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June 08, 2011

Lifecycle Management: I think I now understand it..

This video (that I also posted on facebook) makes me wonder, is it that we are looking at the part of the lifecycle of products only to an extent that we think we can manage? There are other things which we never cared to think about, but indirectly (and unknowingly) we are attacking the planet!

For instance, how often have we talked about innovation with regard to creating newer demands, newer markets.. without thinking of the fact that we are accelerating the pace at which our old products become useless, and our customers need newer ones! which is great because it highers our bottom line, but have we thought that it also highers the landfills, and the pollution levels! Now as I'm seeing it, we as customers along with we as business owners/ manufacterers, we want it or not, are planning the demise of the planet!

Yes, we need innovation, but only to come out of the crisis that we've created for ourselves..

Atleast I had never thought in these lines.. I wonder how much is it that we're still not aware of..

June 06, 2011

Establishing an Excellent Entrepreneurial Venture

Project days on..

Just thought I'd share my experience of working on the project of visualizing an entrepreneurial venture.. Must say, it is a real difficult task for somebody like me who hardly has any work experience, to visualize the working of an entire business, that I am supposed to lead. With nothing materialised in front of my eyes, it is hard to imagine what should it look like, what should be the culture, where am I in the picture, will it work, where to find the people, what will the scene be few months hence..!?

And in the course of this visualization, I see various aspects of MBE modules running through my mind continuously.. It is like an automatic search engine that has been fixed in my mind which googles through the knowledge base and gives me thousands of results of the form 'Have you thought about this!?'

Since we've learned through case studies of existing companies, and ofcourse our beloved WaveRiders, what I am trying now is thinking of how these troubles can be eradicated from the root, trying to foolproof.. Though its not possible and there is always scope for improvement, but atleast now that i have the opportunity to carve a business the way I want it to be, it should atleast live upto the full utilization of my current knowledge.. And an integral part of this is, making inherent in the business, to keep learning..

If nothing else works, atleast this will..

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