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June 05, 2015

The Culmination

This module really was the culmination of the all the other modules. We had a time contraint that made us think hard to reach robust decisions. There was process improvement and product improvement. And all the while we were aiming for a roadmap to excellence. The waveriders are now equipped with a robust plan with a long term objective aiming at excellence and a well trained and motivated work force. I was a different experience to continue the with the same case study in three different modules with added information with every successive module.

The EFQM was not only a focus for this project but also a framework for the execution of the plan to make the project.

The New boy gets the credit

Quincy came bearing with him so many new opportunites for us. He made this module truely the culmination of the whole course. He presented us with the challenge to think differently, not being a person from this course. He took us from a whole different route to the final destination. This was a whole new experience for the group as we rarely got to do something out of our comfort zone. We got to judge his leadership style and analyse how he was leading the group. This also brought to the stage the elimination of group think and the elimination of biases. He just said that it was definitely a contrast. This was not just a learning experience for us but for him as well.

The Seth culture

the seth culture as pointed out by a Pakistani national in our class actually refers back to the Pakistani management culture. It refers to the management style of people like Mian Mansha owner of Mansha Group and Sadaruddin Hashwani of the hashoo group. Both leading businessmen and wealthiest people in Pakistan. Their leadership cannot be attributed to a single style. Their style varies with every person they deal with. Mainly autcratic in nature, these people are hugely successful in what they do. Academics may disagree with their practices but their success proves otherwise. Thus giving birth to the term seth culture. Seth in urdu means landlord which are known to be autocratic towards their workforce. Their practices show that leadership is nothing that can be taught in aclassroom.

The origination of this term shows that different circumstances command different leadership styles. This term of a third world country is not know by people in the developed country and therefore assumptions cannot be made. No knowledge is absolute, If you want to negate the way these people operate, first go work in that environment and earn the right to comment.

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