November 28, 2009

Minor Frustrations #2

Follow-up to Minor Frustrations #1 from The Missing N

Brace for impact: Tomorrow starts a 6-day nightmare. Between Sunday morning and Friday afternoon, I have the following: three Maths assignments (so far I have only managed to finish one), two tests, one programming assignment, a concert, and a Student-Staff-Liaison-Committee meeting. Not to mention my usual unforgiving timetable. As it has been a while since my last post, and as I won't be able to post much next week, I thought I'd post a short blog entry now. And given the short amount of time I want to spend on this, the stressful circumstances and my current frustration at my Algebra assignment, I thought a little rant would be appropriate. A completely unrelated, but nonetheless heartfelt, rant.

I mentally frown at people who... comment on movies while watching them. Some people seem to be unable to help themselves, and I do my best not to get angry at them, but it is something that can really spoil a movie for me. Maybe they see it differently, but to me the whole idea behind watching a film is that you pay fully attention to what is being said and what is going on on the screen. The strength of a visual medium like a movie, is its power of immersion. You see events taking place before your very eyes and you hear the accompanying dialogue, noise and soundtrack; in short, you feel sucked into the screen, and the external world suddenly stops existing. You forget that it is, after all, just a movie.

Therefore, I find it terribly frustrating when someone on the couch next to you suddenly yells "Oh god, did you see that!?". Not only is it a rather silly question, it also instantaneously breaks the wonderful spell under which the film may have put you, and yanks you back to reality, to the fact that you are in fact sitting/lying in a room and staring at a TV or a computer screen, and that whatever what you see taking place is to some extent... fake. The magic is momentarily lost, and it always takes little a while to dive back into the movie.

Especially if the blabbermouth keeps talking.

I have come to realise, though, that those people who enjoy talking during movies do not do it intentionally. It is for them a spontaneous thing that they do not think about, and which is as much a part of the movie-watching as the silence is for me. And as I talked about in the previous Minor Frustrations post, this isn't an all-important issue in my life. Rather, it's one of those things you don't care that much about but that you feel good complaining about. There.

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  1. Anden15

    Lol, I don’t like people who talk unnecessarily during movies either. Notice that unnecessarily is in italics. Because sometimes there are times when it’s alright. If you missed something, isn’t it allowed to ask: “Why did he say that / what did he do that for” ?. Or maybe if something really crazy happens: “Wow, that’s insane!”. And what about laughing at funny parts, is that a no-no as well? Sometimes it’s a nice way to let other people know you’re thinking the same as them. It’s also OK to talk during the credits :P.

    I feel sorry you have so much to do at university :P. I know how it feels. I had my first-ever experience a few days ago of having to work until 4-o’clock in the morning, writing an essay on gene expression with another guy that was due the next day. Well, it wasn’t really my own fault though. I had already finished my half, and we needed to go through his half together. What was my fault though was not getting near enough sleep that week, so I did some really weird things, I’ll tell you about later.

    It sounds a bit to me like you were a bit lazy with those assignments though :P? Muahaha _. But I bet you have your Christmas vacations way early like all your other holidays, so cheer up and feel sorry for me instead xD! Be happy you’re not the captain of this ship ( or having to drive through this traffic light (

    Meh, it’s now 2.30 AM here, so I’d better get to reading again. Yeah, we are officially not allowed to sleep during the last month of this ridiculous course :P.

    29 Nov 2009, 01:53

  2. Vincent

    I agree with both you and Anden…And I’ll certainly pass on this post;)

    03 Dec 2009, 10:30

  3. Anden15, you are of course right, but I think I have stricter policies than you. If you missed something, then a short recap is only fair, and not a problem for me. During funny parts, the movie is trying to make you laugh more than it is trying to immerse you into the action, so laughing is naturally okay, as long as no-one is making lengthy comments about how funny it is. However, the “Wow that’s insane!”-type is precisely the kind of comment I want to avoid. It is not of any use to anyone, and in my opinion, mildly annoying too.

    Enjoy your reading! One day, I’m going to sit down, and you’re going to explain to me the basics of molecular biomedecine, and I promise to make a sincere effort to understand the words coming out of your mouth.

    08 Dec 2009, 23:42

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