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July 14, 2005

In the cell

After the Second World War a lot of people were divided by other ideologies and ideals. Some where against their own governments and some were punished for unknown reasons. In Greece a civil war broke between the partisans who were supporting the communists and the government troops who were helped by the English. The country was already in ruins by the Germans and people were hungry and sick. Inside this situation our hero who his name does not matter is not only victim of the circumstances but also he is in prison without anyone to care about him. His captors think that he is a former spy and his family a traitor. He feels confused and tired from the closure.

Day 23

In a small piece of paper I am writing with small tiny letters , I am writing more, as much as I can fit in.I f My thoughts. I dont know how long I am going to stay here but I guess a lot more. I am cold. No clothes to wear. They took everything from me. There is no reason for this madness. I have to get out. Guards!! Guards!!! Someone!! Can you hear me? You are going to die in hell for this!You are going to pay you scums! Someday!

Day 112

My only hope now is you my little white friend. I ll fill you with my grey memories so you can tell others about this. I am not going to die for nothing, for a crime I have not commited, for a war I did not choose to fight. There is no way out now. They are the new society, I am the enemy of the people. Shoot me, shoot me in the head because I dared to think. I am your babies snatcher , your village leuper, the black sheep of the flock.

There is no way out.

I remember farmers at their fields , dancing and acting in the middle of the harvest and then august . August was so hot as a month but it was my favorite as a child , no school , always at the sea till the night.

Day 163

Where is my home? my village by the sea? Oh the beautiful grace of the morning sea breeze. I remember the sunny day that I went to school, a nice fresh breeze was brushing the top of the trees and the calm singing of birds was mixing with the constant buzz of the cicadas around .

Mother I love you so much but I will not do what you say. I am independent like the sea.

Day 212

Rain? I can feel it . I like rain the water always finds a way to escape from any direction. Water was not plenty in my island and it seemed that people were taking so much care of it that not a drip would go wasted.

My soul is like water, it can escape any time. I must stay strong in this final hour. I dont know what is going to happen to me but I must be prepared. I believe in freedom. I always did , being here, condemning me to be here is worse than death. I want to die for freedom. My own freedom. It is my duty to nature, to God.

Time for my morning beating.

The door opens and three people come inside the cell in khaki uniforms. He laughs but quickly bursts into tears. They beat him well. His ribs are swolen and his nose is bleeding. Lying in the ground heavilly scared.

Another day has come and I am not dead. Praise god.

And spits blood on the floor.

Where is my ? Oh God! They took my memories from me. What is it going to be of me? Can anybody hear me? You are going to Hell! I hate you ,you bastards!

Day 332

A month has past and he has not been questioned. The guards do not seem to care anymore. They have new arrivals to take care of. You can hear screaming and smell the roten blood in the air. He holds his breath and then slowly he exhales. Days pass like hours, hours pass like minutes and his breath is crystalised in the frozen walls of his cell. Every day the same food. Every time the same procedure. But today is a special day as he has found a small metal fork. Inside his plate.

Propably fell in the kitchen .I am the one to get the lucky share. God has forshaken me. I have a purpose. I have to escape. There is no window in my cell. I have to find a weak spot in the wall and dig a hole into it. I can hear the rain. I am very close. I am sure that if I dig here I will get outside.

Something I wrote in greek

*Καταναλωτικός Βιασμός
Αφού δεν μπορώ να τον αποφύγω θα κάτσω να τον απολαύσω.

Η τηλεόραση

Οι διαφημίσεις πειρνούν αργά αργά απο τη τηλεόραση. Οι σούπερ ήρωες των καθαριστικών προιόντων συναγώνιζονται για το ποιός θα κάνει το σπίτι λαμπίκο και θα στείλει στο κικεώνα της ακολασίας τα προβλήματα της καλής νοικοκοιράς- εργαζόμενης μητέρας που όμως έχει χρόνο να μαγειρέψει το σουφλέ, να αλλάξει πάνες το μωρό και να υπογράψει ένα συμβόλαιο συνεργασίας με μια Ιαπωνική εταιρεία εμφιάλωσης οξυγόνου σε κουτάκια αλουμινίου. Εδώ πουλούνται τα πάντα και η τηλεόραση δοξάζεται όπως ποτέ άλλοτε.
Μόλις αρχισε το αγαπημένο μου πρόγραμμα. Κάθομαι αναπαυτικά στη πολυθρόνα μου και παίρνω το τηλεκοντρόλ στο ένα μου χέρι, δυναμώνοντας τον ήχο, καταπίνω μια γουλιά απο το αγαπημένο μου καφέ αναψυκτικό και απλώνω τα ποδια μου στο τραπεζάκι. Ωχ, τώρα βρήκα να θέλω να χέσω. Η μια μεγαλη ευχαρίστηση διακόπτει την άλλη. Ω τη μεγαλύτερη ευτυχία. Αν ειχα μια τηλεοραση στην τουαλέτα ή μια τουαλέτα στο χώλ απέναντι απο τη τηλεόραση. Μισό λεπτό αγαπημένη μου. Σου υπόσχομαι να γυρίσω γρήγορα.

Η Παραγγελιά

Η τηλεόραση ακούγεται στο βάθος και το τηλεπαιχνίδι έχει αρχίσει. Ο παρουσιαστής παρουσιάζει τους παίκτες έναν έναν με κάποια καυστικά αστεία που οι παίκτες τα δέχονται με νευρικά χαμόγελα καθώς τα ψεύτικα χειροκροτήματα πέφτουν για να καλύψουν τη νευρική σιγή. Διαφημίσεις και αμέσως μετά πάλι μαζι.
Το στομάχι μου αδυνατεί να αντεπεξελθει στη πίεση των σαγηνέυτικων υποκατάστατων τροφής που πέφτουν σιγά και αισθησιακά ανάμεσα απο δύο φέτες ψωμί με μπόλικη μαγιονέζα για να βρούνε το δρόμο τους γρήγορα στο στόμα μιας πανέμορφης ξανθιάς καλονής. Οι θόρυβοι μεγαλώνουν σιγά σιγά σαν επικήμενη καταιγίδα που ακούγεται οτι έρχεται απο μακριά. Παίρνω γρήγορα το τηλεφωνικό κατάλογο. Για να δούμε , Κινέζικο, Ινδικό, βρώμικο, καθαρό, σάπιο, φρέσκο, μαύρο ή άσπρο; Τελικά όλα αυτά μαζί σε ένα, και παραγγέλνω μια σπέσιαλ πίτσα. Η παραγγελία σας θα είναι έτοιμη σε μισή ώρα. Ίσα που προλαβαίνω τη μπόρα.

July 07, 2005

London attacks

Although I am far away from London now ,I must say that the terrorist attack has affected my life here in Greece. I lived in this lovely city for three years. I passed through the streets and used the tube in the areas that are now a crime scene.
Shame to those who staged such a terrible crime.
My thoughts are with all my friends that study and work there. I called several of them who work in the affected areas and they said they are ok. Thank god

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