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February 25, 2011

Re–engineered Awal..!

As I sit down to work today for my PEUSS PMA, I cant really concentrate, because my mind is still running through this wierd thing we call Leadership! (I think I'm gonna have to write 'LEADERSHIP' on a piece of paper and put it into my fridge!)

I call it wierd, because as I see it from this end of the week, I realize what all we learnt in this week, has so much more to it than managing organizations. Leadership is a way of life! Moving towards a goal, solving problems.. what else is it?

Reflecting upon the Coaching exercise, I realize, human beings have a natural  power to solve their problems within themselves! But this power is so supressed because there is a lack of people who could take it out! Absolutely amazed by the results, I am totally convinced now, that there is nothing in this world that is impossible. Every problem is solvable!

Now that we know what 'coaching' is, I figure, that I have been actualy doing this at times, its just that I didnt know there was an actual technical term to it. I remember doing something like this to help my younger brother figure his aim in life, when he was so confused. I used something of a similar kind to help a friend of mine decide, when he couldnt figure whether or not he should change his job. It is actually miraculous! This is like a seventh sense of humankind, the sense of problem solving!

After this week, I so understand there is so much a need to undo the engineer in me at times.. there is a need not to look for answers. We are so conditioned to answer and to seek answers. We are conditioned to be directed and to direct.. Yes, the direction may not be wrong, but does that mean it is correct?

Sometime in the module, I said my fear was whether or not I would be trusted upon!?. I think I can say now, I'll make myself trusted upon...

November 05, 2010

I can Create Business Excellence

We are 1/12th through our course with a realization that we have learnt alot.. terms unheard before seem known, and have learnt other traits.. but everything was so messed up in the mind, a complete chaos..

EFQM- something like enablers and results, and alot more when you try to operate it deeper in, Organization learning-a continuous process, measurement-something very practical for problem-checking, deming- something too good to follow for many organizations..

But once you go through the PMA, and just sit back and ponder over the three questions, it feels things are getting in place, and you are knowing what is what, and now is the time to apply it all..

Whatever theoretical knowledge that we gained in the module week, it is now the time to apply it, and develop your skill and gear up for the business world. 

Throughout the week, I wondered, that this EFQM, or others look so complex, once i go into the field, How am i supposed to apply it? Where do i start from? How do i go about it? 

Now within 10 days of completing the module week, i can see myself expatiating the EFQM in detail, (i feel like a surgeon in the middle of an open-heart surgery)

We had been talking that EFQM is a subjective model, with everyone applying it as per their own interpretation in context of their own organization. Similarly, we are all gong to apply it with our own interpratation, which may even be poles apart.

Also, I have been working on my project proposal.. PDCA'ing about it.. planning something, working on it and ending up rejecting it myself, and then rethinking..  With very little confidence in this before, and achieving more than expectations, one thing we can assure ourselves, in the end, we will emerge as creators of excellence, and guide through, how it is meant to be done..

Looking forward to see how it gets in due course..

Good Luck Everyone.. Keep working..

And yes, Happy Diwali!

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