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November 30, 2008

Can a Leader be Nice

I have been discussing with Paul and also wondering on my own if a leader can be nice.  After going through so many team meeting and seeing so many different people lead I realised a team leader can be nice but he needs to know how to get work done and achieve goals. If she/he feels he or she is being taken for granted then I think thats where one should draw the line. All my team members are "NICE" good leaders but some know when to draw the line and some of us are learning including me. I have seen it in my personal experiences outside school that sometimes being too nice can lead to being taken for granted which is disasterous for a leader.

Performance appraisal and GE

I do not quite like the method of firing people who are in the last 10% slot in the company. I do agree that they do not fit there and they probably have other jobs that suite them but this is not always true. Sometimes it could happen that after all the bad ones are gone you will be firing the good ones who come in the slot. This will make the environment very competitive.This can lead to office politics and probably be a disaster for team work.

I really want to see if there is a good team in GE or not. And if there is how do they manage any competition which could exist.

November 27, 2008

Leadership and Direction

The word leadership itself has the word "LEAD in it. I think its important for the leader to lead as its important to tell the employee if his/her ideas, way or working is right or wrong. I think thats called leading. Showing someone the path is leading.

Demings Profound Knowledge too says that its important for leaders to have knowledge of the system, appreciation for the system and understand peoples psychology. Its important to moniter all aspects while leading. You dont have to tell employees what to do all the time but direct them when they go wrong or dont understand what they are doing.

If your employee thinks that you are not very intelligent then they might try to cheat you. To understand the employee and their actions its important to understand Demings profound knowledge

November 24, 2008


The in class excercise today had similars results as to who should be the leader (Roger and Lyn) but the reasoning was different. Some felt that a leader should know how to manage different people with different skils while some felt he should have the skills. Lila then said he should be the comination of a good coordinator with good skills. That was a very interesting point.

Paul later told us in class that a leader if a function of leader, team members and situation. That made a lot of sense. I strongly feel that the leader should change according to the situation. Say after the survival operation is over and Roger and Lyn suceed. Once they reach the island then may be the leader should change then. May be Lyn should be the leader as she is a good orgainsational leader and will be able to make strategi plans to escape from the island  and  Ann should take over as deputy who has medical skills an good at calming people.

Alan is the leader of our group this module. He comes up with interesting ideas.  I like innovative leaders :)

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