About me

Akiko ONODERA (Dr)
Birthday: 21st November
hobby: cafe, traveling, onsen

Abstract of my PhD thesis
My PhD thesis analyzed Japan‟s foreign policy towards ASEAN by focusing on determinants such as the domestic political system and pressure from outside.
In relation to the domestic political system, this thesis seeks the most appropriate model for Japanese foreign policy making. This thesis demonstrates the validity of the ?gPatterned Pluralism?h model proposed by Krauss and Muramatsu.
This thesis chose FTAs as a case study because FTAs have a diplomatic meaning beyond trade which can promote and confirm a good relationship between countries. In order to analyze FTA negotiations, this thesis applies Two Level Game Theory to examine the correlation between domestic policy making and international negotiators‟ behaviour and strategy. Finally this thesis applies a combination model for FTA negotiations with Patterned Pluralism and Two Level Game Theory.