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July 05, 2015

Absolute management

In my earlier blogs I have always emphasised on the fact that no theory is absolute and that different variables dictact different circumstances and a snigle theory might not apply to all of them. Finally, I have come across a set of principles that, even though open to interpretation, are still relevant in all combinations of different variables and circumstances.

Knowledge management is just as relevant in a developed country as it is in an under-developed country. The scope of the business and the culture of the organisation and the locality may effect the implementation of these principles but the essence remains the same. These principles are used everyday in our daily lives and are used by managers in their usual affairs without being aware of doing so. This unconcious act of conducting a knowledge audit, identifying knowledge banks and establishing knowledge networks to manage resources and assets adds integrity to the vailidity of these principles.

These principles are so universally applicable that they can be used to manage households, small events to mega scale projects. Not to mention, the application of these principles in your dissertations can make your research thorough enough and well managed enough to make a different in the score you attain. This set of principles is by far the most flexible and practical concept studied this year, including some content from RDM as well.

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