February 25, 2011

Re–engineered Awal..!

As I sit down to work today for my PEUSS PMA, I cant really concentrate, because my mind is still running through this wierd thing we call Leadership! (I think I'm gonna have to write 'LEADERSHIP' on a piece of paper and put it into my fridge!)

I call it wierd, because as I see it from this end of the week, I realize what all we learnt in this week, has so much more to it than managing organizations. Leadership is a way of life! Moving towards a goal, solving problems.. what else is it?

Reflecting upon the Coaching exercise, I realize, human beings have a natural  power to solve their problems within themselves! But this power is so supressed because there is a lack of people who could take it out! Absolutely amazed by the results, I am totally convinced now, that there is nothing in this world that is impossible. Every problem is solvable!

Now that we know what 'coaching' is, I figure, that I have been actualy doing this at times, its just that I didnt know there was an actual technical term to it. I remember doing something like this to help my younger brother figure his aim in life, when he was so confused. I used something of a similar kind to help a friend of mine decide, when he couldnt figure whether or not he should change his job. It is actually miraculous! This is like a seventh sense of humankind, the sense of problem solving!

After this week, I so understand there is so much a need to undo the engineer in me at times.. there is a need not to look for answers. We are so conditioned to answer and to seek answers. We are conditioned to be directed and to direct.. Yes, the direction may not be wrong, but does that mean it is correct?

Sometime in the module, I said my fear was whether or not I would be trusted upon!?. I think I can say now, I'll make myself trusted upon...

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  1. Go Awal! I feel a similar way about confidence in myself too :D Great module…

    26 Feb 2011, 12:30

  2. Ashu Takkar

    good going.

    28 Feb 2011, 06:58

  3. Gurmeet Singh

    Often the accurate answer to a usage question begins, “It depends.” And what it depends on most often is where you are, who you are, who your listeners or readers are, and what your purpose in speaking or writing is.

    28 Feb 2011, 16:56

  4. Dear Gurmeet,
    This is a reflection of my experiences from my last module (Leadership and Excellence) here at Warwick. I think it is this term ‘Coaching’ that you are referring to. Let me clarify, it is this means of communication (not only with your employees) that may be said to be the opposite of ‘telling’. It is about encouraging thought and reaching to solutions to problems rather than directing to one.
    Of course ‘it depends’. Rather, we discussed here at this module
    Lp= f(L, gm, s)
    where Lp = Leadership
    L= leader
    gm= group members and
    s= situation
    so ofcourse it depends on the three.

    PS: Gurmeet is a friend from India, and is a civil engineer, running his own construction business.

    02 Mar 2011, 00:36

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