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September 18, 2009

I Love Life

I have in my room a poster, with the title "I ♥ LIFE". Upon it is a picture of a sunset, along with 50 pieces of advice. I thought I'd share them with you.

We are all born to die. What is important is what we do in between.
The following advice should make your life enjoyable, as well as for those around you.

1. Say "Hello" to people. It's amazing what a "Hello" from you can do for individuals.
2. Say "Please" and "Thank you", even when you don't have to. Instead of saying something crude like "Get out of here and don't come back", you should say, "Please get out of here and don't come back. Thank you." Notice the difference? Sure you do.
3. To live a life in fear is cowardly. Learn to face your fears head on.
4. Look after your teeth - even though they can be replaced.
5. Look after your eyes - they can't be replaced.
6. Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do or what you want out of life when in your twenties. The most interesting people I know still don't know what they want to do with their lives - and they're in their forties!
7. Don't worry about the future. You cannot plan or change what's coming.
8. Be on good terms with as many people as possible.
9. Make your point quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
10. Avoid loud and aggressive people.
11. Avoid people with a negative outlook or opinion.
12. Don't expect anyone else to support you. You may have an inheritance or a wealthy spouse. But one day either could run out on you.
13. Don't compare yourself with others, you may become bitter or vain; there will always be greater or lesser people than yourself.
14. Decide for yourself what's important for you in your life.
15. Keep interested in your chosen career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing forunes of time.
16. Exercise caution in your business affairs; the world is full of con men, get rich quick schemes, deceit and fraud.
17. Be yourself. Let your personality shine through.
18. Accept that other people will always appear to have more luck than you in health, jons, love, wealth, friends and life in general. However it's all half chances. So don't feel bad or aggrieved. Be happy with your lot; it's your life and no-one else's.
19. Enjoy your achievements and look forward to your plans.
20. Don't waste time, it's a precious commodity. Life is short, enjoy it to the full; it's not a dress rehearsal.
21. Hang on to your dreams, whatever they may be. Ignore the doubters; they're just jealous because they don't have any.
22. Don't work too hard for your employers; they only care about what you can do for them.
23. There's more to life than a job. When it gets you down, get a new or better one, even if it's at a lower salary. Money isn't everything.
24. Don't vote for the same politician twice; make them work for a change. Voting for them only encourages arrogance.
25. You can't buy happiness or love, so don't even try. Some things in life are free.
26. To be loved and wanted is one of life's greatest feelings. Return the favour in equal measure.
27. Do not fake affection, be honest and truthful about your feelings.
28. If you love and care about someone, tell them before it's too late. It's the things you don't say you regret the most.
29. In a loving relationship, do not count the years, count the moments.
30. Keep all your love letters. Read them when you are down and feeling unloved.
31. Get to know your parents. You'll miss them when they've gone for good. Do it before it's too late.
32. Be nice to your siblings. They are your best link to your past and your future.
33. You're not going to get much out of life, if you only ever do what's safe.
34. A person who dies rich, dies in disgrace. Donate money to worthy causes, you'll feel better for it.
35. Make the best possible effort in everything you do in your life, while you can. Be part of life and participate in it.
36.  Enjoy your freedom; you'll appreciate it more if it's taken away from you.
37. Pass on your wisdom, and learn from others.
38. Cherish every moment with your children, they are only young once in their life.
39. Do not criticise your children too much, as they could be bitter towads you afterwards. Praise them more than you criticise.
40. If you don't have anything good to say about someone, don't say anything at all.
41. Practise the Teflon technique, where others' negativity slides off you. Everybody suffers insults and put-downs.
42. Fear of failure is no excuse for not trying. There are only two failures in life: not trying and giving up. Nothing comes to those who will not try.
43. Quit moaning. Put your energy in to doing something positive about the problem instead.
44. Learn to cancel and continue. When actors make a mistake they instantly have to put it behind them and give their all to the next part. So when things go wrong, just try again. Don't fear future mistakes or hang onto past ones.
45. When you're angry with someone, do nothing until you've cooled down - or you'll say something you'll regret.
46. Try to be calm, you'll have a better chance of being heard. If you shout, the person you're telling off will hear your anger - rather than the point you're trying to make.
47.  Dance or sing on a regular basis. By yourself, with your spouse or in a group, but just do it. Either will make you feel good.
48. Every year make 5 promises. Try to keep at least one of them.
49. Exercise on a regular basis. It's good for your body as well as your mind, so exercise by running, playing sports or in the gym.
50. Never trust a skinny cook.

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