November 02, 2009


Alexander's Alternative Definition

Genius: A person who can watch the film 'Primer' for the first time, and understand what's going on.

Watch it. It's only 1h20, and not a bad film. But you'll see what I mean.

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  1. Krystakia

    It was a good movie, I like that it’s fairly fast paced. Though when you said that genius was the definition of someone who could understand it I thought it would be a lot more complex than that. I understood it first time.

    30 Dec 2009, 01:43

  2. I started getting confused about twenty minutes into the film, just after they installed “the box” in that storage facility. Later, at the scene where Abe walks outside and faints, I could still understand what was going on, but I had completely lost the big picture of what was happening. At the final scene in the airport, I had no idea what they were talking about.

    I watched it a second time, and it started to make more sense.

    If you were able to fit all the pieces together at the end, understand when the “failsafe” was built, how Aaron got his earpiece, where Abe and Aaron are at the end of the movie, etc., then you are a genius according to my definition. Well done.

    05 Jan 2010, 11:06

  3. Krystakia

    Since you told me it would be difficult to understand I was paying close attention from the beginning- so I had a bit of an advantage. Since the whole movie is dialogue it’s hard to catch all of it, but in the first scene when they mentioned a Tesla Coil I knew that it was probably going to involve a paradox. Thinking of the entire movie as a paradox from the start flips the meaning around a bit and makes it easier to understand.

    I didn’t actually think too much of the earpiece. I didn’t see where he got it and I remember him having it through the whole movie, I realized that it was a problem but I figured that all electric objects would be because of the earlier scene when they were unplugging everything in the hotel room. Must have missed that part somehow, the rest seems complex but for the most part just involves listening and connections.

    I’ll probably end up watching it again. I like the wide stretch of language vocabulary they use, the pacing and the overall structure of the plot. To be honest I was lost in the film too by about 20 minutes in, but I figured you were supposed to feel that way because the inventors were also lost in their invention. When you watch it it’s sort of like you’re a part of it, following every single event before it happens. Which makes it truly attractive.

    glances at the archive list I’ve been bouncing back and forth on subjects you’ve posted so I’ll probably make more comments like this completely randomly and at least partially regardless of the date. XD

    05 Jan 2010, 20:50

  4. You’re right about the film, if you’re in the right mindset before you start watching, it probably does make it easier to understand.

    Feel free to comment wherever you like :). There’s no time limit to when you can still comment on a blog post in my opinion. I’m always pleased to get feedback.

    10 Jan 2010, 22:11

  5. Krystakia

    I would tend to agree. :)

    11 Jan 2010, 00:37

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