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April 03, 2012

Applying it in real world.

I was trying to make connection between decision making theories and it’s application in real life; As we did in our LE PMA I think that is best way to demonstrate what you learned and how you going to apply in real life, because when I will finish my masters I have to demonstrate what I learned to my father in our family business. And I think every one of us is going to same process of demonstrating knowledge to someone some how. When I did LE PMA I thought that this is actually best way of learning new things and that time only I decided to try to apply each thing in real life as soon as possible to get better understanding so I am doing this in RDM now.

How one can demonstrate his knowledge of decision making to someone? I think this process probably will take longer time because no one will trust you on the first day. A beginner like me has to show my decisions were right again and again to my upper hierarchy then eventually my trust can build up. After that one can validate to others how decision-making tolls are important in real life.

The other problem I can foresee to apply this theoretical knowledge in real life is fear of failure and changing mindset. Changing mindset means it is very difficult to change old mindset of management and showing them how this new techniques are important than the old one. I thing this is big challenge; I will try to learn about this in change management module. And Fear of failure means if I am demonstrating any theory in real life as being a because of certain unavoidable reason or by any small mistake decision went wrong then no one will trust you and theories in future. It is hard to get second chance in real life to demonstrate your ability. Currently I can see this are difficulties to apply this in real life but I will make a way to overcome all this problem hopefully. 

February 07, 2012

Family Resort…..

Today's exercise was fabulous, I was the deputy leader for The Grant Hotel and I dis observation, I think it is very difficult to keep quite when you have points to say and when you observe the peoples behaviour without participating in discussion you can really make a good observation. When you give your feedback to other people they can realise their areas of improvement and work on that to improve those in future.

When I became a leader in third quarter, first I was really not confident about my contribution because I was not really known to the processes, then I decided to try be an democratic leader the another leadership style and by doing so I worked really well. I learned about my self though this exercise is When I take some responsibility I do that passionately regardless my likeness. But also I learned about my self that I am bad at trusting people's and distributing work to them, I like to do all work myself and I think this is very bad as a leader because when you go in real life you have to handle lots of people at a same time and because of several other reasons it is not feasible as a leader for you to contribute to each decision so you need to select trust worthy people for different processes and distribute your work amongst them and analyse the results. If you get a bad result then its your failure by selecting trustworthy people.

I think this learning was really going to help me, if I get another chance to become a leader I am going to try this see how does it works, because I think this Is best to learn by doing practical and without losing anything. I would like to thank Paul for giving such worthy opportunists to us. So far I have acted as an democratic leader and charismatic leader, so I realise that both have different pros and cons but when you have to select one of them as your style of leadership you need to think about your behaviour and your attitude and then you need to make decision about which style really suits you.

I also learned when I gave presentation about BSC as a strategy deployment policy, I didn't added value to slides when giving presentation and which is most important to attract the listeners to your presentation this are very obvious things when you are listener but when you present it it goes wrong so I need to work on it as well. But overall the day was fabulous really enjoyed work.

February 06, 2012

….. As a leader.

On first exercise of Leadership style I voted myself to explore me as a leader and it was awesome experience for me. As this is the only exercise in which leaders are given specific styles to perform when doing exercise, and I got a style of leadership, which was actually opposite of my natural behaviour so I got lot more opportunity to think and work out of my comfort zone and obvious in a safe environment. I got charismatic style leadership; Charismatic leaders tend to be very good listeners and motivator. Charismatic leaders inspire followers and by doing so they lead the team. The main motive behind my style of leadership was to inspire team members as much as can and lead the team to build a taller or attractive tower. manier times I don’t try to inspire someone, instead of that I like to seat back and be as a follower. I do this because I like to listen more and talk less, but today I put myself forward in this exercise and I really enjoyed doing that. I learned a lot of things form such a small exercise also this exercise gave me a confidence. As my team mates were not known what type of leadership style I am following, and at the end of exercise most of them gave feedback that I was really tried to inspire all of them in different ways in different situation and that what I was supposed to do.

This exercise taught me about how to manage team by inspiring. Also I got an overview of other leadership styles as well like autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire leadership styles and what are the positive and negative points of each leadership style. I think one can adapt any style, which is suitable for them, and they can also change their style situation to situation.

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