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April 16, 2012

Why critical and analytical justification is required??

While working on PMA I read somewhere in notes that critical thinking is essential in todays confused world. I think this is the basic difference between my home countries higher education and UK education. As India is developing country their need of education is totally different and because of that the structure of education is different. As need decide what to teach and what not to, as per my experience we don’t give more emphasis on critical thing rather than we just give more importance on learning new things. Here again it's my personal opinion, it might be wrong, and the environment where I grew up might be the reason for this thinking.

Also while reading I felt that critical thinking is not that easy it requires a long-term improvement and efforts to be a good criticizer. As critical and analytical thinking may affect by personal experience and personal background I think all this takes time to change, also we human normally resist to change hence I think this is a long process. If I develop my skill of critically thinking how will this skill help in my near future? This question gives me more and more stimulation to become more critical. In a process of making a good decision data gathering is most basic step, but generally we fail to gather qualitative data. If we just relay on the data we have gathered then our whole decision may go wrong and to avoid this we need to analyses that data to get worthy data for future use.

April 12, 2012

Robust Decisions and Risk Mitigation

I wonder if we are making robust decisions then why should one look for risk mitigation plan? Because for me making robust decision should include all risk and its consequences but regardless if one is thinking about risk mitigation then according to me he/she didn’t made a robust decision or they might not sure about their capability as well as capability of decision-making tool, which they have used. Another reason could be wrong selection of decision-making tool. I always think about this how import is to select correct tool for making decision and what all factors may affect to this decision. How much time one should spend on deciding which tool to use? This all questions are unanswered yet. But I also feel that all this might depend upon who is making decision under what condition and what is the situation where this decision is being made. 

April 03, 2012

Applying it in real world.

I was trying to make connection between decision making theories and it’s application in real life; As we did in our LE PMA I think that is best way to demonstrate what you learned and how you going to apply in real life, because when I will finish my masters I have to demonstrate what I learned to my father in our family business. And I think every one of us is going to same process of demonstrating knowledge to someone some how. When I did LE PMA I thought that this is actually best way of learning new things and that time only I decided to try to apply each thing in real life as soon as possible to get better understanding so I am doing this in RDM now.

How one can demonstrate his knowledge of decision making to someone? I think this process probably will take longer time because no one will trust you on the first day. A beginner like me has to show my decisions were right again and again to my upper hierarchy then eventually my trust can build up. After that one can validate to others how decision-making tolls are important in real life.

The other problem I can foresee to apply this theoretical knowledge in real life is fear of failure and changing mindset. Changing mindset means it is very difficult to change old mindset of management and showing them how this new techniques are important than the old one. I thing this is big challenge; I will try to learn about this in change management module. And Fear of failure means if I am demonstrating any theory in real life as being a because of certain unavoidable reason or by any small mistake decision went wrong then no one will trust you and theories in future. It is hard to get second chance in real life to demonstrate your ability. Currently I can see this are difficulties to apply this in real life but I will make a way to overcome all this problem hopefully. 

March 10, 2012

The Influence of Culture on Decision Making

In these two weeks of robust decision making module I learned that decision-making is a process. And when I thought about what if we want to make decisions with people from different cultures. What are the different tools we use in such process? As we know now a day’s because of globalisation and liberalisation multinational companies wants to expand their business all over the world and hence they are making joint ventures with local companies. So my question is apart form decision-making tools that I have learned and can apply in these scenarios. What are the factors that might affect to such decision?

I heard about Japanese strategies of decision-making, as they don’t keep their leaders in front at first time, for ex if they want to make an decision with someone then their leader will stay back and other subordinated go ahead attend the meeting and tell the minutes of meeting to their leader and then leader makes decision. But in USA it is totally different their only main leaders who are having the authority to make that decision go and attend the meeting and of they think then they make decision on the spot. The palace where I came from we follow both types as our leader go and attend meetings but not the main leaders they are the subordinated and they are having little power of making decision on the spot as per requirements and situation, otherwise they will ask their main leaders to make decision.

So constantly I am asking myself what are the tools that can solve this cultural difference of decision making what can minimise this or is there any tool that helps in such decision making process? My question is still unanswered if you can add any value to it please do so…..


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