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August 03, 2006

France no etc

Here's some of the stuff I got up to on holiday in France w/my family:
Eric Playing Crazy Golf
Here's my grandad Eric playing crazy golf through a small villiage and when I say small I mean Lilliputian in proportions.

And here he is again chopping woodEric chopping wood
Seriously he's like the terminator. He's got some cool Gnarly scars on him, one across the side of his body, one down the front of his chest to name but 2 and he kicked my ass at every game we played. Twice he was the winner of crazy golf, he's the table tennis champ and he won poker when it was just down to me and him at 1ish in the morning. Terminator!
tho i can't quite see the terminator wearing this hat:
ohh err

We got some fishing rods and tried to fish but although I suggested we do it from a boat and make a chillum day of it we decided to fish off the side of this tidal break, so naturally our hooks got caught, here's Arch attempting to help mon oncle retrieve his hook and spinner. Archie is a wannabe yoga teacher by the way.

Jw assesses our fishing success
jw assesses our sucess

jw slingshit
JW decides if we can't catch any swimming prey lets go for the flying targets (i jest i jest RSPB)

we did a bunch of cycling, to the beach and to go karting. We had great cycling weather on the days we went out which was bon bon.

me and me mammy
Here's me and me mammy at the Karting track. I beat 8 people out of about 17, randoms and jw, and was only .5 of a sec behind the winner who was Alan. Lame!

poker But in revenge here is a picture of me knocking alan out of the poker game!

We had an ace time chilling in the house playing games (oh i suck bad at boggle too) watching movies (such as sexy beast, apocalypse now etc) and south park and various comedy bits and bobs.

We also ate damn well, lots of baggettes, novelty french cereal "miel pops"
and nice meats and gallettes.

The net there was a bit slow but i gotta say it was good to get away from the constant pressure (imagined tho it might be) to keep checking e–mails etc.

I did a lot of reading and read most the whole of Maupin Armistad's Tales of the City about 70's (i think) San Francisco. Twere great. I also read a lot of my thick Gaiman book "American Gods" and "fables and reflections" one of his graphic novels.

We slept till about midday every day which is a standard thing for being out there, it just feels wrong to be up in the morn unless you have the energy to cycle to the boulongerie to get breakfast bread.

me and arch in the view de vix

here's me chilling with my bro on the View de Vix. We chilled out here taking photos and on one clear night we were out here stargazing with JW strumming a beautiful soundtrack, i hit archie up with a massage and there was the most amazing shooting star I ever did see, it cut the sky in two, it had an after glow and it looked like it had 3 trails or something, but bright like magnesium in a chemistry lab.

arch We got a ton of carembars and malabars, basically french gum and candy. the gum was cool and came with free rub on tattoos but was a bit crap for bubbles as it was bare sticky, espeicually with my 5 week shadow. Here's archie's trauma with it. funny tho.

butterfly There was lots of lovely nature around, this butterfly played with me and was well tame seemingly returning to me over and over on my calling it back, it even let me stroke it briefly. There was also a cricket which came into the house and posed very photogenically on the piano, Arch has some photos on his blog or flicker. There was an owl that hung out by the side of the road as we came back from a lovely meal at our friend's Auburge.
new dog Here's a doggie that turned up apparently from the next village along, we used to have a dog called Fabius visit us from the farm next to us but alas now the farm is deserted and Fabius is dead, although it didn't occur in that order.

mmm food heres the meal that might have had something to do with attracting the dog, he did enjoy the ribs.

tublanc And here is the said deserted farm.
alan with fish van man
Here's pappy making a mockery of our fishing jaunts buying fish from a guy who has a fish van who comes round our way. a good selection of stuff, we had some ace prawns and muscles, and our restaurenteer friend brought around and bbq'd some ace macrel too.

king knewet Arch and Jw built this wall to protect me from the water (well thats how i interpreted the gesture) but the tide cut a gash in the protective wall and all was lost. We had some great times on the beach tho, chilling reading, swimming, snorkeling, body boarding etc.


The penultimate day begun with a trip to what is known as the car park beach, which now has a lifeguard post out of interest. We went to catch some waves as it was a rather blustery day. After going in for a while (and only really catching the last big wave, so worth it, due to my ankle which I buggered playing crazy golf would you believe?) we came out and wandered down the beach. I did some beach combing and found some lovely shells. We also climbed some rocks where you can usually find fools gold.pool at hamacsWe cruised on over to Sable D’Or and our new favourite bar Les Hamacs, that’s right a hammocks themed bar. Very chilled and we played some pool and we saw that it was good. We also discovered that Jw had burned his arms when cycling, it was funny as:

jw burn

sunset wow
So the final day occurred after a bit of a sleepless night which was annoying, we got up early and everyone else went off to the beach and I chilled at home, cleaned up a bit and begun packing. We chilled at home, Eric beat me twice at table tennis and we had yet another slap up pick and mix lunch. The journey back wasn’t bad, JW and I crammed into the back of the Hertz rentacar with the lugguage jostling for position. The rest of the journey was uneventful except ďnew security measuresĒ at Heathrow meant that passport control was long as. When I got home I settled in and moved into the room known as the sp’room.
I had such an ace time, really relaxed and looking back we actually did quite a lot of stuff.

Am tired now but it really was splendid and it was great to spend time with all the family, we were well fed and watered and loved. It was all much appreciated.

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