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January 09, 2012

Submitted PIUSS PMA

Follow-up to Implementing lean six sigma from Akshay's blog

Finally I submitted my PIUSS PMA... according to my plane I was supposed to submit this PMA a week ago and start working on FACS PMA but don’t know till last date I felt that something is missing in PMA so every day I made some changes in my PMA and finally I submitted today...

Now I am ready to concentrate on FACS... don’t know why but it happen with me until I finish one work completely cant able to concentrate on other... this is lack of multitasking skills... I need to develop those. Anyway I learned a lot in this PMA, about Six-sigma and lean combination and their implementation in the organization and how to integrate these two powerful methodologies to give desired results. While doing this PMA I got more and more knowledge about six-sigma so hoping that I can use that in real life effectively..

December 31, 2011

Implementing lean six sigma

In last few bogs I talked about lean and six sigma methodologies and their history and evolution. They I carried my research to integration of lean and six sigma how they are been combined these days and how their shown results. When I was reading literatures on integration of lean and six sigma I realised that there is lot of literatures talks on benefits of integration, as lean and six sigma both methodologies works on same ground and if integrated together how their integrated approach may give better results. There is also written on similarities and differences of lean and six sigma which can be used for their integration. But what I have realised that there is less written on their capability is if they are good to integrate and they can give better results but this is theoretically what about its practical implementation??? If we don’t know about their practical implementation then how can we able to determine compatibility of integrated approach??? So now I am looking for practical implementation of lean six sigma but I will do that next year……… until that time........,

When the mid-nite bell rings tonight..

Let it signify new and better things for you,

let it signify a realisation of all things you wish for,

Let it signify a year of courage and believes,

Wishing you all a very...very...very Happy and prosperous New year 2012.

December 27, 2011

Combinations of Lean and six sigma and use of Mindmap

Follow-up to Compatibility.. from Akshay's blog

In last few days i learned about how different authors made different combinations of lean and six sigma and how they implemented the combined methodology in real businesses. The compatibility of two approaches will depend upon the type of combination made by different tools. some combinations of lean and six sigma as first implement lean to reduce waste and then implement and increase efficiency then implement six sigma to reduce variation and improve quality. the other type of combination is implement six sigma first and follow DMAIC methodology as a framework to implement lean tools. Another type of combination is implementing lean and six sigma simultaneously as a holistic way. so every combination has its own thinking, but ultimately needs some practical experiments to see compatibility of each type of combination.

Also wants to share some good experience while doing PMA, I got lot of help form mindmap as this tool helps to diversify over thinking and keeps us motivating to think out of box.. i found this tool very important for planning PMA and then for executing the plan. We can start with mindmap then gradually we can edit it according to our need as we progress on our work.



December 25, 2011


Follow-up to Compatibility study of six sigma and lean from Akshay's blog

Their are some tools of lean, which can be integrated, with six sigma tools. The combination will defiantly give more valuable results but it is not clear that will it work in every type of industries and at every time?

As my research is moving forward I am getting more and more knowledge about both methodologies. There are lots of similarities between this approaches and that’s why earlier they were competitors of each other. But on the other hand there are some basic fundamental differences as well, which can become substitutes for each other and they can be combined. The combination of this will provide a new approach, which deals with all variety of problems. But the compatibility is major issue. It is basically depends upon how you combine this two approaches.

This two approaches individually shown great results and lots of literatures says that the integration has lot more capability to improve process, but at the same time the exact combination is not has been came out and which tools has to combine with witch part of other process will determine their compatibility.


December 23, 2011

Compatibility study of six sigma and lean


As we all know six sigma and lean are both different approaches of excellence and continuous improvement. Six sigma mainly recognised for defect reduction and quality improvement. Six sigma basically concentrates on variation of process and uses analytical methods to solve problem. Six sigma was introduced in 1980’s by Motorola then developed by General electronics in 1990’s, this development was mainly included cultural change associated with the process. As six sigma concentrates on quality is same as lean management. Lean is mainly focuses on west reduction, cycle time improvement and cost saving. Earlier lean and six sigma was known as competitors of each other as both process works on quality improvement and continuous improvement. Both approaches have concentration on customer satisfaction and process improvement. But basically both theories works on different way and their methods of workings are also different.

 But now it is seen that both methods are combined with each other and it is seen that the most of them are working well. The new process called as lean six sigma(LSS) or lean sigma. They are combining to get more satisfied results. Both approaches have different tools and different way of working. So the compatibility is mainly depends upon how individual combines them. Both process shown their individual performance well so it is expected that combination will give excellent performance. As both approaches have same ultimate aim of excellence, but both need different resources to work on so it is mainly biased on how company combines resources for both of them and produces results. Compatibility may vary as per combination of resources and tools while implementing LSS.

lean or six sigma

November 14, 2011

Applying DMAIC methodology


Six Sigma Case Study....

What we learned today is how to apply DMAIC methodology and tools. Graeme (module tutor) gave us a task of making an airplane by assembling parts. Initially operations have been divided into seven parts then seven of us have to do their specific task of assembling parts of airplane other seven will observe the operation team regarding time and consistency one of us will cheek quality of product and that’s how we prepared 11 planes...

Our aim was to prepare 1 airplane in between 3 min 15 seconds to 3 min 45 seconds, because this is the customer tolerance level. and if we fail to do that that would affect profitability of the organisation.

What we learned from this case study is we recorded each step of the process, then we drawn a chart showing average time taken to complete each process, then we analyzed those processes we found that process two and four requires more time than other processes. Also some of the operators have to wait until others finish their job. We missed our target as we produced 11 planes but out of that we were able to make profit in only 4 planes.

Now we got new target with new strategies and new team will perform that task again to see the improvements. We have to reduce variation in the process by observing and understanding the process.

I also learned something about wastage. Before attending this case study my thinking about wastage is the only product wastage and product defect but today i came across several different types of wastage, like wastages in transport, rework (doing same work again), inventory, motion, overproduction etc. So whatI learned from this is we can think about type of wastages and then work on those wastages to improve process.

I think we all had fun today by assembling airplanes lets see tomorrow how we can do

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