May 07, 2005

Larissa–my town

Writing about web page

Larissa prefecture

Larissa, a region of unique natural beauty, pulses with wooded mountains, has a large fertile plain that is crossed by river Pinios, and has various extended beaches as well. The prefecture of Larissa is an ideal destination for those who enjoy touring all year round.

The prefecture of Larissa belongs to the geographical district of Thessalia – it is the largest one – and borders with Pieria and Kozani in the north, Grevena, Trikala and Karditsa in the west, Fthiotida and Magnissia in the south and the Aegean Sea in the east. It has approximately 270.600 inhabitants.

The town of Larissa, which is the capital of the prefecture, is outspread on the infinite plain, which crossed by the river Pinios. Larissa is a modern, cosmopolitan, town with interesting sightseeing. The acropolis, the ancient theaters, the monument – museum of Hippokrates, the park of Alcazar, the traditional houses at Tabakika and at the fortress, the archaeological museum, the picture gallery and the cultural – historical museum, are definitely worth seeing.

Wondering around the prefecture of Larissa you will visit many beautiful and interesting settlements. The hamlet Agia, built at the slopes of Ossa mountain, the tourist resort Agiokambos with the extended sandy beach, the historical village Ambelakia, built at the straits of Tembi and the whole region of Tembi, which is one of the most scenic sites of the world, shall amaze you. Furthermore, the tourist center Farsala, the picturesque large village Tsaritsani, the seaside resort Stomio, the cultural town Elassona and Tyrnavos, the beautiful town with the scheduled buildings, are worth visiting.

All over the prefecture of Larissa you will admire the miracle of nature and the gift of history

Saint-Achille, Agios Achilleios, est le saint patron de la ville de Larissa.Le cheval est l'emblème de la ville de Larissa.

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  1. mandy and larissa

    hi im mandy and this is my cuzin larissa …we love your site especially 4 the fact that my cuzins name origionally belongs to a town<——mandy

    … I'm not happy about it! My parents named me after a TOWN!!!<——larissa

    yes…so this is mandy again i wish i was named after a beautiful place like larissa….so n e way im 14 and she is 11…we were searching our names on google lol and im a super model and she's also a neptunes moon :^) isint that awsome !!!<——mandy

    well, after being named after my favorte planets moon i guess its ok…<—-larissa

    who cares? i'm a MOON!<—-larissa

    :@ well u no what MOONS R FAT!<——mandy

    super models have face transplants!<—-larissa
    oh that is it young lady….your moon exploded 3 years ago mohahahha*maniacle laughter*<—-mandy
    yeah, well, your ugly!<——-larissa
    OMG! :O:O:O i never said i was pretty () ()

    ( . . )

    (,,,)( ) (,,,) BUNNY POWER!!!!

    (,,,)(,,,) DIE!



    OMG\ /


    ^ that was so evil!
    n e way we love the site we gtg

    sencirly Mandy and Larissa :P:D

    07 Jul 2005, 16:04

  2. eggbert and taneal

    hi we like the girls that just posted a comment…thier funny and there also are second cuzins twice removed…eggbert loves them :P
    >:( no i dont ….
    yes u do;)
    >:O no i dont!
    who do you prefer
    ha ha! you like a town silly!
    i told u to :'* <<<- shhhh!
    no you didin't
    yea i put the shhh! smiley it looks like>>>:'*
    i did scroll up i can prove it!
    un huh.
    fine n e way….i like eggs
    wat?! i do takes bite of egg
    yeah… and i like bananas…
    well obviously !!! banana girl!
    HA! proof! I DIDIN'T lie!
    i should penut butter your jelly >:D* mohahahahahahahha*
    ha ha! peanut butter jeellly!!!
    sorry but we gtg cuz we have to finish our fight…
    if u never heard of the peanut butter jelly banana song go to and go to flash movies and look 4 it its so funny :P n e way
    PeAcE OuT
    – ..::$::..3gGb3rT..::$::.. and if u cant read the 1st name…THATS YOUR PROBLEM! from ..::$::..3gGb3rT..::$::..

    07 Jul 2005, 16:25

  3. josh

    if you read this your gay

    07 Jul 2005, 18:07

  4. mandy

    josh ur such a rude child… confused w/ the meaning of fun

    07 Jul 2005, 18:12

  5. mandy

    hahahha i guess im gay cuz i read it 7 times :P

    07 Jul 2005, 18:20

  6. josh

    i love mandy

    07 Jul 2005, 18:21

  7. del


    07 Jul 2005, 18:22

  8. larissa

    the owner might get mad at u 2 >:(

    07 Jul 2005, 18:24

  9. I never get mad

    07 Jul 2005, 22:33

  10. mandy

    hi athanasios

    how old r u?

    08 Jul 2005, 19:05

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