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April 01, 2011

An anti–knowledge base view!

Something just flashed my mind (Think am being to critical these days!)

We are all in the view, and so does the literature suggests that knowledge is a valuable asset. Right knowledge available at the right time is what must be aimed through IT knowledge bases as well.

On the contrary, can we say that there could be cases, where extensive and elaborate knowledge bases (not only IT based) may be used as readymade solutions and could halt creative thinking!? Say,an organizationa has an excellent knowledge base, with effective collection, storage and dissemination, in such a case, could it be that a decision that'd be available from a previous experience cause a bias in the mind of the decision maker (even though no two problems would generally be exactly the same), and hence lead to ineffective decision making?

Maybe this is a part of knowledge 'Management'! But how can a trade-off be achieved!?

Eager to listen to your views..

March 30, 2011

facebook: a Knowledge Management System

U guys may be thinking that am gone crazy, which I myself agree, I am seeing KM in facebook now! But I just cant help being facinated by KM!

I was going thorugh some literature regarding KM, and for a break, I log in facebook. The next thing that comes to my mind is, this is knowledge base too! and that too, quite an effective one (ofcourse besides all the crap that we share)!

How do I think it is so appropriate?

For instance, a friend of mine (fellow civil engineer) shares, he is at a site for tunneling right now in Srinagar. He has had this opportunity to visit the site as a part of his job. Though, this information is of no use for me today, but, in case I am in such a kind of situation, or have a project relating this, there it is, somewhere in the back of my mind, that he may know something about this. Maybe I can contact. Maybe, the day I contact, he doesnt have much to share, but on the other hand, maybe he knows somebody who has!

November 23, 2010

The Challenge in Change

Six Sigma is in the air..

There have been several discussions, in which we figure HOW can we best apply six sigma.. How to best interpret DMAIC, and apply all possible time and resoource to make it a success. NOt only this, many of us have also being mind-boggling over how DMAIC in itself is maybe not the absolute tool, but requires some additional behaviours to successfulyy realise it as an Excellence tool.

But, what bothers me the most at this time is, that is the practical application of all that we have just realized, that easy?? It is easy to talk about change management and psychology, but is this actually feasible?? For once, just try getting into the shoes of a manager.. I can see him/her struggling to be heard!!

What we have discussed today is, that the solution lies in bringing about a huge change in the entire MINDSET of an organization.. I think changing the view of a single person is a massive job, and here we are talking of so many people together, including the senior management, all on one side, and a single person on the other!!

The job to change the mindset of the senior management is in itself a huge task.. There has to be emense faith in your capabilities, for the senior management to have faith in your vision.. In Graeme's words, Enough faith, to be able to change them from 'Statistics People' to 'People People'.. Especially, when it is going to be a a long while until the fruit is going to come into picture..  

I wonder how much that is possible.. But this is in my understanding, the most significant and the most challenging role on the part of a manager envisioning an Excellent organisation..

October 17, 2010

The passives and the Mischievous.. A preview as a Manager to be

In this Seminar preview, I discuss what I think can be a way to deal with passive or mischievous (I avoid the name Paul gave them) employees in an organization.

I lay stress more upon how can this be done without wasting significant amount of time, energy and other resurces on them. In order to achieve this, the methods I suggest involve some psychology study of the employee.

About the passives and pessimists first:

In my opinion, these are the ones who are in this category with a little or no fault of theres. So, firing, is not a fair option. So you need to work on improving the attitude of the employee, and nearly certainly the energy will follow.

To begin with, appreciation is a must. If nothing else works, appreciation always does. Just a passing comment, or an email, can enlighten ones day in the knowledge that he/she's being thought of. The next step could be, handling a responsibility (which may not be a very urgent task). With a responsibility at hand, and confidence geared, one would want to prove oneself, and look forward to another word of appreciation.

Next, about the Mischievous:

This type of people have to be dealt in a different way. The first and foremost step in my opinion being, separate them, if there is a group, into different departments. A group of wicked minds will always be more dangerous than a single. Next, there is a need to know them more, and make them aware of the organization, and their common interest. This can be done by more interaction. This can be easily achieved by making it a point to have a casual chat with them often, maybe at lunch or coffee breaks etc or at random free times.

Looking forward to what everyone has to suggest..

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