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June 10, 2012

Knowledge–Based Maintenance Management.

Throughout this week I was working on KBAM PMA, I learned more on maintenance management and knowledge management. As to answer the question I started with learning on the theories of maintenance management. I realize how this filed became more and more important now a days and why it now became most important factor in organization. Earlier maintenance was only considered as a necessary cost for maintenance and now they started to consider as an opportunity cost this it self explains the growth of this filed.

Earlier organizations use to do the reactive maintenance and now it became proactive. Most organizations started to plan the maintenance management and started preparing preventive maintenance schedule. In same way knowledge management filed got lot of improvement. The current stat of work in knowledge management is also incredibly significant. I learned a lot on how to apply this KM to support AM in organization. This experience was a real application of Knowledge in business gave me lots confidence, as I now become confident on how to apply AM in organization also how to apply KM. And most important thing I learned through this module is support of KM for the organization growth.

April 19, 2012

Generating and Sharing Knowledge

Here I am sharing my personal experience about how generating and sharing knowledge is important. I don’t have big experience, but I just worked for 6monts in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Company. And I learned a lot of things because when I was working the company was going through change phase. And company was trying to implement new management philosophies to attain good position in that sector. Each member of the organization was dedicated with specific tasks. And the process is not fixed, every few months or quarters the process goes through some changes. And hence they have decided to store all the information that everyone is doing and for it they asked each employee to write down their process by answering 5 questions. First was what is the flow of process (here we supposed to write down steps that we do) second: time for each step. Third: change occurrence frequency and period.(so that they can set a system in which this particular process would ask for edit the previous knowledge and update it) Forth: who all are responsible if conflict occurs? (Hierarchy to follow if needed to tackle some issues). And fifth question was providing some screen shots of process for future reference.

I still remember this entire question set because I converted one process to knowledge. And I am emphasizing it because I know how important it is to convert process into knowledge, because this would save training cost in future, will reduce errors, can help to improve accuracy and most important thing is process will not get interrupted by any human change. While going through literatures of KM I came to know that how top management makes a strategy that can generate most of the knowledge plus qualitative in less time and cost. So I am looking forward for this presentation how should I apply my experience with this task.

April 18, 2012


From last two days I can only say that I learned about the depth of these two wide-ranging topics namely asset management and knowledge management. Actually it is very true that these two topics itself can become a separate topic for ones PHD. So right now as a leader I am very confused about what all elements should we take consideration of and how deep should we go on with this topics, at this stage everything seems unclear. But as I only know the time given is limited and everyone is trying to do owns best so do we. At this stage we as a team are only concentrating on some of the aspects of assets management and are trying to link those with knowledge management and criteria’s of EFQM, we may consider other aspects as well depending on time availability.

Each and every time when I become leader, I really felt under pressure and whenever I become leader I feel that time is a major issue for me as a leader. From this safe environment I indeed learned a lot apart from academic knowledge for instance I learned about my self, my style of leadership, how should I behave in different situation etc. At this stage I would like to thank Paul for giving such a great opportunities to us. This is our last module with Paul so I wanted to get as much knowledge as possible as I can from Paul.

April 16, 2012

Knowledge Management

As today was the first day to study this very new topic, I would only like to say that I learned basic about what is knowledge management. The primary goal of a knowledge management in any organization is to collect available knowledge, creation of new knowledge and managing all this knowledge to lead the organization. Learning new things applying those things and making habit of continuous improvement is main motive of this management philosophy.

I personally feel that if organization structure is well stable then any organization can introduce new theories to become stronger in competitive environment. Managing knowledge in a sense is not a need of any organization at its basics but if organizations vision is clear and if it says a continuous improvement is essential then that organization defiantly can go of this management philosophy.

Today I only learned this much but indeed I am felling energized about my new learning and really looking forward to explore myself.

Introduction to Knowldge based asset management.

Today’s introduction by Paul to Knowledge based asset management (KBAM) module was really significant. But I felt that there was less enthusiasm from student’s side including me, I think the main reason behind this is time constraint to peruse all this knowledge. When I entered in to the class every one was talking about dissertation and PMA’s and I felt that because of pressure of time none of us got really energized by his introductory lecture. But personally I felt that this module structure is really good and designed in such a way that it will touch as close as real world. Because of several reasons such as in real world no one will give any king of lecture before going to solve any problem plus we don’t have options in real world to choose team members and lastly time is always a limited resource.

But aging to limited time resource, I always feel that as being time is major influencing factor to our project and PMA’s we might loose something that is important to learn. In this stage all of us are now concentrating on their dissertation. I remember the first day when Paul said to us we are doing two masters in a year one is MBE and second is time management indeed now I got the depth of that sentence. Finally I would say a good planning is the only key for all this questions.

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