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March 24, 2011

Leadership for me

A thought struck my mind while I was thinking about my entrepreneurial venture (dissertation topic) by which I mean a very small scale organization to begin with. The question that I asked to myself was, ‘What I want my role to be?’

In search for an answer, the first thing that came to my mind is me working around 12 hours a day, files and folders around me. Then this suddenly lead me to think, is this what I thought when I wanted to be an entrepreneur!?

NO! So then I realize, I cannot generally be a part of the daily activities, and running projects. This is too much of an underutilization of my potential. What I need to do is, look at things from a distance, which means, looking at where we’re heading, if at all we are, and where we wanted to head to in the first place. And this is from where the roots of continuous improvement will be laid in the organization. Even if it is a small scale organization, I cannot allow it to be static over the years, and to break this staticity, this is one thing I have to be sure of. I cannot let myself fall in the trap of solving the urgent and important only and forgetting about the not-urgent and important!

This is probably the essence of an MBE over any other standard business management masters course. Either of them would teach you to manage people and day to day activities. But this is something that most organizations wouldn’t even realize they are lacking without having lost a number of years!

Halfway through the course, I can now see a bit of clarity in my mind, how am I going to put the wisdom (it is worth being called that) that I gain from this course, to practice. The beauty is, I have something to begin with!

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