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December 10, 2008


Welcome to my first ever blog. Why? why am i doing this? 2 reasons:

Well, first of all my friend told me it would be a good idea, and it did sound like a GREAT idea at that time. A platform to voice my thoughts and opinions on different topics of utmost importance, made me feel very important ... so i signed up for it.. and things have been going downhill even since !

I still havent figured out how to delete this so I'm going to keep writing, assured that NO one is going to be reading this.. except for my friend.. you know who you are!

And the second reason is that I should be working on my macro essay atm. So i would do ANYTHING but that essay, which isn't shaping out to be how I thought it should. Like it ever does!

Why? why "young and the hopeless" ?

I was adding the final touches to my CV and my online application forms (for summer internships) before starting the blog. I think that should explain everything!

I don't know about you but these application forms make me feel really stupid (those who know me will probably argue that I am). They ask questions that make you look back and think long and hard about your life.. and then it hits you that you haven't really done anything of much importance.

I have wasted 18 years (yes, I'm still 18..but thats for another day) of my life and now I'm being punished for it! talk about unfair!

Where I come from, all I was expected to do was study my lessons. Extra-curriculars was this strange, alien word that was usually frowned upon. Sports was viewed as a passtime, a hobby and nothing more. A lot depended on the individual and how much they pushed for the few opportunities that were available.

I'm not trying to make excuses, I just wished I had 'pushed' harder!

1st year in uni was great though.I didn't exactly make up for lost time, but I now know what I was missing out on in high school!

Now in year 2, I think I might have gone a tad overboard! But I'm still having fun and hopefully all this wont effect my grades.. and more importantly my relationship with all my friends (yes they are more important to me!) ("aww" moment!!)

Till we meet again! tc

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