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February 14, 2011

The MBE syndrome…


Sharing an experience of attending a Non-MBE module today..

I must say, over these four months, I am so used to the MBE culture, I realized the difference today. I am now used to getting answers to questions raised in class only with counter questions.. resulting in a discussion.

It surprises me too, to see the change, but I am now no more used to prescriptions! I hated it, when I got a straightforward answer to a doubt raised in class. I now have a habit of looking for my own answers and reaching to my own solutions while struggling through a chain of thoughts and ideas...!!

It is how we are lead or 'allowed to take the lead', that is making all the difference..

October 20, 2010

20' October 2010, Couldnt be more productive

At the end of days like today you realize that a course meant to be a two-year one is squeezed within one-year.

Todays Session with Dayvon Goodsell, as per our time table was supposed to be a talk on the EFQM model, i.e. as I had expected it to be.

But surprisingly, in my opinion, it was much more than that. It was the essence of the entire course covered in a hundred and ten slides (which though could not be completely covered yet) which were able to convince me atleast, that the job of me being a manager would be really challenging.

We have been hearing often, that we are in the ‘Solutions Business’, but it now appears to me, we are n the ‘Learning and Solutions’ Business. In our job, we not only learn a lot, we help people learn and grow.

What we as students at MBE are doing is, that we are learning to think broad, create knowledge and to make wise decisions. It is these decisions that will some day lead to an organization to the path of Excellence

Another important aspect of the presentation was that he divided the (yet seeming complex) EFQM model, into smithereens. I could not even imagine, a model that seemed to consist of just nine criteria, could be so elaborate. By dividing each criteria into subparts, though the understanding of the model became easy, it also made clear that as managers, the job of applying it is going to be very complex and challenging.

The emphasis was laid on the fact that EFQM is a subjective model. The judgement depends entirely upon ones understanding of criteria, but this is what makes the model more ‘tailor-made’. I say this because as per my understanding, there are no set of rules. The ‘guidelines’ in the model, can thus be used as they are applicable to our organization. As discussed, in the evaluation, Dayvon said that the definition of evidence (as mentioned on the assessment sheet) could not be made as there was nothing like a perfect pattern in which an evidence would be required.

I must admit here, that even after discussing the topic of ISO vs EFQM yesterday, and even supporting that EFQM is a better approach, in our presentation, I was not 100% convinced that EFQM is such an integrated and comprehensive approach. It is only now that the picture is clear in my mind that it cannot be underestimated as just a self-assessing tool. It is way more than that. It is a holistic approach in the real sense, that involves alt of time and effort to be applied, and it requires a very bold step on the part of the manager to be choosing this technique.

As far as the mini-projects are concerned, I am really amazed to see that how much that Paul said was true. I could never even, imagine before going through these series of presentations, that how effective researching on our own on absolutely alien topics, the names of which I had never heard in my wildest dreams, could turn out to be so effective. I really admit that that a lecture in the beginning of the module, would have directed our minds in one direction and we would not have been able to think beyond it. But now, I can say, that “Even if my views are different from what you think, I respect your view”. For example, Knowles today discussed natural variation with the diagram. I so agree with it. But if this had been discussed before we had researched, it would have been the end of it all... I would have never thought of an entirely different approach of going about the problem. 

The most important outcome of today is that today I understand the essence, of what an international master’s course means. Today, here at WMG, I have an exposure to the standards of the world, I know what the world is upo, and I have a first hand experience of meeting and learning from the masters in the field like Dayvonn Goodsell himself.

In the country, where I come from, now I visualise how much there is a scope to learn. The first and the foremost aspect being, setting up a learning environment in itself. We need to learn from the west, why, what and how to learn. There is an urgent need to assess our practices, and adopt what is good from the west. We are a developing nation, and the developing process is incomplete without learning. The EFQM, for instance or any other comprehensive excellence model for that matter has hardly been made available or has been made use of by firms that can be counted on fingers. We claim to have a vision’ 2020, but for it, there are miles to go as I see it from where I am today.

My job from now begins as to ponder, how I can develop ideas from these new techniques that I learn from the west, and do justice to what my nation has invested in me, by helping it grow.

October 15, 2010

MBE.. The right choice for me.

Hi All..

At the end of the second week here at Warwick, the feeling is much more comfortable and settled. I hope the same is with u guys..

I must say, that now I have settled with the course of MBE, and made my mind that Yes.. This is the right course.. with doubts clearing today morning.. In Paul's words, maybe I can say that I have "Learnt to Learn"

The right matter with the right guidance is what will make the right learning happen.. Doubts did erupt in my mind every now and then, and settled one after the other after attending some discussions with Paul, leaving me mesmerised and thinking, that there is so much to learn, and coming to Warwick MBE has been such a good decision..

To start with, grasping more and more everyday about different topics of CBE, It is astonishing for me to believe that I have started pondering so much on this management related stuff, when am cooking, when on the bus, and almost at all times.. though I must admit, I have not yet fully understood EFQM.. :( But yet.. I think it is a good start..

Certain topics like Organizational Learning and Measurement i.e. the ones on which you have to think of ideas of your own like what could be the possible issues and what could I propose, do interest me alot and set me thinking..

Today, after Paul suggested how we do seminars, I really appreciate this new way of imparting knowledge.. and I really envy Paul's job.. :)   God!!.. He meets students from all over the world, year after year, coming and delivering new ideas.. all with a different viewpoint..!!

Anyways.. working hard on these miniprojects (which are not 'mini' by any means).. Lets see how it gets..

All the Best Everyone.. for the Miniprojects..!!


October 11, 2010

MBE.. Choice of Electives

Hi All…

As I go about writing my first blog, my sincere request to all the readers is to be a little more considerate towards me while going through this blog and excuse me for any mistakes that I may make…

So, to begin with, Greetings to all my fellow mates of MBE, or WMG as a whole, especially to all those whom I haven’t had an opportunity to say hello even after a week of joining.

Most of us here are from different parts of the world, so as we go for this roller coaster ride around the sun, sitting in this beautiful part of the earth, (Well, I interpret it in this way – as Paul says, just like kids of kindergarten, you’ll think you are playing while you’ll actually be learning so much.) cheers to us!!

With so many inputs within the first week at Warwick, lead be Paul, Jeff Jones, Mr. Banerjee, Ms. Amanda, I feel scared, nervous and excited at the same time, just hoping that at the end of the year, we pass out without a sign of regret

of “could have done better”.

With this in mind I have a suggestion to make through this blog. This is regarding the choice of elective modules. If we go by the list of recommended electives, the subjects vary a great deal ranging from sustainable design to something relating project planning. As Mr. Sujit Banerjee suggested, we must make a wise decision in choosing our electives. Our choice of electives should drive us towards our desired career path. In my opinion, we as new entrants to the course, do not have a very broad insight into what each of the elective options has to offer and which one would be best suited for us. Hence if some of you also think the same and agree, we can probably request Paul to arrange a discussion on this issue. Other suggestions regarding this are welcome to be commented on this blog...

May we be the best MBE batch, WMG has seen…

All the best to all of us..!!


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