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February 20, 2011

A group of stars makes a constellation!

'People with strong personalities', when I first interpetted these words from our tomorrow's seminar topic, it was not a very positive thought. Not very constructive, I must admit. But now as my chain of thought advances, I realize, what I am assuming to be 'Urban terrorists', may actually be the 'stars' that are into consideration..

Or rather, in a  nutshell, we are talking about people with 'positive energy'. But if you remember, we have already discussed about handling the urban terrorists in one of the seminars in the CBE module.. So mostly, this is about 'stars'..

Eureka! This is probably the foremost mistake that a leader may make! A person in the team, who has high energy, assuming him to be an urban terrorist, or the trouble maker, may be a reason in spoiling the relationship between the leader and the team (the person in particular), from the very beginning!

So begin with, a positive attitude!

Now, it is the leader's job, to make the best use of the resources. This guy/girl is a 'resource', make the best use of it. Understand, communicate, befriend (consider at par), and the most important in this process is, always keep track of the goal.. It must be emphasised time and again, that the team (leader and the guy/girl too) are heading towards a common goal.. so it is in the best interest of the team that the best of ideas are practiced.. I think, a push or initiation is what is required time and again, in order to generate newer ideas. In addition, for such personalities, in many times is an issue that their opinion is valued or not. Make sure the opinion is valued, but if it cannot be, give a clear reason why not, this will not only result in generation of newer ideas, but also aid towards reaching a consensus..

The case of 'multiple people with strong personalities':

In such cases, I think it is time consuming, but the results of discussions, from varying and sometimes clashing ideas, are many times absolutely great.. The complexity in handling the situation though may increase to a certain extent.It requires a lot of reasoning and consensus building to arrive to a decision.. But in such a case,the 'influence' part of leadership comes into picture. Maybe it is not the case of black or white, maybe there is a grey that you think suits best. If there is no grey, then reason, why is it white and not black? and make it understood within the team, so that it only emerges as a mutual decision... Understand and make it understood!

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