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January 19, 2009

Deming and Leadership

I quite like what Dr. Deming says about not ranking the employees and trying to help the employees in need by special help and training. If the person still could not do well then the employee was movied to a newe position. I quite like this compared to Mr Jack Welch policy or ranking people.

Deming said more than supervision leadership was required. I leader first must see if there is a problem in the system or not. He must understand the common cause and special cause of the system. Sometimes it could be possible that the system is faulty and the employees cannot do anything about it. In this case supervision would not help. Knowing the system well would help.  If there is no problem then the leader must see how he is performing and how well is he spending time on things that are important.

Having "profound knowledge" is essential for the leader.

January 14, 2009

Waiverider and simplicity…..

I feel that waiverider dont have much to worry about. One of the directors said that if we change the contracter then the cost can come down by i think 30 %, also the redundant staff can be used in expanding into other markets and the leisure market is forecasted to be on a rise soon. It seems like all is good for the company if it makes a few changes.

Is it just me who finds this case straight forward or am I missing something......

January 13, 2009

I quite like the cognitive theory

Mr Gardner in his cognitive thoery says that there are three levels of leadership.

The ordinary leader "who simply relates the traditional story of the group in the highly effective way".

The innovative leader who "bring a new twist to the old story."

The visionary leader who creates a new story.

He also says that a leaders characteristic / personality does not provide a good enough explaination for a leaders success.

He says that  there are four characteristics that guide a leader:

1. A "active and dynamic relation between leader and follower"

2 Time period

3. Leader must act their ideas and convey them in words

4. Leader lead by his or her choice and the consent of others.

Firstly Personally I like the way how Mr Gardner has classified the three leaders. I think Mr Jack Welch is a good example of a visionary leader. After reading so much about hin in the last one week I realised he truly is a visionary leader.

Secondly I do agree that a leaders personality does not give suffiecent explantion for him/ her being a leader because I believe leaders are made and not born. One can always alter their personality if required.

I agree with the four characteristics as well. A leader must have either good or cordial realtion with his disciples. I personaly do no think I could work for a leader who I dont share a good or cordial relation with.

Time frame matters too. Sometimes being the right person at right time matters. Each business goes through differenct situations and finds its self in different senario al together.

Its important for a leader to prove himself for people to trust him or her. Even the President nominee of United States have to go through so many debates

I am not too sure about the last part of the leadership trait though about the consent of others. I mean you do not really choose your managers? do you???

Leadership and a "DIFFERENT" Vision…...

While looking for information for the LE assignment I came across an interesting note about vision. The leadership book by Philip Sadler said that a vision has to be different, something that is not aldready someones vision. It has to be something which is not obious, and "a vision has to reframe the known scene.

But what I do not understand is why cant we adopt somes vision which has been successful in the past. If Jack Welch had a vision that he wanted a boundryless, diverse company where everyone ( each individual) feels that they have a say and which worked well for GE then why cannot I adopt a similar vision too if I become a manager.

MR.Obama has a vision of a America where everyone is united and equal, african american, white, asian american, latino american. Where everyone has all the rights,  be it their ethinicity or their sexuality. No one is discriminated. Why cannot Mr.Gordon Brown have a similar vision.

Now you may argur that politics and business are two different things but I feel they are very closely related. Politicians have a great hand in deciding a lot of things related to the business and the economy. A good finance minister can really help businesses do well.

December 06, 2008

I came out a winner—Thank you group members :)

I learnt how to handle criticism and work on my faults to improve. The first day of being a leader when I was criticised and not given any postive feeadback in front of the entire class I had a nervous break down when I went back to my room.  It was a blow to my confidence. But in no time I pulled my self up and learnt to act on my problems rather than just sulking over what happened in class.

I had first thought that I would ask Paul to change my team but then Louis started showing concern and showed that he genuinely cared and wanted to help me out. I also had my friends Eww and Mehul in the team so I decided to stay on.

Soon my entire team was very supportive and encouraging in the entire process. They gave me many chances to lead and improve on my mistakes. In the entire process Louis and I became very good friends. He explained me my mistakes and told me how to go about things.

I also got to know Alan and Jingjing better. They are really nice too. And really supportive

Now I love my new team. We had such a nice time together. Thank you guyss :)

December 05, 2008

Continous Improvement

Be it Organisational learning, Deming, Efqm or Hoshin Kanri....they all talk about continout improvement. All have different ways of getting there. While Deming has his own theories such as profound knowledge, 14 points, Efqm has enablers and results, OL had the single loop and double loop cycles, and Hoshin Kanri has has the pdca cycle. They all tend to focus on continous improvent according to me.

Our class too has continously improved, be it mini projects or pmas or coming to class on time...haha

CBE PMA & Gilberts view on bloging

To be honest I too havent been very effective in terms of time management when it comes to the CBE PMA. I am just half way through and the deadline is this Monday. This week I put in a lot of hours in the miniproject. I would be surprised if I put in 20 hours on the project.

But I do agree with Gilbert that we put in much more effort in the mini projects than blogging and the mini projects should carry more weightage. But now when I look back my critical analysis has improved because of bloging but I do feel it should probably be 10% of our grade and not 17 %.

Deming– Profound Knowledge and leadership

After reading Demings Profound knowledge I realised that a leader has to be knowledgeable and intelligent. He must understand and appreciate the system and the reason for variation. But this is against what we talked about in class. The whole class agreed on "Anyone can lead" as long as he or she can get work from others. Then were we wrong in class? I think may be. I think its very important for a leader to know whats happening with a good presence of mind. He needs to be intelligent. But one can work hard to be intelligent as we discussed in class by reading or by experience so in the end it does boil down to any one can be a leader or we would not have the leadership module......

December 03, 2008

Hoshin Kanri

"Continous Improvement"

This is the word I have heard the in almost almost all models. Hoshin Kanri which is not exactly a model but a way of deploy talks about it too. I heard feed back in class that some people found it hard to understand Hoshin Konri, I probably do agree with them. Though it looks very simple with the Plan Do Check Act Circle, it really is not so simple to implement actually. Required high participation and coordination along with goals that match a companies capability looking into long run with focus on department that need to improve......Too much to remember right?

To make it easier I just call it my pdca cycle for continous improvement. I dont know if I am right or worng in doing that but  this it what that makes it easy for me. I llok forward to Pauls lecture tomorrow in class on Hoshin Kanri...

December 02, 2008

coaching, performance appraisal,and goodlooks

The coaching excercise in class was very useful today. I realised how effective it can be. Brainstorming ways for problems I had not thought about was very useful. But while coaching its very important for the coach to gain empathy and not to judge the trainee or else the excercise wont work. The trainee might feel vulnerable and wont open up. What ever discussed should be confidential as well. This is to create a "Safe Environement".

I liked the grow principle. It is a very unique way of solving the problem.

Todays seminar topics were very interesting to discuss. I learnt a lot in terms of what I can do to make myself an effective leader. I really liked Team 3s idea of critical thinking. I also liked the idea of reading and learning and implementing leadership skills. Like Francisco said "Anyone can be a leader" :)

Is it unfair that one gets a good appraisal just because the person is good looking? It was discussed that goodlooking people could get a better appraisal just because the manager will be baised beacuse of their good looks. This is wrong...Can anyone suggest what can be done to solve this?? I wonder if this can be solved or not.

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