October 07, 2005

Best of Mawi AF3

Music front cover
3 out of 5 stars
150000unit??!!!....Itu yang ori….kalu kira yg pirated pnyerh mau dah byk gella….tp aku tergolong dlm 150000 tu arh…album ini disyorkan especially kepada makcik2 dan nenek2 yg gila kat Mawi AF3 seperti makcik2 dan nenek aku….aku beli pon sbb mak aku minat Mawi….so, mmg fenomena btol arh mamat Felda sekor eih…papehal…good luck arh Mawi eik…jgn lupa daratan plak bila dah menjadi lebih besar nanti~

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Now after watching The Advent Children twice, the storyline isn't as shallow as majority has criticized it to be in my opinion. If you haven't played FFVII or disliked it for whatever reason, this movie is most likely not for you. Being familiar to the original story is a prerequisite to understanding AC fully, otherwise you will just see the greatest CG animation in your life so far.

Without actually spoiling the storyline, I must admit that after seeing AC we have been putting pieces together with my friends relying on our knowledge of FFVII. Seeing it second time allowed to actually pay attention to the story more and most of the questions we may have had were answered. Some were not. AC is clearly for FFVII players/fans and doesn't honestly try to be anything else. There is little to none realism in it outside FFVII world which serves the purpose. Music is mostly reconstructed FFVII themes with a heavier touch (TBM team according to end credits) and works well with the eye candy without exceptions. I found the music enhancing the experience added to the visual fireworks in all situations.

We all know you can't put a FFVII in 1.5 hours and keeping that in mind the storyline actually offered more to me than I expected. There are two issues at hand in FFVII : AC and both stories were wrapped up very smoothly between the action sequences. And trust me when I say there's a lot of it. Action that is.

I'm changing my vote from 9 to 10 after watching it the second time because I had missed a few explanatory sequences I couldn't put together the first time that provided some answers. As a warning, it's going to be easy to disregard the story and concentrate on graphics, but try not to judge the Adevent Children because of that. If you don't let the story in, it's no wonder it seems sloppy.

I'm not going to praise the graphics because I assume we all know they are awesome, which might be an understatement. Especially characters talk so much more with their facial expressions than ever before. I hope you pay attention to the storyline for it actually makes sense and works well with the whole. Get ready for the ride of your life, there are no breaks.

October 06, 2005

To all Muslims out there~

It's already Ramadhan…so, Happy Fasting. I really miss the Malaysian pasar Ramadhan…uwaaa!!!Mak,nak ayam percik, cendol, yong tau fu…~

For Muslims in the UK, here's the Halal & Haram directory link, it will help you very much….

Greeting earthlings!

Hello everyone…..kHaLis_k here. Inilah kali pertama aku blogging…so still nOoB~.....

Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
Hamba blogger baru belajar,
Kalo salah atau buruk, tolong tunjukkan.

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