, so here's what i'm going to do;
1: use this blog to list things that have made me happy and things i'm grateful for.
2: general diary stuff, i was too busy to keep too much of a track of what i was doing in the crazy party that is the first year to keep anything but appointments, but i really want to be able to look back and value the fun and games of uni life.
3: pretty similar to 2 but i also want to keep a log of any work that goes into extra curricular activities that are important to me, such as film making, i was involved in several great student films last year and I want to keep up that momentum and cherish all that work.
4: i guess give props where they are due.
5: ok let's not strech this thing, geez.
captain out, stardate: getalife05

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