June 06, 2005

101 Ways to be a Cool Greek–American

1. Smoke as if it was your last day on earth
2. Own an alphanumeric pager with a built-in answering machine
3. Own a cellular phone, talk on it ALL the time
4. Dress as though you’re headed for a club when you’re actually going to class
5. Speak Greek all the time
6. Have only Greek friends
7. Learn to say the Greek alphabet really fast to impress the natives
8. Wear those tight black pants and tons of make-up (If you are a girl) or, be sure to have a pony tail (If you are a guy)
9. Travel in groups of 10 or more to parties
11. Go to Greek Orthodox summer camps (Ionian Village, Ascension, St. Sophia, BDC, CYC.. etc.)
12. Go to all Greek college parties
13. Refuse to dance to anything but Euro club or Greek folk music
14. Dance in circles at all parties and clubs
15. If you are a guy, use a lot of gel and mouse in your hair, or if you are a girl, be sure to run your fingers though your hair each time you spot a hot guy
16. Dress as though you’re headed for a club when you’re actually going to church
17. Wear only designer labels and make sure they are extremely visible
18. If your a guy, walk 10 feet in front of your date at all times
19. Own a bouzouki if you can, even if you know nothing about them and bring it to parties
20. Wear a leather jacket at all times, even in the summer
21. Tell American acquaintances that money is never an object even if all you have is $10
22. Guys and girls wear those big black boots (Aldo specials)
23. Make sure your parents are illiterate with a heavy accent, but crafty
24. Believe in DKNY, Versace, Moshino, and Armani
25. Make sure your parents and relatives own a pizza place or a diner or some other cash business and DO NOT pay enough taxes
26. Guys, get a hair cut once a week (if you are not of the pony tail variety)
27. Make sure you install every possible option in your car (the ashtray and the Vandi tape is a must)
28. Own a sports car (even if it’s a piece of skata)
29. Use church as a social ground to meet potential dates
30. Go to every GOYA dance possible
31. If you are a girl make sure your hair is covered with highlights of brown or blonde
32. Buy a komboloi and play with it like you know how to
33. Girls and guys, wear as much silver or gold as possible
34. Tell everyone you were born in Greece
35. Know all the names of Greek foods
36. Tell everyone stories of your amazing summer in Greece (even if you’ve never been there)
37. Have lots of Greek pride
38. Celebrate your name day like your birthday, confuse the natives
39. Girls hold other Greek girl’s hands in public as a symbol of friendship
40. Put Greek stickers all over your belongings (car, room…)
41. If someone asks you your race proudly say “Greek”
42. Girls go out with Greek guys much older than you
43. Have huge parties
44. There is no drinking age in Greece, pretend as though you’re there
45. Always give kisses on both sides of cheeks (mind the excessive make-up)
46. Follow your horoscope
47. Believe in all Greek superstitions not observed anymore even in the smallest Greek village
48. Whatever you do… don’t drive like a Greek from Greece (here the police takes notice)
49. Make friends wherever you go
50. Play soccer, watch soccer, pick a Greek soccer team
51. Listen to Greek music
52. Teach non-Greeks swears in Greek, then make fun of their accent
53. Go to church as much as possible
54. Be familiar with all new Greek slang
55. Do every thing “Greek Style”-as if you were perfect
56. Guys carry a wallet everywhere
57. Show off Greek money as if 100 drachmas was 100 dollars
58. Drink Greek coffee in the winter and frappe in the summer
59. Read Greek magazines
60. Go to all Greek events
61. Know about your religion
62. Know all the names of your family in Greece
63. Consider yourself as a Greek God or Goddess
64. Girls, go out with more than one guy at a time
65. Be the life of the party
66. Ouzo is your friend (so drink it)
67. Party until the morning, then go out for breakfast
68. Go to Greek cafes
69. Keep a lot of pictures of friends at all times
70. Have at least one favorite number and color at all times
71. Learn Greek pig-latin and speak it with your friends
72. Girls, carry a pocketbook everywhere.
73. Memorize the words of your favorite Greek song
74. Have at least 3 nick-names
75. Plan a trip to at least one Greek island
76. Hang a huge Greek flag in your room
77. Know at least one Greek singer (e.g. Vandi, Dallarras, etc.)
78. Start a Greek club at your school
79. Travel to places where there’s a lot of Greeks
80. When ever in presence of other unknown Greeks, pretend you can’t speak Greek to hear everything they say about you in Greek
81. Always talk about that special someone in Greece (even if they don’t exist)
82. Never be ashamed of your given birth name (even if named after a tree, e.g. Lemonia!)
83. Always keep your last name (don’t shorten it, even if named Papadimitroharalampopoulos)
84. Don’t be ashamed to be full of yourself
85. Refer to all elders and friends’ parents as aunts and uncles (theo and thea)
86. Know how to Greek dance, take classes, teach classes
87. Have a lot of perfume or cologne on at all times
88. Waste all your money on stuff, you can never have enough of anything
89. Know at least 20 girls each named Maria, Eleni, Irene or Sophia
90. Know at least 20 guys each named George, Nick, Gianni or Kosta
92. Go out for coffee with your friends
93. Smoke the heaviest cigarettes available
94. Wear the same outfit 2 to 4 times in a row
95. Take a nap in the afternoon
96. Don’t always be in a rush, arrive late to parties and learn to chill (run on Greek time)
97. You only live once, so live the best as possible
98. Don’t wear shorts or sandals in the summer (those are reserved for the natives)
99. Always show off your naturally tanned skin
100. Don’t be offended if someone calls you an immigrant (take it as a compliment)
101. Fall in love with Greece, Greek culture, and everything Greek
By Ellada M.

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  1. anthony

    This is cool

    20 Aug 2005, 07:35



    18 Sep 2006, 05:26

  3. theo

    know your greek gods !!!!!

    17 Feb 2007, 11:02

  4. Vasilis


    07 Mar 2007, 10:46

  5. Antho

    102. LIVE GREEK
    103. Instead of saying hello, say Yasou!
    104. Paint Your car red!

    14 Jun 2007, 11:37

  6. Athanassios

    Poli orai eine afto. Prepi na agapas pou eisai Ellinas! Hellas OLE!

    08 Jul 2007, 08:12

  7. fuck greeks

    hey fuck greeks we dont like you

    19 Jul 2007, 16:51

  8. tw

    no 7 comment is a retard

    24 Sep 2007, 11:08

  9. sarah

    I’m desperately in love with a Greek guy, he lovesme too but can’t be with me because his mom won’t accept me as a non-greek – how 21st century is that? i don’t understand, and its breakingmy heart – be true to your family but be true to yourself, we can’t help who we fall in love with and this hurts.

    14 Oct 2007, 16:38

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