February 22, 2015

Leadership, deception and trickery

The concept of leadership is on one end while the act of deception and trickery are on the other. A leader leads from the front while hoisting the battle flag and reassuring every one of his/her men that he/she will be with them throughout the journey. This is done to show that the leader is just as much a part of the struggle as the rest of the team. Leaders make sure that their presence is a source of comfort for the rest, even if that is the only thing they do. Once such a leader emerges, the whole team would have faith and do whatever the leader asks of them, even if it was asked to change their conduct.

As Paul said, the use of positional power should be a last resort after all attempt through personal power have been exhausted. After the last class, I had an informal reflective session with my own group and many of my classmates from different other groups. We reflected on what one of the classmates had shared in the reflective session by commenting that we had swayed from the state of being a family. After that session, when I was talking to my colleagues, we came to a conclusion that there is an air of deception and trickery in the classroom environment. It is fairly obvious that for many people self-preservation comes first but that is never shown. We also agreed that from the start of the first module till date, we have never been a family. It is all an illusion and where the fear of people might be considered relevant, the divisions within our class need to be considered. The word family is very strong and in no way describes the state of our class right now. We are all acquaintances that will move one and move away with time. Some lasting friendships will be made, but the key word here is SOME. A very simple incident that can be quoted here is the first day of the module when people changed their opinion, regarding the code of conduct, as soon as Paul left the room. If i was to use harsh words I would call people hypocrites. I don't see signs of being a family any where. Our class is, at most, a collection of many small families.

If that is actually a concern then we should use the content of this course and what we are being taught to actually solve the problems. First, we need to realise that we are not a family and if the goal is to be one then we need to work on it together. Greeting and interacting with a fraction of the class and then expecting to be a family is unrealistic. We need to work together to become a family. Being a whistle blower in an organisation is not an easy job. You need to do everything you can to solve the problems before blowing the whistle. This might include confrontations regarding any problems one might have with another person. If you want to make things simple then forget coaching and just talk about it. You cannot expect to win a war just by looking intimidating, you need to fight your way through. If you give up just by thinking on the problem and not doing anything to figure things out then you have already taken the first step towards failure.

Leadership is about trust, faith, belief and most importantly respect. I am very sure we respect each other, if not believe in each other, and we wouldn’t mind lending our ears to aide a cause. Talk to people and communicate your concerns. See the response you get and act wisely. If you don’t get the desired result then go back home and read Dr. Deming because you damn well need to accept the bloody variation in everything around you. The knowledge of variation is a life changer once you embed it in your mind and is even more useful if you add it to your leadership arsenal. And if you think you failed without even doing anything about it, then you just killed the leader in you. So before you go around screaming Armageddon, communicate first. Because leaders lead, not conspire.

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  1. A nice and impressive reflection. I feel like when we say family. We actually mean the environment that created like a family. And within the environment, you can find friends like your family members. Not all of them, but have some would be like a godsend. FAMILY is indeed a word carries heavyweight. I would like to treat my friends as my family, if it is just an idea concept that might worth I tried.

    25 Feb 2015, 09:46

  2. I agree with you and I share your sentiments but we if we look at it from a leadership context you’ll agree that there are more effective ways to go about things that what people usually comply with. As I said, our class is a collection of small families and a if this is a point of concern for anyone then he/she should take a leadership initiative and do something about it. We also need to realise that not everyone is ‘as sweet as chocolates’ ;-) and add a hint of contingent leadership to the drive.

    26 Feb 2015, 00:31

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