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March 24, 2014

PMA reflections

Two things.

1) How difficult would it be to adopt a charismatic leadership style? Does the charisma not come from within? Is it really possible to learn it? I don't know if I'll be able to believe that till I actually witness it.

2) More interestingly, I think the different leadership styles can be arranged in a comprehensive manner something like this:

Leadership spectr

The adjacent ones have more in common with each other than the ones that are opposite each other. This can be expanded to include more models as well which would probably aid in making this model more accurate. I believe this can be expanded further to include multiple levels such as a central circle made of character traits which are shared by these leadership styles. I am too lazy to make a clear picture of this. So here goes:

worth developing further?

I believe this can be useful if developed further, especially in the form of a polar diagram on which leaders can assess their own leadership styles.

Comments and feedback invited.

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